Did Mike Rinder or Leah Remini Reach Out To Cathy Tweed, Taylor’s Mom, and Try to Help Her Too?

Cathy Tweed ScientologistOn Episode 2 of Scientology and the Aftermath, we are taken through the tragic story of Taylor Tweed’s suicide.

We are shown the “handlings” that Taylor’s mom tried to perform to try to “get Taylor’s ethics in”, and which now can be seen to be clearly, tragically, catastrophically, the wrong thing to do for Taylor, her own daughter.

Did anyone on Scientology and The Aftermath try to reach out to Cathy Tweed, the Scientologist, whose greatest catastrophe was detailed on their show?

Or because she’s a Scientologist, did Scientology and the Aftermath just blow that off?

Suicide is an extremely complex thing. There are no guarantees. The show made it seem like if only she had seen a non-Scientology therapist then none of this would have happened. Yet people commit suicide at the most advanced psychiatric hospitals in the world, under the care of the most highly trained psychiatrists.

There are many assumptions going on here and they all blame Scientology, Scientologists, and Cathy Tweed, for Taylor Tweed’s suicide.

It’s not like that.

So let’s say it is like that. Let’s say all we need is more compassion and psychiatry in Scientology and all this would have never happened. Great. Who called Cathy Tweed, Taylor’s mother, to give compassion to her?

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I can’t answer your question, only Mike and Leah can.

If Cathy is still an active Scnist, you know it’s unlikely she would have taken their phone call.

No one can say whether conventional treatment could have saved Taylor. And, yes, you are correct, people do commit suicide even with psychiatric help.

I think the takeaway for this episode is the reaction many Scnists have to a problem they have no solution for. Or their solution is to buy more auditing, which often adds to the problem. The last thing you want, when trying to handle a difficult, stressful situation, is to be hit up for ten’s of thousands of dollars – with no guarantee the problem will be solved.

The Scn mindset is to apply pressure to the individual, greater than the bank can impose, so that the person “gets their ethics in”. It’s the “too gruesome” approach. It’s a harmonic of disconnection. And it IS a dispassionate, misguided “tough love” solution.

Horribly unworkable.

Susan Smith
Susan Smith

Cathy Tweed didn’t need compassion, but her daughter did! How any mother can abandon a child like she abandoned Taylor is beyond my imagination. If this is what Scientology teaches an investigation of the religion or cult needs to be started immediately.


“So let’s say it is like that. Let’s say all we need is more compassion and psychiatry in Scientology and all this would have never happened. Great. Who called Cathy Tweed, Taylor’s mother, to give compassion to her?”

A&E only care about ratings, Alanzo; and if the episode would have shown such a level of compassion for Cathy Tweed as you suggested, then Mike’s and Leah’s anti-Scientology narrative would have suffered, as the audience would have allied with BOTH, Cathy and Tayler, and that wouldn’t have been good for the anti-Scientology camp.

I wonder if Mike Rinder would be as punitive and uncompassionate with his OWN son – who works at one of the Flag orgs at Clearwater – as he was with Cathy Tweed. I wonder if he would blame his son for disconnecting from him, or if he blames the church. I wonder how would Mike feel if the production of The Aftermath decided to pick up the example of his son to be part of a Disconnection narrative, where he (Mike’s son) were portrayed as a “bad son” saying very bad things about his father in camera as one of his daughters did some years ago.

A “bad” son that due to Scientology’s mind “control”, denigrated his own father. Would you have approved of such episode, Mike, about portraying your son as a “bad kid”? Would you? I am sure that you WOULDN’T agree to that, and yet that’s EXACTLY what you did with Cathy Tweed. Doesn’t feel the same way when one is on the other side, does it?

Let’s do this little exercise, just for the fun of it, shall we; I am bored tonight. You all commenters here that criticized and attacked Cathy, let’s say for the purpose of discussion, that as a parent, you made some mistakes while raising your kids. Let’s say that you were very stern and strict as regards to your kid’s academics. You wanted the best for him/her, and you considered that being the most excellent student possible, was the best way to secure his/her survival. So you thought that – even though that you loved your kid more than anything – being stern (sort of like a sport coach is sometimes, you know) was the best thing to do.

