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How Hubbard Lied: ReDefining “Individuation” Like It’s A Bad Thing

What if being a Scientologist was never a really a disease in the first place that you needed to “recover from”? What if it was just one part of your own much longer spiritual journey that taught you many important lessons, and from which you emerged stronger and wiser than ever?

How would you know?

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How L Ron Hubbard Tricked You: Scientology Logic vs. Logic

Why would Hubbard want to make the subject of classical logic “utterly forbidding” to Scientologists? By getting them to reject “Earth logic” and getting them to use the Data Series for critical thinking skills instead.

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Scientology & Mimicry

The first book I purchased at a Scientology Mission was “Hymn of Asia”. And that is because it was the first book on Scientology offered to me at the mission to buy. They offered it … Read more

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Hana Whitfield on Working With L Ron Hubbard

Hana Whitfield was a loyal Sea Org Member in the Church of Scientology for over 22 years, working directly with L . Ron Hubbard for much of that time. Since leaving the Church of Scientology … Read more