Aaron Smith Levin Claims Zero Dark Tony is A Paid Agent for Scientology

As a person who has continually been accused of being an OSA Agent over the years – including by Aaron Smith Levin – I find Aaron’s reasoning here interesting.

Does Aaron think he knows every detail of Zero Dark Tony’s financial life? Because that’s the only way he can conclude what he does here.

Or does Aaron believe that anyone who criticizes him, or is a YouTube rival of his, or whom he can not control, is an OSA spy and proceed from there with a colossal amount of confirmation bias?

He wouldn’t be the first Ex-Scientologist to fall into that trap.

Examine Aaron Smith Levin’s reasoning for his conclusion that Zero Dark Tony is a paid agent for Scientology.

As for my position on Zero Dark Tony – unlike Aaron Smith Levin – I don’t pretend to know.


Scientology Spy EXPOSED | Tony D’Amato aka ZERO DARK TONY


Okay, Brett Grace “What… We are a year into the SP TV phenomenon and I’m curious if you guys think Scientology has bought off any SPtv creators. Don’t have to name names but I’m just curious how they’re responding to all of this!”

I personally don’t think Scientology’s bought anyone off except I do think that Tony D’Amato, Zero Dark Tony, I do think he actually works for Scientology whether he knows it or not.

If you guys look at the amount of views that Tony D’Amato, aka Zero Dark Tony, if you look at the amount of views his channel gets, take it from someone who understands YouTube analytics and YouTube revenue: Tony the amount of makes approximately $16 a month from YouTube.


Maybe it’s $200 a month from YouTube.

This guy’s been doing videos every single day for the last four or five months attacking every single SPtv creator and I know where Tony D’Amato lives – I use there’s a few current addresses – and I even tried to help serve him, in I even tried to help Vanessa serve him the last time I was in Los Angeles. Because, well, the guy’s the guy’s a monster.

The guy’s a freak, but I also know I also know how hard it is to grow a YouTube channel. And I know that sometimes drama and attacks can can increase subscribers and increase views. And if that’s what was happening over on the Zero Dark Tony channel, then I would explain it that way.

He’s just trying to make money. But Tony doesn’t make money and his channel hasn’t grown and he has now he has a horrible reputation. Who wants to be known as the guy who attacks all former Scientologists?

So I do believe that Tony D’amato aka Zero Dark Tony, I do believe he’s working for Scientology. Somehow someone’s paying him because also he lives in Hollywood. He lives in… it’s not cheap to live there. But the guy does YouTube all the time and the guy makes no money doing it. So who’s paying his bills? Who’s… But what’s the what’s the incentive for him to keep doing content like this? Because it’s not growing his subscribers. It’s not growing his view count. It’s been a disaster for him.

I don’t think anyone else in the former Scientology world or for the SBTV world is bought by Scientology.

Interestingly enough, the only other person in the former Scientology community that I’ve seen accused as a spy lately – actually still working on Scientology’s payroll – is a gentleman named Mike Laws, who’s not a part of the SPtv community and ironically, that rumor came from Amy Scobie.

So I’m not even sure if it’s true. I tend not to believe that it’s true because of other things that have come out since then. I think Amy was just throwing Mike Laws under the bus at that moment.

But Mike Laws, if you’re out there, just know I’m not the one who came up with that rumor. That you’re a Scientologist by that was Amy Scobie. So call me if you have any questions about that. But but but you know, but Mike was isn’t part of the SP TV community. He doesn’t have a YouTube channel. He’s been on my channel years ago. I mean, he’s a great guy does great work, but I wouldn’t consider him part of SPtv.

And no, I don’t think I don’t think anyone’s bought off. We haven’t we haven’t had our Marty Rathbun moment yet. I’m still waiting for the moment that someone in SPtv has the Marty Rathbun moment and I hope that day never comes but even if it does come. We’ll figure out how to take care of it.

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