Informer_Snow664’s Post on Reddit Accusing Aaron Smith Levin of Being OSA

I’m putting this here for safekeeping because the real identity behind this account will be outed, and you will see how you are being played by Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and the rest of the Int Base personnel behind the Aftermath Foundation.

Aaron Smith-Levin and OSA are the Same Picture

Hello everyone. It has been a pleasure watching the work on social media to expose the lies Aaron Smith-Levin and his band of flying monkeys have been spreading throughout the ex-Scientology world. With recent events escalating the conflict further, I needed to come back to shed some light on a few things.

See my last article here if you missed it.

Aaron has gone from an obnoxious social media personality to a serious threat to the entire ex-Scientology movement. Instead of concentrating on exposing the abuses of the Church of Scientology, he’s created a cult of personality on YouTube and has converted otherwise decent people on and off line into his flying monkeys. This has been documented by me, Stefani and others many times. Let’s review just a few facts:

He assaulted a woman and left her lying bleeding and broken on the ground.

He undermined and attempted to destroy fellow ex-Scientologists.

He has engaged in sexual tourism in more than one foreign country.

He leaked the Kent investigation, not only betraying the actual victim but exploiting her story and threatening the very investigation he was “exposing.”

Even one of these would be cause to remove him from any non-profit anywhere in the world. Aaron is simply not stable enough to hold any position of real responsibility.

But worse, Aaron has now switched sides and, in effect, works for Scientology. For all I know, he’s been bought off by OSA. If that sounds insane, consider this: in the last few months, Aaron has attacked every major (and many minor) ex-Scientology whistleblower/activist in a clear effort to “ruin them utterly” (as dictated by Hubbard himself in Scientology’s policy towards its critics). And his efforts have succeeded far beyond anything OSA could hope to accomplish. Just imagine if I told you two years ago that the future of the ex-Scientology movement was a fractured, divided community that hates each other and is actively undermining every legal effort to stop Scientology (from lawsuits to real world protests). You’d never believe it could happen. Yet here we are, all because of Aaron and his enablers.

In his latest effort to undermine the ex-Scientology whistleblowers, a day ago Aaron posted “Leah Remini’s Attorneys Drop Her as a Client” where he gleefully ranted about how Leah and JD1 have lost their representation. What he didn’t admit to is that he, JD1 and Bixler are the cause of this. This is not just a minor civil suit. This is the only legal case ever brought against Scientology by a celebrity former member and revered advocate for Scientology victims. This case could potentially end Fair Gaming as a practice, which would open the door to a flood of new lawsuits and actions against Scientology since the church could no longer retaliate or bully its critics and ex-members. All of that has been threatened by the self-serving actions of Aaron and the JDs. Aaron could barely contain his joy at this news in his livestream.

Aaron does what he does for profit and revenge. The other SPTV creators are only now starting to realize that Aaron’s claims of easy money and subscribers was not true and they are starting to abandon ship, some quietly and some very loudly. The in-fighting is the stuff of daily content on social media and is mainly what SPTV is hyperfocused on. Aaron’s flailing about now, desperately stealing any content he can and inciting hate when there is nothing else to talk about. He’s so desperate for content and to position himself as some hero that today he posted a text message from someone who clearly doesn’t like him. It’s a kind of “look at me, haha, I’m so great because people insult me.”

This goes all the way back to the first Masterson trial when the JDs saw that Aaron would happily act as their mouthpiece. He was the only one willing to leak any unvetted information they wanted shared. The first two claims involved the first Masterson trial’s jury foreman covering up his son’s criminal background and the other was a direct accusation that the jury foreman was an OSA agent. Neither of these accusations were true (and Aaron did not have even a shred of evidence to back up any of his accusations), but in the emotional backlash of the first trial’s verdict it was so easy to bend the audience towards hate that even Aaron could accomplish it. This arrangement was mutually beneficial for Aaron and the JDs.

For 10 years, the JDs had been supported behind the scenes by Remini, Rinder, and the Headleys. Claire Headley even testified as an expert witness in the second Masterson trial, helping them secure a guilty verdict. But for whatever reasons, JD1 and JD3 have an insatiable need to get out vindictive and unvetted stories about the many they feel have harmed them. This is something credible personalities, advocates and journalists won’t do and is the reason the JDs turned on Ortega and Shelton first and over the last year have been pushing Aaron to attack Remini and others. Aaron’s Revenge Tour was the perfect excuse to go after all of them. Aaron talked about how he had been in a “toxic relationship” with the Aftermath Foundation board members. At the same time, Bixler and Aaron claimed the Aftermath board members were stalking and attacking Bixler and her family. Claims that were categorically untrue. Bixler then denied knowing Aaron (her behavior came out of nowhere and was exactly the same attack campaign Aaron Smith-Levin had attempted to push) then Bixler deleted her tweets. This behavior of switching from support to attacks is a pattern among some Scientology victims. They need an enemy to fight. This has been the real central theme of SPTV from the beginning.

