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The Unquestioning Arrogance of Anti-Cult Movement Ideologues

An ideologue is so certain of the ideology he has adopted, and the rightness of how he sees the world, that he can sneer at people, knowing how superior he is. It is a lazy way to go through life, intellectually, but if you surround yourself with people who also never question their assumptions, either, it’s easier to live that way. One of the best examples is Tony Ortega.

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Tony Ortega & Rachel Bernstein’s Abuse of Scientologist Cathy Tweed

In my opinion, Tony Ortega’s continued use of his blog to attack Cathy Tweed very much crosses the line of ethical journalism. And Rachel Bernstein’s use of her standing as a licensed psychologist to publicly shame a mother who has lost her daughter to suicide is, quite possibly, a breach of her license.