I Will Publish My Texts With Doug Kramer As We Worked Together

If any of you have any doubt about the extent to which I worked with Doug Kramer, whether I “inserted myself” onto him and his channel, or any of the other misrepresentations and lies that have been floated about Doug and I and our relationship as critics of Scientology, I will prove all of it by showing some of the texts we exchanged as we worked together.

Doug and I had a rule not to talk about “Back Stage Machinations”. This post will be all about our backstage machinations.

I feel I need to publish these because Doug broke our agreement in the worst possible way – he used his channel to lie about me and our work together.

Then he died.

I’ve lived for the last year wondering how to deal with that. And I’ve seen others continue these lies about me, based on what Doug told them.

If I had a best friend, and someone did this kind of thing to him, I would not hesitate to defend my best friend.

I don’t have a best friend in this community.

I’ve intentionally set out NOT to have a best friend here because you can’t provide the information people need to make informed decisions if you are always covering for your “best friends”. Aaron and Nora and many others are beginning to realize something I realized 15 years ago about this “community”.


I’m going to be publishing these texts between Doug and I.

They will prove that what I am saying is true.

Because I have no best friend in this community, I have to be my own best friend.

I hope you understand.


PS: I stole Andrew Gold’s thumbnail for this post because his tribute to Doug Kramer, which he published a few days after Doug died – and which he was pressured to take down – was one of the most truthful and heartfelt tributes to Doug Kramer I’ve ever seen.

Maybe he’ll put his tribute to Doug back up again.

Or maybe I will.

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  1. Thankyou Alan for all your work…Look forward to this….I support you all the way…It is not a bad thing to have friends in this fight…It is the wisest of choices


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