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How L. Ron Hubbard Tricked You: The Scientology OT Levels

Consider that this is a trick that L Ron Hubbard pulled on Scientologists. Think about the terror a Scientologist experiences, and the ways their inner thoughts and environment are controlled by this trick. It’s a very vicious and uncaring one. It was a trick Hubbard used without regard to a Scientologists interests at all – but only to enrich himself off of their own inner terror.

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Reductive Materialism: the belief the natural world is only made up of the material - and only the way we presently understand it - is the position of every #atheist I've ever known & mine for the short time I was one.

It's the stupidest, most anti-science belief system ever.

Molly gives a great example of how to process trauma. If it's done right, it ends with acceptance and growth.

Her talk here applies to any human being, no matter your dissidence, or consonance, with the mainstream.


My question to @sarahjedmondson & every ex cult member who is struggling to "recover" using simplistic anticult brainwashing ideology.

#AntiCultism is a horrible way to embrace yourself, learn the lessons from your own experience & move on down the road.

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Jeffrey Augustine admits to having "secret" & "top secret" clearances with the government.

Why does a mild mannered "cult researcher" have top secret clearances, a private detective agency & a wife who worked at OSA & the National Reconnaissance Office?

Narratives are how governments rule.

Ethnocentrism is the term used to describe the opinion that one’s own way of life is natural or correct. Some would simply call it cultural ignorance.

This concept is crucial to understanding "cults".

Both cultists & anticultists avoid it.

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