When it comes to the Remini lawsuit, the truth is that she could not align herself with any law firm that condoned the Masterson victims’ reprehensible behavior. Rinder is undergoing a second round of aggressive chemotherapy. Remini is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, balancing career and family, has her own lawsuit against Scientology, and Claire Headley is balancing going back to school herself on top of a full-time job, raising three boys, and volunteering for the Aftermath Foundation. It is absurd to think that any of them are somehow also orchestrating OSA-like operations against Aaron or any of the JDs. SPTV is the last thing on their minds.

According to my inside sources, Remini raised the issue and wanted no connection to any law firm that condoned the Masterson victims’ behavior. Remini didn’t just utter a few statements of support for the JDs. She dedicated many hours of her personal life to them, pressured DA Jackie Lacey to open a criminal investigation, featured the victims on her series and also financed a film crew to document their participation in a Denim Day event in case the JDs needed evidence of Scientology interference. The film crew was not for the Aftermath series and was not for profit. You may recall this event, when Taryn Teutsch and her mother, Cathy Bernardini, showed up to try to smear Mike Rinder and sabotage the event. That film was given to Tony Ortega at the victim’s request. Read about it here.

Remember also that Remini publicly supported the victims through two trials, attending both and ensuring they had safe passage to and from the court without harassment from Scientology agents. Remini was present almost every day of the second trial at the request of the JDs.

It is also my understanding that the Masterson victims have attempted to blackmail Remini over the years and abused her behind the scenes while she stood by them. This behavior also extended to their former friends (who championed them), journalists who tried to help them and even their own lawyers. The narrative is always the same: they have been abused, they have been used and they have been attacked. The law firms did not “drop” Remini; rather, she distanced herself from the victims who attacked their own allies.

For example, Bixler tweeted that Rinder and Ortega were going to be exposed for some alleged criminal activity, using the song “Psycho Killer” as a reference. This narrative has been pushed by Aaron Smith-Levin, Serge Del Mar and Mike Brown for some time now. This is not a coincidence.

Had the JDs and Aaron not colluded and used YouTube as an attack platform to take out their supposed enemies, there would have been no conflict of interest and these legal suits would be moving forward without a hitch. But how can a legal case move forward credibly when one of the parties in the suit is publicly and privately trashing the other? Scientology lawyers would destroy their entire case with ease in such a situation.

Speaking of legal cases, Mirriam Francis’ criminal case against her father is dead in the water and Aaron is basically the one to blame. But instead of taking any responsibility for his role in undermining Francis’ character (which led to the investigation being dropped), Aaron instead convinced Mirriam that Rinder, Remini and A&E were to blame. He claimed they had a document that would lead into an investigation into her father’s abuse. This was a complete lie, but was the basis of non-stop SPTV content for a few months. How convenient for Aaron.

Then Aaron recruited Mike Brown to attack the very same Aftermath Foundation that had saved his own mother.

Aaron will make up any fact or story to get revenge for receiving the consequences of his own bad behavior, even if he has to destroy the entire ex-Scientology movement to get there. He is an obsessed narcissist on a path of vengeance. It’s that simple. He throws out unfounded accusations as red meat for his followers and he is aided by people like “Oh No Nora.” Aaron’s accusations of Remini using “paid agents” Shelton and Barnes-Ross to attack him are not true, but are also confessions. Ask Nora how much money she has received from the SPTV Foundation and watch her flail about like she always does when confronted with any hard truths about herself. Aaron is the one with paid agents, so he deflects any attention from himself by accusing others of what he is doing. Just like L. Ron Hubbard did.

I don’t think I need to make the point any harder. Aaron is a destructive force and enemy of the ex-Scientology movement. He corrupts everything he touches and everyone he comes in contact with. His personal life is a complete disaster. His channel is now flat-lining and he’s running out of people to attack. But this goes way beyond just him and his obnoxious ego.

His behavior is dangerous because it weakens the collective effort to expose Scientology’s abuses. His actions divide allies, exploit victims, undermine credibility, and provide Scientology with tools to defend itself. To effectively expose and combat Scientology’s harmful practices, unity, credible evidence, and a focused approach are essential. These are elements that Aaron’s bad behavior severely compromises. It’s time for him to get out of this space entirely and for all of us to get back to work fighting the Church of Scientology.

That should have always been the one and only target this entire time.

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