I’ve been writing about Scientology for 36 years, both inside and out. I dealt with Mike Rinder’s Office of Special Affairs while I was in Scientology. And when I left in 1999 to speak out against Scientology on the Internet, I dealt with Rinder then, too.

So I’ve been watching Mike Rinder for a long time. Knowing very well what he did when he was in, and watching closely what he has said about it since he’s gotten ‘out’.

I’ve seen and documented very clear patterns in the ways he lies and distracts people from the truth about his own career, what he did to people, and what he knows about what Scientology did to people.

A very clear example of how Mike Rinder lies and distracts people away from the truth occurred on Twitter on Friday 19 Feb 2021.

I’ll lay it out here so you can see it:

First, Tony Ortega tweeted out an article he’d written about the Danny Masterson trial:

Tony Ortega Tweet Masterson Trial

Mike Rinder’s role at the time these women were coming forward in 2002/2003 was the Commanding Officer of the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, and Rinder’s role was to handle all “flaps and blows” and to report on his handlings to David Miscavige every day.

It’s clear to anyone who knows anything about how a staff job is run in Scientology, especially in the Sea Org at it highest most micro-managed levels, that Mike Rinder ran the program to silence Masterson’s alleged rape victims for the Church of Scientology and he reported to Miscavige every day about the actions he took.

Ortega has written about how these women were silenced at the time of their first reporting Masterson to Church authorities, but he’s never gone into any detail about WHO would have done the silencing, and HOW that would have worked within the Church of Scientology hierarchy in 2002/2003.

Maybe it’s because Tony has no personal experience in Scientology, or maybe it’s because he takes money from Karen de La Carriere and she does not want him digging into this, or maybe Ortega is actually a tribalist and not a journalist at all.

I don’t know why. But in any of these scenarios, Ortega has never reported nor apparently even tried to find out how this went down back in 2002/2003 when these women were coming forward while Mike Rinder was running OSA.

So I asked Ortega on Twitter:

Alanzo asks Ortega Question on Twitter
Twitter user @SK1LLS asked me to provide how I know this.
alanzos answers sk1lls on twitter

Then Mike Rinder burst into the convo:

Mike Rinder Answers AlanzosBlog on Twitter
In the meantime, between my post and Mike Rinder’s Tweet, @Sk1lls had read my answer to her, as happens on Twitter and which makes discussion hard to follow, she wrote this tweet to me, and I’d answered her back:

alanzosblog answers sk1lls about mike rinder

So @Sk1lls answers me, and then asks Mike Rinder a very important, direct question which would clarify the whole thing.

Watch closely her question and Mike Rinder’s answer back to her:

Mike Rinder Deflects and dostracts off the question asked him
As you can see, Mike Rinder did not answer her direct question, her attempt to clarify.

He answered a different question than he was asked.


  • Danny Masterson was a Scientologist on a hit TV show in 2002/2003.
  • Multiple women were walking in to the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles to report that Masterson was raping them.
  • The idea that Mike Rinder, the head of the Office of Special Affairs, would not be assigned to deal with this flap is not credible – especially if you have ever been a scientologist or worked on staff in Scientology.

So Rinder gave @Sk1lls what, in Scientology, is called a “no-answer”.

This is handling is taught in communication courses in Scientology, and it is part of Mike Rinder’s “REPORTER’S TRs” training in how to handle questions you don’t want to answer┬áto lie and distract from the truth.

I’ve watched Mike Rinder do this for 36 years, from both inside and outside Scientology.

He is still lying & hiding and distracting off the worst parts of what he did in Scientology while running the Office of Special Affairs for David Miscavige.

The problem is, unless you have a lot of experience in dealing with Scientology, Rinder’s Scientology schtick works on you. Remember, this was the guy who ran the Office of Special Affairs, the most criminal arm of Scientology for 22 years.

And yet he’s revealed no crimes?

In 14 years?

Be watching Mike Rinder as the Danny Masterson trial gets closer. Once you see this, you won’t be able to unsee it.

And a whole lot of people will no longer be fooled by Mike Rinder.