Dianne Etex Lays Out What Happens To An Ex When They Expose Scientology’s Criminally Indictable Acts

Dianne Etex, Marissa Sigmound, who has the YouTube Channel @DianneEtex talks about the fate of any Ex-Scientologist who exposes the Ex-Sea Org Execs who are still hiding their Scientology fair game plans to destroy peoples’ lives, what they did to destroy those people, and exactly how they covered up deaths in Scientology.

First, she lays out what happens to an Ex-Scientologist who tries to expose the truth surrounding these criminal acts:


But I get what Serge was saying when he was talking about how people need to be held accountable for what they’re doing. And I’m not gonna repeat the names that he said. These are names that a lot of us have been saying for many years.

These are names that if you say, you will get booted out of every anti Scientology group – as I have. They will frickin boot your ass out. And I love Serge with all of my heart and I know he’s fully equipped and fully prepared for this, but I know what’s going to happen, man. I already know and I know he knows it too around you know.

You’re gonna start hearing stories about Serge, about how he’s just deeply disturbed and he’s he’s just very damaged and doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. And you know, it wouldn’t surprise me if they accuse Serge of being OSA.

That’s what always happens: When you start spewing the truth about Scientology and you will be accused of being OSA. I look at it as a badge of honor. When people start saying that you’re OSA that means you’re doing something right, man. That means you’re bending the rules. That means you’re you’re pissing people off and you’re saying things that are making people uncomfortable.

“OSA” is the most intellectually lackadaisical excuse that someone can come up with. If I tell you what you’re doing, if I accuse you…. like let’s take Mark Fisher, for instance, you know. And you accuse Mark Fisher and you want to know “Hey, why did he do this? Why were you going to Thailand and like messing around with teenage girls?” And then he turns around and says, “Oh, thanks for helping OSA! Nice job OSA!”

That shit is getting played out, people. It’s getting really played out. Because that’s not how a real world works.

Next Dianne Etex gives the inside story on what it was like to be interviewed by Mike Rinder and Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath TV show on deaths in Scientology. The show had contacted her to tell the story of the tragic death of her nephew, and how Mike Rinder’s Office of Special Affairs moved in to cover up that “flap”.

She makes the critical point that, to this day, Mike Rinder has never revealed what he did to her family, nor anyone else’s he family that he could not use for his and Leah Remini’s own personal gain.

Dianne Etex was told by Scientology and the Aftermath: “We Don’t Want to Make Mike Rinder Look Bad”


[Regarding Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath TV Show] …They were going to do a story about deaths. So Aftermath was going to do a whole entire segment on deaths either caused by Scientology, negligent homicides, murders any type of death activity that was handled and caused by a Ron Hubbard’s policies.

Now my nephew’s death made the news. And I’ve described many times in several of my interviews, how I had to talk to OSA about this. It’s one of two times I had to deal with OSA directly.

So yeah, and they contacted me and they wanted to do a show about my nephew. They talk to me… this this went on for like eight months, man. Got a little glimpse of reality TV and how shit goes. It’s not all the glitz and glamour. You guys think man? Talk about a fucking clusterfuck I come from like the corporate side of things. corporate world and I have seen things much more organized in Fortune 500 corporate meetings than how A&E handled the casting of the Aftermath show.

So after eight months of this going back and forth, I was finally contacted by the casting agent who had been in touch with me like, ‘oh yeah, everything’s gonna be fine and dandy, blah, blah, blah’. And after the eighth months, she said, “Hey, I’m sorry, but A&E had to scrap this, this whole Scientology and death segment to begin with. I’m so sorry, Marissa. We can’t do it at all. Unless if you have court documentation, stating that the Church of Scientology is the cause of death for your nephew. We can’t do it.”

And you know what? The key part is, this this is this is the part that trips me up. And if it’s me help me tell later, Tom, I had to talk to a few of my friends. My old school friends that are used to this and they’re not on YouTube. And there’s a lot of them I eat and I want to say another thing, which you guys are seeing on YouTube with all of us. This is a microcosm of how large the ex Scientology movement actually is. How many second gens there actually are and how many people this is a microcosm. There’s a lot more of us guys a lot more. A lot more famous people. People with like famous connections.

So this is what I got in a lot of trouble for because I tried to say this publicly back when it happened. The A&E, whatever it is, casting agent, whatever, She says, “you know, the truth of the matter is, Marisa, we cannot have you on our show discussing the death of your nephew. Because when all of the deaths that occurred within Scientology, Mike Rinder was the head of OSA. This would put the star of our show in a very awkward predicament. And we just can’t have that. It would put him in an awkward predicament. And it would just make things very uncomfortable. So yeah, unless if you have court documentation same cause of death Scientology. Yeah, we can’t do it.”

I don’t think anyone has Scientology listed as the cause of death possibly Lisa McPherson. I think she’s the only one so….

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  1. Let’s hope it’s different this time, Marisa! Serge has something y’all (most unfortunately) did not have – a platform that showcases his credibility, strength and resolve. Along with that, he has a ton of support and millions of viewers who are uber-protective of him – “lower-level” ex-scientologists, never-ins, activists, etc. With the long list of folks he’s calling out, I’d love to see them call him OSA and make it stick. People who “know” him and watch him understand how absurd that would be. We’ll see… Be well!


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