Kyle Brennan: Scientology Murder Made to Look Like Suicide?

Mike Rinder was the head of the Office of Special Affairs, working directly with David Miscavige, when Kyle Brennan’s body was found in his father’s apartment in February 2007.

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s producers interviewed Kyle Brennan’s mother, Victoria Britton, for their A&E series “Scientology and the Aftermath” but the interview was never aired. Nor have they ever aired an interview featuring Victoria Britton on their “Scientology Fair Game” podcast.

When cornered with this seeming omission from the foremost critic of Scientology, Mike Rinder said “It was a suicide”.

Mike Rinder also said in an unguarded moment of the “Scientology Fair Game Podcast”:


“It’s L Ron Hubbard’s policy to make any murder look like a suicide”.


Watch this 2014 German documentary and you decide if Kyle Brennan’s death was a suicide.

As David Miscavige’s head of the Office of Special Affairs for 22 years, was Rinder assigned to cover up the murder of Kyle Brennan?

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