Chris Shelton is an Underhanded, Petulant Virtue-Signaling Liar

Chris Shelton has said that he is “100% sure” I am an OSA Agent, and that I should be “blocked from every social media platform”.

chris is 100 sure im on osas payroll
Here, Chris Shelton admits he has engaged in a long term campaign to have me de-platformed.
ill be glad when his numbers are below scientologys

Here, he interrupts a twitter conversation I was having over religious persecution of members of minority religions to tell the person I was an OSA Agent.
chris shelton calls me osa

Here, Chris Shelton – rather than taking up any of the ideas in my post – calls me an OSA agent.
alanzo has been hired by osa chris shelton

And here you can see this is not just a campaign by Chris Shelton. It is also a campaign by Aaron Smith Levin to get others to tell others I’m an OSA Agent.
aaron told me alanzo was osa

And here you can see Aaron Smith Levin’s Twitter police officer, Kelly Cross, going around telling people to unfollow me because Aaron told her I was an OSA Agent:

twitter police1

twitter police 3

twitter police 2


It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

So here’s my response video where I lay all this out.

6 thoughts on “Chris Shelton is an Underhanded, Petulant Virtue-Signaling Liar”

  1. I am a Never-In and it is really refreshing to see someone reporting real facts and real truth. MR and Shelton, all of them need to sit down. They are not in their fake Narcissistic Illusionary Power World anymore.

    We must focus on the children and getting them out.

  2. I appreciate your content. Thank you for a perspective that is adjacent to others. It helps me flex my brain!

    I was so surprised to see my name as a commenter in the chat screenshot above. Unexpected and trippy! I don’t remember whose chat that was or when. Could you remind me? It’s an older icon of mine, so I must have been somewhat new to sussing out ex-sci content. It’s certainly been a wild journey!

    Thank you for speaking truth to power, even at personal risk.

  3. Thank you for your observations. Not the same as mine but you are entitled.

    I first heard from an Aaron video late 2022 while I was chilling at a Warm Spring, that he had problems with Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton.

    Because I was (incorrectly) depending on TO, Chris and Aaron for my information regarding taking apart my then 33 years in and by then another 14 out repairing my mind, it was devastating. Like when my parents divorced and never told us kids why.

    So I began trying to figure it out. Chris was a friend of mine. So was Tony (only met him once) and Aaron because I appreciate his content.

    I talk/write with my own name. This left me in a tizzy to figure it out.

    I’d already figured out LRH since 2016 and took many classes to study history, psychology, mental health practices. I figured I’d have to get smarter then LRH to clean up my mind of fake wisdom.

    So now a couple years later I am determined to get smart enough to figure out this

    Tony Ortega emailed me requesting I not post comments containing Aaron Smith-Levin videos. (Jan/Feb 2023).

    One day Chris posted to his FB friends requesting I unfriend him if I supported Aaron. (Feb 2024?)

    Omg now I’m stuck in another ‘cult’!

    I have to watch what I say to who?

    Nope. So now I read the forbidden Alonzo blog, Doug Kramer, even a taste of ZDT

    I don’t do well yet with ‘friendly fire’ so still finding my way but there are a few things I now feel are true.

    Our focus should be on tracking down the perpetrators and enablers of the heinous crimes against our children and others that remain covered up by scn and it’s deluded followers. The legal process should be used to shut this down and give peace and justice to the victims.

    I think it should be common sense that Aaron should have sorted things out with Tony and Chris and vice versa. Same with the rest but like you say – it’s not always possible.

    It is true that OSA works this sort of rif raf to it’s own advantage but guys – we have phones and email. Well – TO and now Nora don’t answer. I guess disagreement = OSA.


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