the scientology-related death of kyle brennan

FULL AUDIO: Victoria Britton is Interviewed on the Death of Her Son Kyle Brennan

Go into detail on the evidence at the scene, the lying by Clearwater police, Kyle’s father Tom Brennan, David Miscavige’s sister Denise Miscavige, and just some of the horrific things Victoria Britton has had to endure. Find out what David Miscavige, the Clearwater Police, the Pinellas County Judicial system, and even some “Anti-Scientologists” don’t want you to know. This interview gives you the information you need on the death of Kyle Brennan.

denise gentile miscavige booking photo

Where’s Matteo Rosetti?

Flag Ethics Officer Matteo Rosetti interviewed Kyle Brennan’s father, Tom Brennan. Then reported the results of his interview to Debbie Cook. Then disappeared.

tom cruise top gun: maverick

Top Gun: Maverick – Scarred For Life

I’m a perpetual victim of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick. Its success has devastated me. Trying to put the pieces back together, my recovery may take the rest of my life.