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Humans, as a species, regularly have genocides.

It's important to recognize the causes & conditions of genocides, and to eradicate them.

The causes & conditions of genocide are beginning to take root in the US.

They must be eradicated.

Don't worry if too few see it.

Act. https://t.co/rjBOXyNBG6

Social media is the barnyard of the powerless.

#Logic flows from assumptions & premises: Garbage in = Garbage out.

This includes mainstream assumptions & premises, as well.

One must continually identify one's assumptions & premises & seek positive evidence in support of them. If none, abandon them.

Very few people do this. https://t.co/8Qix4wcI2M

"Russian psychiatrists offered ‘scientific’ backing for anti-cult positions: adherence to traditional religions was portrayed as socially normal while membership of new religious movements was characterized as socially and psychologically pathological."

#AntiCultists Unite! https://t.co/hKCrDBIhO8

. @KateBornstein is great. But there's nothing here that can indict & convict David Miscavige.

That's why @MikeRinder has her on.

#Scientology https://t.co/yNsuEZEDrO
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Mike Rinder @MikeRinder
On this week's #FairGamePodcast @LeahRemini and I have the great pleasure of talking with author, activist and icon @katebornstein. We cover a lot of ground -- #scientology disconnection, homophobia, transphobia, Fair Game and a lot more. https://t.co/3jnPpawq0O https://t.co/fPmNzwgiv0

"The day science studies non-physical phenomenon it will make more progress in one year than in all previous decades of it's existence."

- Tesla

This is why dumbass reductive materialists need to sit the fuck down.

Thanks for listening to my Tedd Talk. https://t.co/8xhLSevHOu
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