Rinder Met With Miscavige Daily to Handle All “Flaps” & “Blows”

I’ve been a critic of Scientology on the Internet for 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes go on in this space. One of the most consistent things I’ve watched for the last 10 years is Mike Rinder, and others, lying about what Mike actually did when he was in Scientology.

Now, 13 years after Mike Rinder supposedly blew from Scientology, this is the first time I’ve seen Rinder admit this.

What Mike Rinder says in this podcast should be carefully understood by all Exes, Indies and critics of Scientology.

His admission occurs at 30:05 in the podcast.

“But Mike, you’re saying that David Miscavige knows everything that’s being done. And, and we should talk about that for a moment because Mike used to tell me that every morning, you would be received by David Miscavige when you were in the Sea Org. And he would be sitting there in his robe being served his coffee and his breakfast and his his fresh juice or whatever. And he would ask you what’s happening
right now?”

“The first question was actually. “Has anyone blown?” Right. That was literally the first question. Every morning, as he sat down with his camel and his coffee. Has anyone blown? as they went along, and then “What are the flaps?” One of the websites out there, and it would be me and Marty Rathbun who would have to gather together everything that might have happened in the last 12 hours.”

“What’s a flap?”

A flap is a situation that is out of control, or something that requires attention because it’ll be a public relations or a legal problem”.

Here are just some of the real world ramifications of what this means:

1. From 1985 until mid 2007, Mike Rinder was responsible to manage and handle all “flaps” and “blows” which occurred in Scientology.

2. Every single fair game operation during that time would have been managed by Mike Rinder as part of his post responsibilities, and he would have reported “dones” on every one of them to David Miscavige.

3. Mike Rinder has been lying about what he did in Scientology since he left, and others, such as Tony Ortega, have been lying about it, too.

This one fact that Mike Rinder has finally stopped lying about is so huge, I will be coming back to this post in future posts from a number of different perspectives.

Consider this admission like a crystalline prism: when you hold it up to the light and look through it, a whole new world emerges – totally different than the one you have been allowed to see up to now.

My next post about this will involve the upcoming Masterson trial, and one Chrissie Bixler, who is an Ex Scientologist who finally appeared on Scientology and the Aftermath, and who had no idea of what Rinder did while in Scientology when I contacted her in January of 2018 – even though she had already taped her interview with Leah and Mike over a year before.

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