CULTS: It’s About the Specific Criminals and Their Specific Crimes

It’s not about a low-level member’s cult affiliation.

Before the holocaust, Europe ran on antisemitism for centuries. If a Jew robbed a grocery store – all Jews robbed a grocery store.

Yet if a christian robbed a grocery store, his religious affiliation was never mentioned.

We’re seeing a similar phenomenon emerging from the Anti Cult Movement today: Once they label a minority religion or minority sub-culture a “cult”, then every member is accused of the same abusive or criminal behavior.

You see this in the AntiCult Movement targeting of members of NXIVM today. To hear anticultists tell it, all members of NXIVM are guilty of Keith Raniere’s criminal acts.

There is even a group of anticultists who target Scientology, and who completely ignore the likely criminal acts of David Miscavige and any other officer of Scientology. They only target low level members of Scientology, hoping to paint the whole of Scientology and every Scientologist as criminals.

Here’s what’s wrong with that: Scientology’s murders made to look like suicides are thus distracted from, and never get discussed.

Don’t fall for this blathering and hysterical distraction and panic technique.

Stay focused.

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