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anti-cult movementThe anti-cult movement is made of people with varied ideological affiliations who attack & vilify minority religious & spiritual pursuits. They can hide their ideological affiliations and never be questioned for them as part of the “anti-cult movement”.

The anticult movement belief system is often made available to Exes of minority religions so they can “re-think” their involvement. Although brainwashing has been thoroughly debunked by science, the anti-cult movement seeks to promote this insidious belief, much to the detriment of Ex-Scientologists and others.

It uses pejorative terms such as “cult”, and stereotypes such as “brainwashed cult member” to dehumanize and marginalize members of minority religions.

To be sure, abuses have occured in minority religions. But have they occured to the extent that abuse has occured in the majority ones? Do members of ‘cults’ commit suicide more often than members of majority religions?

These are some of the questions we explore here at AlanzosBlog.


How The Anti Cult Movement’s Ideology Harms Ex-Members

The anti cult movement teaches that minority religions harm the mental health of their members. Hundreds of psychological practices have been built on the idea that Ex members of these minority religions are suffering from some form of mental illness, and that they need to ‘recover’ from it. Leaving your previous religious or spiritual pursuit, […]

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Cult mind control

If Anti-Scientologists Love Science So Much, Why Don’t They Use It?

One of the most hysterical and unscientific beliefs of the Anti-Cult movement is that “brainwashing” and “Mind Control” is at work whenever anyone becomes a member of a “cult”. These ideas are assumed and unquestioned by members of the anti-Cult Movement. They’re the basis of their anti-cult beliefs. But when asked for any study that […]

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Stephen Hassan Misrepresents the Science on “Brainwashing”

In a recent article about ideological influences on wikipedia, Hassan writes: “The Unification Church page then disparages critics, such as myself, as incorrectly stating that the group brainwashes members. Yet, I was a member and experienced this firsthand. Sociologist Eileen Barker is a cult apologist and made her career stating the Moonies do not do […]

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Anti Cult Movement

Is The Anti Cult Movement True?

If there’s one reason that I’m doing these videos, it’s because these ideas from the anti cult movement are destructive to an Ex-Scientologist, or an Ex-member of any minority religion that they call “cult”. And they’re just beliefs – they’re not facts.

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anti-cult movement

What Are AntiScientologists & the AntiCult Movement Trying to Achieve?

A valued contributor to this blog, Richard, said something that made me realize a whole bunch of things about Tony Ortega and his Underground Bunker, ESMB, and all the other outlets of the Anti-Scientology Mafia Network (ASMN) Richard wrote: “Classifying all people participating on the Underground Bunker as cultists seemed to have a shock effect, […]

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