So every time that your kid got anything except an “A”, you became very furious, and punished your kid by various forms none including physical violence. But you also sort of became a little less “lovely”, a little less “kind”. But you were just pretending, you know, so as to keep the necessary “discipline” (or so, you thought) to get your kid to “raise” above his/her “weaknesses”, and “succeed” academically for the sake of his/her future.

Your kid is sort of timid, you know, sort of reticent, and kept to himself how rejected and non special he/she felt by you. She/he didn’t really understand why you were doing what you were doing. Why you seemed to not love her/him as you used to do before she/he couldn’t keep straight “As”. Sounds like a rather familiar scenario, doesn’t it?

Your kid has some mental problems that you never suspected, but is afraid to talk to you about it because she/he want to keep a good image for you to be proud of her/him.

One day, his/her sadness is soooo insurmountable that she/he decides he/she is not worthy enough, and decide to take his/her own life.

The emotional shock of this is sooo great for you, so unbearable, that you decide to feel that “God knows what he was doing”, that there must a “purpose” for his/her death as it just can’t be possible that God had decided to punish you. You are a very devoted Christian, you know. You believe in the “Word”. So when people come to offer you their condolences, you say to them, “That’s all right, I am peace with it, as I am sure that MY God, that God that I have unconditionally loved all my life, had a purpose for this and that my kid must be there with Him right now”.

Your friends feel sort of strange with that comment of yours, but they KNOW, that you are just using an unconscious DEFENSE MECHANISM to be able to tolerate your pain of having lost your child.

An ENORMOUS guilt feeling runs through your heart and soul, because you feel that you were very strict and stern with him/her, and the thought of it is soooo painful. But you hide it and keep this “everything is ok” attitude in front of everybody.

Then one ASSHOLE from the “Association of psychiatrists against child abuse” gets this bright idea that many kids who kill themselves, has been subjected to extreme academic pressures from their parents. He also thinks that the majority of parents who were like this, are like that due to their “fanatical Christian beliefs”. Specifically, the “Jehovah Witnesses” to which you belong, from where you had learned that “being stern and very strict about academics” is the right way to go.

To “prove” his “thesis” (which could very well be a correct one) this ASSHOLE from the “Psychiatric American Association Against Child Abuse”, creates this TV show to “expose” the abuses of the “cult” called “The Jehovah Witnesses”. His thesis is that those parents has been “brainwashed” by this “cult”, which has turned them into “insensitive” parents.

As part of his Mediatic show, he seek for examples where this (the suicides) have happened, and interview the fiends of those kids that have committed suicide. As part of one specific episode, the Asshole brought some of the friends of your kid and some friends of yours that distanced themselves from you because they “escaped” from the “cult” they shared with you, and have now become apostates and “anti-cult”.

These friends relate the story of how your kid used to tell them how you always made her/him feel unloved because of his/low grades. That he/she was always fearful of your reactions. You never knew about this. One of your old ex friends from the “cult” tells the story of how when he asked you how was you holding up 3-7 days after the suicide of your kid, you told him, “I feel at peace with it”.

The death of your kid happened like 3-5 years ago, and it had already been PUBLICLY discussed TWICE at the “Underground Bunker Magazine for the Imprisonment of The Jehovah Witnesses’ Parents”, by some “journalist” that HATES the guts of the Jehovah Witnesses, who accused you PUBLICLY for being “insensitive” to the death of your child. All the painful memories of that horrendous event in your life were brought in full bloom TWICE by that magazine’s article.

Then after you thought that now perhaps you can start to do some healing, here comes this psychiatrist with his Mediatic show and put you and your kid on the public eye AGAIN for a THIRD time. Photos of you and your kid when he/she was younger were shown in that episode, photos of weeks after his/her death, and texts from you when you said to your spouse that you were going to punish your kid for her low grades. Your comments are taken out of context by the audience and by everybody.

Now, I ask this of you people who have come here to blame Cathy Tweed – and be HONEST about your answers – How would you feel and what would you think if you were the parent of this “hypothetical” example that I just described, that is SO common these days, in terms of the parent/kid dynamic regarding academics? Let’s hear your answers, because this is EXACTLY what Mike Rinder and Leah Remini did to Cathy Tweed; an act of TOTAL lack of empathy and compassion.


Do you have kids?

Claire Swazey
Claire Swazey

Ms. Tweed would not be able or allowed to speak with Leah or Mike.