Born Beneath An Angry Star

You would never know it, but since getting out of Scientology 24 years ago, I’ve practiced Buddhist meditation. I was just beginning to study it while I was in college and came across Scientology. They … Read more

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Weird Accusations on the Frank Report

There is a dedicated group of people who follow me around on the Internet and get people to ask stupid questions, and make weird accusation against me. It’s an opportunity for me to set them straight.

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Your Friends vs. The Truth

Truth changes. If the experience of having gone through Scientology should teach you something, it’s that. Are your friends more important than the truth?

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Undercover as an OSA Agent, Part 3

Intelligence work has greatly benefited from the emergence of cell phones. But this was 1987, and cell phones were called “car phones” then, and they were enormous bricks that were connected to the dashboard of … Read more