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How Hubbard Lied: ReDefining “Individuation” Like It’s A Bad Thing

What if being a Scientologist was never a really a disease in the first place that you needed to “recover from”? What if it was just one part of your own much longer spiritual journey that taught you many important lessons, and from which you emerged stronger and wiser than ever?

How would you know?

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Gerry Armstrong Details the Scientology Fair Game Operations Against Him

Until the background of these acts have been exposed, detailed and thoroughly condemned by Mike Rider and Marty Rathbun, and amends made to Gerry Armstrong for what they have done to him, there can be little possibility that a person who wishes to claim they are “exposing the abuses of Scientology” fails to expose the some of the worst abuses that they themselves committed.

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Dr. Hassan applies "the BITE model" to any religion or political group he disagrees with in order to delegitimize and dehumanize them.

It's like the Wooden Witch Test.

Don't fall for it.

#AntiCults https://t.co/yWRdc0Bg48

People who leave " #Cults" feel like they're setting themselves free.

Too often, it's more like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

After they get out, most Exes are offered, and they adopt, #AntiCultism.

Best just to stay Ex.

Never Go Full Anti.

#AntiCults https://t.co/GoQ0oTmnBl
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Here's a song for every #Leftist, #Progressive, #LiberalDemocrat, Centrist Republican, Right-Republican, #Libertarian and #Anarchist in America.

Pretty much everyone.

Think about the deadly oppression mainstream societies administer to minority sub-cultures - all throughout the world.

EXAMPLE: Look at what happened to #NativeCultures in the US.

It happens in all times, in all places.

It's part of the Human species.


This person was our President. https://t.co/0er5cKDc6Y
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Reminder before he was a Lame Duck, he was a Lame Chicken https://t.co/6NWEOQjPkD

Just in the last 20yrs, the 2 candidates which won the #ElectoralCollege but lost the #PopularVote - #GeorgeWBush & #DonaldTrump - have done more damage to our country than any other Executive in the last century.

We need to get rid of it. https://t.co/4vYis1axv8