Marisa Sigmond’s Profane, Cruel & Potentially Libelous Public Attack on Chris Shelton

I am a long time critic of Chris Shelton. Since 2015 or so I have called him out for various things that he has said – even when he was part of Aaron Smith-Levin’s “krew”.

But I never lied about him. And I, even though it was difficult, tried my best not to engage in personal attacks on him. And I certainly never libeled him.

So if Scientology should lie about a critic, that should be called out, right?

But what if an anti-Scientologist lies about a critic? To the point of potential libel?

Should we all just be silent about that?


If you protest the human rights abuses of cults, but never protest the human rights abuses of antiCults, then you don’t actually care about human rights abuses.

There are severe, long term problems with believing anything the 2nd Gen sympathy-grifting anti-Scientologist Marisa Sigmond says. This has been noted by at least a dozen critics of Scientology going back decades that I’m familiar with.

And those problems with veracity, and her extreme propensity for cruelty, can be seen in her video on her Youtube channel.

In a move that probably resulted from the pressure she got from people slightly less stupid and slightly less cruel than Marisa, she has deleted her video from Youtube.

Here are my comments, specifically, on this video of hers.

alanzo comment to marisa sigmond
Here are some of her comments back to me on my youtube channel. As you can see she always tries her best to sexualize all of this to distract off of the very serious and specific issue of libel, and the ramifications for the SPTV Foundation if they breached confidentiality and gave her information about people who applied for help to the SPTV Foundation.

It’s amazing how many people are fooled by this in the antiScientology community.

marisa sigmond screenshot 1marisa sigmond screenshot 2marisa sigmond screenshot 3

I don’t post this to get Marisa Sigmond “deplatformed” or to harass or stalk her as her standard misandrist attacks on any male always imply.

I post this for her unquestioning followers, so that they can see that Marisa Sigmond absolutely does not “tell it like it is”. She lies. She has a long history of malicious lying to the point of potentially libeling other Ex-Scientologists.

Don’t be so gullible.

I have other times when Marisa Sigmond maliciously lied about other Ex-Scientologists and Scientology critics. In fact, because she is so cruel, and she lies so maliciously, many long time Scientology critics have suspected her of working for OSA.

So, there’s more.

Way more.

Watch her. Marisa, the ex-stripper who hates men (what a surprise), will sexualize this.

Just watch.

4 thoughts on “Marisa Sigmond’s Profane, Cruel & Potentially Libelous Public Attack on Chris Shelton”

  1. One of Mareeesa’s famous stories that she repeats is the story of her young nephew who died in a tragic fire.

    She’s spent more than a decade blaming Scientology, her sister, and now even Chris Shelton for her nephew’s accidental death.

    Yes. Her sister was working at the Scientology place when the accident happened. But someone should ask Mareeesa where her sister’s husband was at the time of the fire, and why he wasn’t at home watching his child.

    Most people miss the most outrageous part of Mareeesa’s story, though. She has spent more than a decade publicly blaming her sister for her own child’s accidental death.

    Think about it. Your own family member dies in a tragic accident, and you use that tragedy to blame his mother for it whenever you have a public platform to torture her – a mother who lost her child.

    It’s disgusting.

    Thank you Alanzo for doing this. It’s needed to be done for a long time.

      • Hardly, Cassidy.

        I know too much about 2nd Gen Scientologists and Ex-Scientologists for that.

        I was a course supervisor in Scientology for 8 years in 6 missions and orgs in the cornfields and in Los Angeles. That means Scientology parents would bring in their children for me to teach them communication drills and study technology.

        I got dozens, maybe even hundreds of “2nd Gens” through those courses. I got to know their families.

        I got a very good understanding for exactly how many scn children followed their parents into Scientology.

        The overwhelming majority of children born to Scientology parents, on the order of 80 to 90 percent, stopped their scn services after the first few courses, and especially never became scientologists when they became adults and their parents couldn’t force them any more.

        Aaron went to public schools as a child. He’s an example of a 2nd Gen where “It’s all he ever KNEW!!” is just not true.

        Now, I do know of some 2nd gens whose parents were sea org members and they grew up in the Cadet Org in LA. So for those kids you could say “It’s all they ever KNEW!!!”.

        But even the majority of those 2nd gens never became Scientologists!

        Why is this 80 to 90 percent figure important? Because it proves they had a CHOICE whether to become Scientologists.

        The 2nd Gens you see on the Internet all CHOSE AS ADULTS to participate in Scientology. They were not forced or brainwashed into it. It was not “ALL THEY EVER KNEW!!”

        You are being played, to pull at your heart strings and get your super chats and donations, by what I call The 2nd Gen Sympathy Grift.

        I’ll probably write more about this later.

        Or maybe not. Because I’ve written about it before.


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