Aaron Smith Levin and Marissa Sigmond Are Running Scientology’s Lies On the Death of Kyle Brennan

I cite two recent examples of supposedly loyal anti-Scientologists with youtube channels who are using their platforms to forward the Scientology’s “shore story” on the death of Kyle Brennan. They either know the truth and are lying, or they are irresponsibly ignorant and misinforming their audiences.

Which is it?


Hello, this is Alanzo from AlanzosBlog.com. I was 16 years in Scientology, 15 years in anti Scientology and now I’ve been 8 years out of both, writing about each.

I’m going talk about the two biggest threats to Scientology: Kyle Brennan and Gerry Armstrong.

In this video, it’ll be about Kyle Brennan and the church narratives that are run through the anti Scientology community that keep everyone from understanding the facts regarding the death of Kyle Brennan. And the reason Scientology runs these narratives is because this can take down the church.

There is no statute of limitations on murder.

So this video will be devoted to that and then later this week, I’ll be having Gerry Armstrong back and we will have another video devoted to the narratives that Scientology runs about Gerry Armstrong, and who is running them in the anti Scientology community, in order to protect their tax exempt status. So criminal indictments and the revocation of tax exempt status is the goal here and anybody else who has that goal welcome aboard.

Scientology’s Propped Up Search Results on The Death of Kyle Brennan

So we’re looking here at something I’ve talked about before Google search results on the keyword phrase, “Kyle Brennan Scientology”.

When you type this into Google, you get these three top results. Here’s the Courthouse News article and the Tampa Bay Times article by Tom C. Tobin, and then finally down here at number three, – which should be the first result – we have the Truth for Kyle brennan.com And this is Victoria Britton’s, Kyle Brennan’s mother’s, website. This should be the first hit – especially not this one.

Let me go through the story about this one. This is a story written by Courthouse News Service. It’s a 2009 article. And the story behind this is that Victoria Britton, Kyle Brennan’s mother, contacted Courthouse News when this was the name of the reporter who had written it and said, “Hey, look, what you write in here is actually not the truth. I have a protest. Could you please make these changes?”

The reporter who wrote this story told Victoria that he was paid by Scientology attorneys to write this article. And she said really? “Yes. And there’s really nothing I can do about it.”

And then, the next thing Victoria knew, that reporters name was off of this article, and it now says “Courthouse News Staff”. And so a 2009 news article is still the top result in search results on Google for “Kyle Brennan Scientology”.

I do marketing and Search Engine Optimization and stuff in my real life and that kind of SEO to make it the top hit for Kyle Brennan Scientology on Google takes a lot of work. And that is probably – I don’t know for sure – but that is probably why the Courthouse News Staff is there and why they continue to keep this up – because they’re being paid by Scientology to make this the first hit.

Scientology’s Narrative on the Death of Kyle Brennan

This article contains the church narrative regarding the death of Kyle Brennan. So here we see ‘a 20 year old man killed himself after a chaplain for the Church of Scientology convinced his father’ – that Chaplain is David Miscavige’s twin sister Denise Miscavige – ‘to take his son’s Lexapro antidepressant away”, the man’s mother claims in federal court.

That’s not true. She doesn’t claim that.

The church narrative is because his Lexapro was taken from him, that is proof that he committed the S-word. The actual evidence at the crime scene shows this could not have been the S-word, and many professional investigators have stated this after reviewing the evidence that Victoria Britton got to them.

Remember, she had to take this investigation outside of Scientology-corrupted Pinellas County and the Clearwater PD in order to get people in power to actually realize that this was not an S-word. Victoria continues to try to get this taken down because it is false, but it continues to be propped up and it is the church narrative on the death of Kyle Brennan.

Now so we’ve established what the church narrative is on the death of Kyle Brennan. Now let’s look at the people in the anti Scientology community who should know better but are also running this narrative through the community and sticking it in people’s minds.

Aaron Smith Levin Runs Scientology’s Narrative of the Death of Kyle Brennan

So this is an article I wrote called “Despite all Evidence Aaron Smith Levin Calls the Death of Kyle Brennan the S-Word“.

Here is the actual evidence at the scene which proves that this could not have been an S-word. Aaron has never mentioned any of this evidence. I don’t know why, but he hasn’t.

evidence from the scene of the death of kyle brennan
So Kyle was found dead of a downward trajectory gunshot wound to the top left side of his head in the home of a Scientologist father. Kyle was right handed.

Next piece of evidence, was declared dead of an apparent S-Word the police said. Not the medical examiner – the police. Yet his own fingerprints were not found on the gun, nor was gunshot residue found on his hands. Now here’s the thing: about Police Detective Stephen Bohling, that’s B-O-H-L-I-N-G, who is the one who declared this an S-Word also testified that gunshot residue tests were performed on Kyle Brennan’s hands but that gunshot residue test has disappeared from the property and evidence locker at the Clearwater police department.

See, if it’s a suicide you’re gonna have gunshot residue on the hands of the body. But for some reason, this Gun Shot Residue test – which was performed – and which Steven Bohling B O H L I N G testified that it was not processed, and now it has been found missing.

Now number three: Why did Kyle’s father call Scientologists to the scene that night for their advice before anyone even called 911? The Scientologists that Tom Brennan, Kyle Brennan’s father, called was Denise Miscavige, David Miscavige’s twin sister, and her husband. Kyle Brennan’s father, supposedly, went in saw Kyle’s body and called Denise Miscavige, not 911.

So next piece of evidence, why was the bullet that killed Kyle never found? So here you’re at the scene of an S-word and you can’t find the bullet?

