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How Hubbard Lied: ReDefining “Individuation” Like It’s A Bad Thing

What if being a Scientologist was never a really a disease in the first place that you needed to “recover from”? What if it was just one part of your own much longer spiritual journey that taught you many important lessons, and from which you emerged stronger and wiser than ever?

How would you know?

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How L. Ron Hubbard Tricked You: The Scientology OT Levels

Consider that this is a trick that L Ron Hubbard pulled on Scientologists. Think about the terror a Scientologist experiences, and the ways their inner thoughts and environment are controlled by this trick. It’s a very vicious and uncaring one. It was a trick Hubbard used without regard to a Scientologists interests at all – but only to enrich himself off of their own inner terror.

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Looking forward to hearing from the NY AG Latitia James tommorow.

#TrumpIndictments https://t.co/WT8vW4mvgS
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They're gonna need it once Trump's violent followers wake up and realize how much Trump lied to them.

I wonder how the Aryan Brotherhood will treat Trump in prison? https://t.co/B3KrqN1ij8

400K Americans have died since Jan2019 from COVID-19.

Donald Trump continually lied to us about what he knew of its deadliness, and he cultivated a political group of fanatics that intentionally spread it.

It's hard to believe someone could be this evil.

He is.

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weak democracies don't survive

Power is a vicious thing.

Only if we give it to the will of the majority can we have moral reasoning, sensible debate & deliberation.

Deep-six all autocrats viciously.

Never give them a safe space to undermine us.

Be very intolerant of the intolerant.

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Donald Trump's Legacy:

The First US President To Go To Prison.

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