Cathy Tweed ScientologistOn Episode 2 of Scientology and the Aftermath, we are taken through the tragic story of Taylor Tweed’s suicide.

We are shown the “handlings” that Taylor’s mom tried to perform to try to “get Taylor’s ethics in”, and which now can be seen to be clearly, tragically, catastrophically, the wrong thing to do for Taylor, her own daughter.

Did anyone on Scientology and The Aftermath try to reach out to Cathy Tweed, the Scientologist, whose greatest catastrophe was detailed on their show?

Or because she’s a Scientologist, did Scientology and the Aftermath just blow that off?

Suicide is an extremely complex thing. There are no guarantees. The show made it seem like if only she had seen a non-Scientology therapist then none of this would have happened. Yet people commit suicide at the most advanced psychiatric hospitals in the world, under the care of the most highly trained psychiatrists.

There are many assumptions going on here and they all blame Scientology, Scientologists, and Cathy Tweed, for Taylor Tweed’s suicide.

It’s not like that.

So let’s say it is like that. Let’s say all we need is more compassion and psychiatry in Scientology and all this would have never happened. Great. Who called Cathy Tweed, Taylor’s mother, to give compassion to her?