Paul Haggis – “I’ve Seen Scientology Ruin People”

two time oscar winner paul haggis
Two Time Oscar Winner Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis, the brilliant Canadian screenwriter and director, was interviewed about his latest movie, “Third Person” as it is being released in theatres in Europe this week.

Go there to read it: Telegraph UK – Paul Haggis Interview

It’s an excellent interview by an admirable Ex-Scientologist.

In my opinion, this is how a responsible person moves on after Scientology: Take every convenient opportunity to warn the public about the deceptions and dangers of Scientology. Fight their ability to continue to harm people whenever you get the chance. Continue to grow and evolve as you move on down the road from the cult.

Paul Haggis is a huge inspiration to me, as many people are who have endured Scientology’s abuse and continue to thrive in life ever after.

“I had no clue how insidious it was until I’d been out for, like, a year. You look back and go, ‘Oh my god.’ I was always an outsider and if it can affect me that much – a cynic and a loner and an outsider – go figure! You have to be really purposefully blind, you have to choose to be blind, and that’s what I was doing and that’s what all my friends were doing.”

– Paul Haggis

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