Corey Andrews Asks Karen Pressley Why No One is Allowed to Talk About Kyle Brennan

Corey Andrews was a never-in Scientology critic who worked closely with Karen de la Carriere as her “Admin” on the various Facebook Groups she controls. Corey began to see the hypocrisy and lies from behind the scenes. He woke up, got out, and started a blog about what he witnessed. He was forced to close his blog a few years ago.

This is another installment from it.

For more on Corey Andrews’ courageous work, see the Corey Andrews Revelations

Corey Andrews writes:

Karen Pressley and I discuss the death of Kyle Brennan, Mike Rinder’s involvement, the lack of support from the Aftermath community, and Karen De La Carriere’s behavior.

What Does Karen Pressley Say About Why Kyle Brennan Didn’t Have An Episode Of Scientology And The Aftermath

12/19/2019 –

Corey Andrews 9:09 PM: hey there

Karen Pressley 9:11 PM: Hey Corey! Been thinking about you a lot! I’ve not been into any Scientology activism lately because I’m very focused on the impeachment process.

Corey Andrews 9:12 PM: Yes I too have been following the impeachment just a tad. I just had a 2 hour phone call with Victoria Britton, and ive learned a lot.

Corey Andrews 9:14 PM: I feel that Kyle’s story is part of what holds the key to David Miscavige’s criminal activity being exposed

Corey Andrews 9:15 PM: and it also unsettles me deeply that The Aftermath community doesn’t talk about Kyle’s story like it should be. This is a boy’s life that was lost. Victoria will never get to see him grow up and get married and have a family

Karen Pressley 9:17 PM: Yes I agree. I’ve been in touch with her a while ago and agree, Kyle’s story through her should get much more coverage.

Corey Andrews 9:18 PM: it was a big mistake of Leah & Mike not to feature Kyle, because now I am left pondering, if that show had been really doing what it says it was doing, why are LEGAL moral outrages the focus? Why aren’t actual CRIMINAL acts being highlighted upon?

Corey Andrews 9:18 PM: ive been facing some difficult questions

Did Mike Rinder Play a Part In Kyle Brennan’s Death or Cover up?

Karen Pressley 9:19 PM: Yes, many people feel that way. The question is what part did mike play in Kyle’s death and la know exposure details? That may play a part in why this didn’t make it on the show.

Corey Andrews 9:20 PM: Yes, I’ve been confronting that issue and that was a large part of what we talked about

Corey Andrews 9:21 PM: From where I’m at now, I don’t see any good reason for why Mike has treated Victoria the way he has in the past. Very cold

Corey Andrews 9:21 PM: He has children now

Karen Pressley 9:22 PM: Yes…only he can confess to that

Corey Andrews 9:22 PM: If he knows ANYTHING, having been the head of the OSA, I hope he one days makes that choice to confess more

Corey Andrews 9:22 PM: one day*

Karen Pressley 9:22 PM: Yes

Corey Andrews 9:25 PM: publicly, I will be posting Mike’s blog on facebook to keep up appearances, but personally, I want you to know that my feelings are conflicted. I think ive been being more loyal to actual PEOPLE than to the truth itself, and if im being entirely honest, I don’t like whats happening and how celebrity anti-scientology is controlling the narrative.

Corey Andrews 9:26 PM: these are my private personal thoughts

Corey Andrews 9:27 PM: I wont be going after anybody or publicly criticizing them because I know that solves nothing, but yeah, I think im withdrawing my support from the anti-scientology community and im going to find myself and where I stand

Karen Pressley 9:27 PM: Yes I hear you.

Karen Pressley 9:28 PM: I’ve been conflicted about Mike in that same way…but support him because of what’s he’s achieved. But I don’t give the unconditional support like some (ASL and KDLC)

Corey Andrews 9:29 PM: this started with Karen DLC trying to push those OSA orders on me, and how Mike completely switched up his attitude when he found out I was suspicious of KDLC. “no you can trust her, shes not always accurate but u can trust her!” bullshit. he just didn’t want to throw her under the bus. He goes from one email stressing how they’re copyrighted materials and then to the next “oh who cares” essentially

Corey Andrews 9:30 PM: funny how one thing causes a domino effect

Karen Pressley 9:30 PM: He takes the diplomatic safe route

Corey Andrews 9:30 PM: I hear you but that doesn’t make it the RIGHT approach.

Karen Pressley 9:31 PM: True. It’s what works for him in many ways.

Corey Andrews 9:32 PM: to me, I saw it as him straight up lying to me to cover her because of the camaraderie they have.

Karen Pressley 9:32 PM: Ugh. The core of the anti-Scientology controlled narrative

Corey Andrews 9:32 PM: I told Victoria about that situation too

Corey Andrews 9:33 PM: she was wowed.

Corey Andrews 9:33 PM: she also helped me realize just how fucked up the anti-scientology community is, and how it really does deserve the term anti-cult cult

Corey Andrews 9:34 PM: another thing is that the ex-scientology community higher-ups control who is or isn’t heard.

Corey Andrews 9:34 PM: which stories are important

Karen Pressley 9:35 PM: True.

Corey Andrews 9:35 PM: its a lot to confront.

Corey Andrews 9:36 PM: like for example, the MOB-like behavior exhibited when Ginger Sugarman went back to scientology or whatever was going on

Corey Andrews 9:36 PM: KDLC was leading that mob

Corey Andrews 9:36 PM: calling her a snake and a vile person

Corey Andrews 9:36 PM: well if THIS is what the ex-scientology community has to offer for people that are trying to LEAVE scientology, I am truly scared for us all.

Corey Andrews 9:37 PM: there is no compassion.

