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Best definition of a "Cult" by an actual cult expert, Dr. Eileen Barker of the London School of Economics and @InformReligion

What is a cult?
"After five days of deprogramming, I “woke up” and emerged from being a “model Moonie” and leader to a very upset, confused, angry, ashamed self."

After 5 days of forced deprogramming, @CultExpert wants you to be ashamed of yourself, too.


What mainstream society does to minorities - if they are allowed to.

Be vigilant and protect the rights of minorities to maintain a free society.

Please. https://t.co/yqshZmXVJd
As a devout & fevered #atheist, @TonyOrtega94's goal is to "clear the planet" of all religion as the source of all the ills facing mankind.

He'll never miss an opportunity to ratchet up the threat you feel from #Scientology & Scientologists who never harmed anyone & never would. https://t.co/FXeqtdMe4L
How to succeed in Hollywood: Make recruitment videos for the military industrial complex.
#TomCruise https://t.co/n39FWIwLTZ
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