Fifth piece of evidence: And this one is really simple to understand: Why were 14 pieces of evidence found at the scene wiped clean of blood and fingerprints? Why did the gun have no fingerprints or blood on it? You see, at the scene of an S-word? There’s no need to wipe any evidence clean at the scene of an S-word. You do that in order to cover up a murder. So again, this is a piece of evidence that points to the fact that this was not an S-word.

And then we have “Why did police investigators lie repeatedly to members of Kyle’s family?” If you read Victoria Britton’s blog, which there will be a link to it in in this post, you will see a parade of lying from Detective Stephen Bohling. That’s B O H L I N G and others at the Clearwater police department regarding the death of her son.

Why did witnesses who were there that night appear to change their stories every time they were deposed?

This is the evidence which points to how this could not have been an S-word. It must have been a murder. And there are many very professional people that Victoria Britain has hired and brought on to look over the evidence who all say the same thing: The evidence shows this could not have been an S-word.

So we have Aaron Smith Levin and for some reason – despite all this evidence – he continues to call the death of Kyle Brennan an S-word.

Here he says in this video, “Denise Miscavige Busted” he avoids all of this evidence and says “okay, the headline reads judge dismisses wrongful death lawsuit against Scientology.” And then he continues the church narrative that Kyle Brennan took his own life on February 16 2007. Then, he again uses the Lexapro. It’s, you know, Lexapro just dulls everybody senses here in this in this community. And then you never get to see the evidence.

I can tell you that just my experience in Scientology would lead me to conclude that the likelihood of that being the correct version of events, that Denise would have advised Kyle’s father to withhold the medication, then in my opinion, has an extremely high likelihood of being true. Regardless of whether the judge threw out the case due to insufficient evidence or whatever. Of course, there was insufficient evidence.

Okay, so this is an argument to ignorance. And it also shows that it can be entirely true that they took Kyle’s Lexapro away, but when you compare that to the evidence at the scene – at the crime scene – you can see that Kyle Brennan did not commit the S-word.

And here’s Aaron, despite all this evidence ….and this is a great picture of Aaron sitting in a crowd with his best friend, Mike Rinder at the time… and this is what Mike Rinder has said. This is what Scientology and The Aftermath has said – actually they completely avoided any mention of Kyle Brennan. But later when Corey Andrews confronted them on Twitter, this is what they said.

They ran the church narrative.

Marissa Sigmond Runs Scientology’s Shore Story on the Death of Kyle Brennan

Aaron Smith Levin isn’t the only one in the anti Scientology community who is running this narrative. Marisa Sigmond, Diane Etex on YouTube, recently put out a video where she says this:

…so yeah. For those, I’ve seen several people asked me recently. “What is the story about Kyle Brennan?” And I want to simply say the conspiracy is not whether or not he committed the S word. Because we already know that. And that is what it shows on the autopsy report. The story is how he had his antidepressant medication taken from him. He was not allowed to have the mental health care that he needed because the father was a Scientologist. That’s a lot of the story is exposing how Scientology and followers of Scientology prevent people, children, teenagers, from receiving the proper mental and physical health care that they need. And ultimately, tragedies like Kyle Brennan’s occur.”

All right. She’s running this narrative as well.

And right before this, she says that she’s good friends with Victoria Britton. She’s known her since 2014. And she’s giving you the lowdown on the death of Kyle Brennen. Yet she’s running the church’s narrative. I don’t know why.

I mean, it stuck in my mind for many years, and until I listened to the interview that Coy Barefoot did with Victoria and Rick Britton, I did not understand that there’s no way this could have been an S-word. But once I listened to that interview, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

And I told this to Marissa, and I also showed the evidence to Marissa and the comments of this video, which is right here “Fake degrees, the appalling antics…” and I’m hoping that Marissa will correct this and will start to give the facts regarding the case rather than the church’s narrative.

But here she is running the church’s narrative. And again, I had it in my mind too, until I actually looked and reviewed the evidence.

Victoria Britton Settles the Controversy – Alanzo & Doug’s Information is Accurate

Okay, so we seem to have some kind of controversy here, right?

Where we’ve got these people that are running the church’s narrative and then there’s this Alanzo guy who’s yelling about the evidence, etc.

So let’s ask Victoria Britton, who is right here. Recently, on that particular video, Ann Battles asks Marissa,

“Marissa, what do you think of Alanzo’s blog? Is he legit? I’ve been fooled by so many that have spoken out.”

And here’s Victoria Britton herself. She answers Ann Battles:

victoria britton on who is credible on the death of her son

She says, “Alanzo, as well as Doug’s, information about the circumstances surrounding my son’s death is accurate. The information regarding the evidence, and lack thereof, is discussed in an interview that I will link below.”

And here is a great interview that I will also link. It is of Victoria Britton herself being interviewed about this. It’s a great interview. So I’m gonna link to the interview that Victoria did with Coy Barefoot, too, on a public radio station in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And also just keep in mind that bullet list of evidence there too.

And then do this: The next time you hear the church narratives on the death of Kyle Brennan recognize that and note, who is saying it?

While Mike Rinder was running anti Scientology, he was running church narratives down onto anti-Scientologists. And others like me and Doug, and other people, were doing our best to try to combat those church narrative on various important stories such as Kyle Brennan.

So just remember that it’s Mike Rinder who ran all – and Leah Remini as well – who ran all these church narratives into anti Scientology and to the world.

These are the reasons that people were calling me OSA for so many years – I hit back at Mike Rinder’s church narratives that he was running through the community.

So the purpose of this video is to teach you the factual narrative, rather than the church narrative, regarding the death of Kyle Brennan.

Later, I will be having Gerry Armstrong back and we will be talking about the church narratives that are used and run through the anti Scientology community in order to preserve their tax exempt status.

All right, thank you very much for listening.

Over and out.

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