Gerry Armstrong False Flag

Gerry Armstrong is secretly videotaped by Mike Rinder and Others Claiming to be “LRH Loyalists” in an Attempt to Entrap Him. It Didn’t Work.

After leaving Scientology, Gerry Armstrong was declared a Suppressive Person and marked Fair Game by the Church of Scientology for revealing Hubbard’s true biographical information which proved much of what Hubbard wrote about himself in his “About The Author” sections of his books, and told about himself in his lectures, were lies.

After the Church of Scientology supposedly settled with Gerry in court, Gerry was followed, photographed, videotaped and harassed. Attempts were made to run his car off the freeway.  On top of all that, the Church of Scientology, including Mike Rinder, set him up in a sting operation involving a mysterious group of Scientologists called “The Loyalists” in 1984.

The “Loyalists” were supposedly a group of high ranking members of the church who were dissatisfied with how David Miscavige was running Scientology after Hubbard had gone into hiding.  Hubbard eluded the law after the government raided the church and sent ten top officials to prison.  Hubbard remained in hiding for the rest of his life.

The “Loyalists” turned to Gerry for “help” in planning a coup from which they would gain control of the church.  Gerry met with two representatives of The Loyalists to discuss possible scenarios.

The first person Gerry met was a man named David Kluge who met with Gerry on November 7th and 9th of 1984.

Next, Gerry met another member of The Loyalists…Mike Rinder.  Rinder was the head of the Office of Special Affairs which is the “dirty tricks” branch of the church.  Rinder met with Gerry twice.  First on November 11th and then again on November 30, 1984.

Gerry didn’t know that these meetings in the park were being videotaped by a Scientology hired P.I. and that both Kluge and Rinder were wired.





These tapes were used by Scientology in the court trial involving Julie Titchbourne in Portland, Oregon in 1986.  Julie sued the church for fraud and Gerry was called as a witness.  To try to discredit Gerry as a witness in that trial, the church played these tapes.

After the trial, the jury was polled and it was very clear that the church’s plan backfired.   Most jurists agreed that the tapes made the church look terrible.  Furthermore, Gerry appeared to be a good man trying to help clean up the corruption in the church.

This same jury found Scientology guilty of defrauding Titchbourne and awarded her a massive $39,000,000 victory.

Next, the church took these tapes and had them edited into a 20 minute video which they sent to media outlets to discredit Armstrong.  This truncated version was narrated by Heber Jentzsch and edited by a woman who would one day be another thorn in Scientology’s side, Stacy Brooks.


When I was first getting involved in Scientology, in 1984, I was shown the Church’s tape to convince me that “evil SPs were out to destroy the Church”.

Mike Rinder had posed as a “loyalist” to LRH who only wanted to rid the Church of David Miscavige in order to restore “true Scientology” once again.

When Mike Rinder first emerged from the Church in 2009 on Marty Rathbun’s blog – both as Independents loyal to Scientology and to LRH, but not to David Miscavige, I was worried that this was yet another false flag operation. The words and actions of both men have shown that scenario so unlikely now that I have become convinced that they were not running another false flag operation for Scientology when they left the Church and began speaking out.

For more videos on this False Flag Operation by Mike Rinder and the Church of Scientology, see this link.