Class 8 Student Tells Story of L Ron Hubbard’s OT Abilities on The Original Class 8 Course

l ron hubbard
L Ron Hubbard, The Greatest Scientology OT Ever
As the Source of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology, L Ron Hubbard was obviously the greatest Scientology OT who ever lived.

At Cause over Matter, Energy, Space, and Time, many stories of LRH’s OT abilities are told by those who worked with him, and who studied under him.

Here is one such story, told by a Class 8 student who witnessed this feat of the great OT first hand.

…”It occurred on the Original Class VIII course, in Oct 1968.’

“We were docked in Corfu, a small Greek Island halfway between Greece and Italy.

“Each night at 8.00 p.m. LRH gave a lecture.

“We were in the main dining room which doubled as the lecture room. Behind LRH were the picture windows facing out to the docks across the way.

“Thus there were an approx 300 of the upper level SO Staff and Class VIII students crammed into this room – facing Hubbard and Mary-Sue who sat alongside LRH – so except for LRH and MSH we all viewed the activities outside the windows.

“Each night at around 8.30 pm there was a ferry from Corfu to Brindisi that would leave. It was very punctual. There was a lot of clanging and banging and the revving of engines and the ferry would come chugging past us – the sounds are probably still on the tapes.

“Of course this pissed LRH off – he would turn and glare at the offending ferry boat.

“Any way one night at the exact time there was the usual clanging and banging and the reving of engines the chugging past us noise.

“LRH does not turn his head but stares straight at us and proceeds to give us how he is exterior with full perceptics – and describes the ferry, etc. He was really puffed up with his ability to demonstrate his exterior with full perceptics.

“The only problem was that night a tug boat towing a garbage scow was going past the windows.

“We all witnessed it – the emperor was naked!!!

“There was deathly silence in the room – the room went very solid. No one looked at another.

“Later on only Fred Fairchild, Nev Chamberlin and I dare speak about it. But every staff member and future Class VIII were given a major withhold that night.”

Alan Walter
Class 8

For more stories of the true history of what it was really like to study under and to work with L Ron Hubbard by Alan Walter, download the free book:

Alan Walter’s Posts From ESMB

(Special Thanks To Paul Adams for compiling these stories and making them freely available. The work was free, Paul made it so.)

6 thoughts on “Class 8 Student Tells Story of L Ron Hubbard’s OT Abilities on The Original Class 8 Course”

  1. LOL, reminds me of my own attempts at exterior perception!   You can know anything, as long as you don’t have to prove it.

    Thanks for providing this blog, Alanzo.

    • I’ve been on your blog, David.

      Had a really good time.

      Anyone who has the word “Epistemology” in such big letters in a tag cloud has my attention.

      I especially liked this:

      “I’ve named this blog after the fourth kind of knowledge, ādarśajñāna. The literal meaning of this term, “mirror knowledge”, is a good metaphor, except that mirrors reverse right and left, and ādarśajñāna doesn’t make even this much alteration. It is awareness reflecting the thing observed, in its entirety, prior to any analysis or classification. Scientologists call it duplication, i.e. copying a datum or an action exactly.

      I wouldn’t have stretched so far to make as many connections to Scientology, but the blog post was very interesting.

      Right up my alley.

      Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you around.


  2. Very funny. I bet anyone still in Scientology who happened to be there would deny this ever happened.

    I remember listening to the Dianetics LRH demonstration lectures expecting it to go as smoothly as he describes in the book and being very surprised when after an hour or so nothing like the description of processing had occurred, and this was the very creator using it!

    In auditing Dianetics myself it was always better to get “trained” PCs as completely new people just didn’t do what they were supposed to! How broadly does this apply through out the subject I wonder?

    • It is amazing how the desire for Clear and OT states to be real leads to so much deception of your self, and your self to others as a Scientologist.

  3. My personal version of this, while not as dramatic as Alan Walter’s account above, was certainly as jolting to me.

    It was I suppose, the summer of 1982, and the group of staff known as Cine (the film crew that made Scientology tech films) were being given a tour of LRH’s home known as Bonnie View, by the then LRH personal PRO Laurel Sullivan.

    LRH was not in residence, as he was still off in seclusion in Hemet or thereabouts, but Bonnie View was kept readied for him, so that he could walk in at any given moment.

    The purpose of the tour, as I recall, was to show us Cine riff-raff an “ideal scene” of how together and how organized LRH was, with the idea that if us simpletons were <i>shown</i> an actual example of “Order vs Disorder”, some of it might rub off on us.

    We were shown LRH’s closet, where all his shirts were hung according to the spectrum. The quantity of expensive shirts, arranged like a rainbow, was quite stunning visually.

    As we toured, I observed a fresh pack of piccayune cigarettes, each in a sparking clean ashtray, at every possible place one might think of stopping and lighting up a smoke. I am guessing there were 10-15 packs positioned throughout the house.

    But the “class 8 course moment” happened when we were in the “messenger on duty” room.  (That’s as I recall, it may have been some other designated room)

    Sitting on a table was a large tray with every kind of over-the-counter pain reliever and allergy medicine you could imagine! Allerest, Sine-aid, Sine-off, Tylenol, probably 15 or so different kinds. And there were frigging 5 or more BOXES of each kind! And oh-so-orderly in their arrangement on the tray!

    Of course I was stunned!  Wasn’t this the guy that taught us to eschew drugs and medications? Didn’t an aspirin inhibit a thetan’s ability to create mental image pictures? Wasn’t this the guy that CREATED the Allergy Rundown??

    Cognitive Dissonance.

    But I had accepted, previously, the “story” of why LRH had such a hard time with “smells”…it was because he had such a highly attuned sense of smell due to his OTness, that he could actually smell the wood studs through the drywall walls, and this acted as a “distraction” to his amazing daily productivity.

    I guess it was for the greatest good that he took these medications (by the handfuls apparently) so that the dirty, smelly world would not impinge on his vital research and production.

    Perhaps those “SP transcribers” did it to us yet again. Maybe LRH never said the Sea Org was charged with Clearing the planet, but with <i>Cleaning</i> it!



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