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Tribal Ninnies: A Taxonomy

A Tribal Ninnie is a person who has adopted a particular tribal narrative, and is presently letting it do all their thinking for them. AntiScientology is filled with Tribal Ninnies, such as the sub-species of Rinder-Ninnie & Remini-Ninnie.

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Alanzo’s Twitter Feed

It used to be that you used to have one, maybe two assholes in your life.

But with social media, you can have all you want.
The failure to embrace your enemy's facts makes you stupid.
This is where #anticultism leads us.

Watch the eyewitness testimony in the video.

And do not forget.

#HolocaustRemembranceDay https://t.co/A3qeIGwADa
Azza Karam @Mansoura1968
.⁦ @religions4peace⁩ .⁦ @Mansoura1968⁩ - On International Holocaust Memorial Day: when we forget, we discriminate https://t.co/sHzqwyFdhC
Critical thinking fallacy of the day:

Reification is a fallacy when an abstract belief or hypothetical construct is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity.

Like "cult".

Is the map really the territory?


You are being fooled.
AntiCultism attracts cruel & sociopathic people who see an opportunity to persecute others without being spotted.

I mean, 'cults' are bad, right?

These guys are heroes for what they do.

This is a fantastic video by @GrowingupinSCN. Very powerful.

I hope non scientogists attend their briefing and expose publicly what they are telling people.

Further I hope they are breaking the law and they get prosecuted. https://t.co/jLvRjrdLdi

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