Corey Andrews 9:37 PM: empathy is lacking

Corey Andrews 9:37 PM: a woman that gets SHOT in the face doesn’t deserve to be ganged up on

Corey Andrews 9:37 PM: shes just 1 example

Corey Andrews 9:37 PM: but a very good example

Corey Andrews 9:38 PM: and anyone who DARES defend Ginger gets attacked too

Karen Pressley 9:38 PM: Yes… this has a lot to do with why I e withdrawn largely from the “anti Scientology” community

Corey Andrews 9:38 PM: I finally arrived to where u are at

Corey Andrews 9:38 PM: lol

Corey Andrews 9:39 PM: Victoria has really opened my eyes today

Corey Andrews 9:39 PM: but ive been gradually waking up for awhile now

Corey Andrews 9:39 PM: ever since I started trying to pinpoint what is wrong with the anti-scientology community

Corey Andrews 9:40 PM: and it all started with KDLC.

Corey Andrews 9:43 PM: I have a lot to think about

Corey Andrews 9:43 PM: whats important to me is that im doing the right thing

Corey Andrews 9:44 PM: im happy that u understand where im coming from when I talk

Corey Andrews 9:45 PM: I didn’t know what to expect honestly

Corey Andrews 9:45 PM: but im glad I was able to express my thoughts

Karen Pressley 9:48 PM: Not an easy journey for empathic people with a heart such as you and I.

Corey Andrews 9:49 PM: It’s VERY confusing. Nothing is easy or simple. I wish things could be straight forward

Corey Andrews 9:49 PM: just when I think ive got something figured out, I am thrown a curveball

Karen Pressley 9:50 PM: I think it’s the learning curve of life in this field.

Corey Andrews 9:51 PM: scientology politics are more in depth and hectic than the republican and democratic party lol!

Corey Andrews 9:52 PM: well idk if that’s REALLY true lolol but its still a funny joke

Karen Pressley 9:52 PM: I agree!! There is far more personal emotion involved.

Corey Andrews 9:53 PM: yeah. well im going to head to bed, ive had a long day

Corey Andrews 9:53 PM: glad we chatted

Karen Pressley 9:53 PM: Good to connect with you again I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season

Corey Andrews 9:54 PM: lol what a coincidence that u gave me that tree emote, we literally just got our tree today

Corey Andrews 9:54 PM: 1f642

Corey Andrews 9:55 PM: goodnight, ttyl.

Karen Pressley 9:58 PM: Ttyl

12/20/2019 – The next day:

The Aftermath Community Wants Nothing To Do With Kyle Brennan

Corey Andrews 12:35 PM: Sure ticks me off that the Aftermath community doesn’t push Victoria’s story. I’m not going to let it get buried. I’ve been making a lot of posts about it and I spent hours this morning reading her blogposts and I began reading the deposition of Marty Rathbun

Karen Pressley 12:42 PM: Victoria and Kyle’s story got buried I think partly because of Mike’s hand in it. You have a connection with Mike, you could ask him directly.

Corey Andrews 12:45 PM: I don’t think he would answer me honestly. My phone call with Victoria was enough to break my heart. I don’t even trust any of these people in the Aftermath community anymore. I don’t think any of them are empathetic. They’re too loyal to people instead of the truth itself. The WHOLE truth, with nothing exaggerated and nothing left out.

Corey Andrews 12:49 PM: Im just not going to submit myself to another dumbed down explanation such as the one he gave me of KDLC. He wanted to take the wind out of my sails when I know damn well she made a mistake and he probably reprimanded her to some degree over the issue. Why else would she of reacted so bizarrely over me having a discussion with Mike about what she discussed with me. There are dots to connect, and I believe ive connected them

Corey Andrews 12:49 PM: she never owned up to giving me false info either

Corey Andrews 12:50 PM: despite mike’s “corrections”

Corey Andrews 12:50 PM: I truly wonder what he really said to her

Corey Andrews 12:50 PM: and what she said back

Corey Andrews 12:51 PM: just breaks my heart that these people are so up eachother’s asses and loyal to one another instead of the truth.

Corey Andrews 12:51 PM: NOBODY is talking about the deposition of Marty Rathbun

Corey Andrews 12:52 PM: which is still in effect

Corey Andrews 12:52 PM: im disgusted.

The Anti-Scientology Cult As Explained By Karen Pressley

Karen Pressley 12:57 PM: it looks like you’ve come to terms with the anti-sci community. Same here. It’s been hard for me to explain much of this to you because it’s the kind of thing you must experience and come to your own conclusions. Please such as KDLC, ASL, many outer bankers, have an unconditional support with solidarity toward Mike, Leah, and most people who follow the group think of the anti-sci community. I don’t like or support Marty Rathbun, but I believe he got it right when he counted the term “anti-Scientology cult.” People who are in it want it to stay the way it is because it offers such protection and support. It’s just like being in a cult. It’s group think and if you very from it, you lose the benefits.

Corey Andrews 1:00 PM: yep that’s what is happening… I take careful note of who supports what kinds of tweets, and I notice who doesn’t support my Victoria Britton blog shares

Corey Andrews 1:01 PM: people who NORMALLY support my tweets aren’t supporting the ones that are asking questions

Karen Pressley 1:01 PM: I haven’t read your Victoria posts yet.

Corey Andrews 1:01 PM: im sorry I didn’t mean you

Corey Andrews 1:01 PM: I meant in general

Karen Pressley 1:02 PM: I’m pretty sure Tony covered parts of Kyle’s story a few times. Worth reading.

Corey Andrews 1:02 PM: from what I hear he hasn’t in a long time

Karen Pressley 1:03 PM: I haven’t seen anything lately, at least a year ago.

Corey Andrews 1:03 PM: well idk, this whole situation just makes me uneasy

Karen Pressley 1:04 PM: Happy holidays to you and Jennifer

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