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Listen to Leah Remini’s Scientology: Fair Game Podcast Here! All Episodes!

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In your experience, what percentage of the #AntiCultists do you know who are actually #Christian Counter Cultists?

The hidden majority?



To Christian #CounterCultists like @Azhlynne, Karen Bass is not #Christian enough.

Remember - 90% of the people that ISIS killed were other Muslims - because they weren't Muslim enough.

In the human species, ideologies fuel almost all religious persecution.

#Scientology https://t.co/IHMpF8ZoxF
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My Review of @LeahRemini & @MikeRinder's #ScientologyFairGame Podcast, Episode 2: The Welfare Check Caper

It's not all bad.

It's not all good, either.



Who's ready for Leah & Mike's 3rd #ScientologyFairGame Podcast to be released tonight?

Will they continue to whitewash Rinder's criminal history as the head of OSA for 22 years & keep jerking our chains?

Looks like it:


Working on a point-by-point video rebuttal of @SheltonDesigner's character assassination of fellow Ex-Scientologist @StevenMango for Karen Derriere.

This is why more & more Ex's are calling him "Chris Shill-ton".

#AntiScientologyFairGame https://t.co/iaQhKP8FKS
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Why can't @KarenSPressley say in public what she says in private?

Did Karen Pressley receive #Scientology auditing from @KarendlaCariere as part of KDLC's Scientology auditing scam?

What does Karen Derriere have on Karen Pressley?

See more here: https://t.co/i8DfnrS0hB https://t.co/jo60X35IKd
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