Leah Remini's Scientology and the AftermathLast night’s episode of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath was a round table discussion of former Scientologists, and independent Scientologists, exposing the upper levels of Scientology so that people can make more informed decisions about their involvement. For that reason, it was a very valuable episode.

And Tony Ortega has gotten people who have completed OT 8 to reconstruct the materials that they studied while doing the level, and this reconstruction has been verified by others who have done the level as well.

Also, very valuable.

But because there are so many viewers who have angry and even hysterical accusations of criminal activity on the part of the Church of Scientology, and so many people calling for prison terms and federal investigations, one must ask that with all the resources at Mike Rinder’s and Leah Remini’s disposal – from A&E corporate lawyers to investigative journalists – where is the evidence that Scientology is actually breaking the law?

Shouldn’t we have seen some of this evidence exposed by now if Leah wants her federal investigation?

If no criminal activity is being exposed on the show, can we assume that this means they can’t find any?

And if they can’t find any, don’t they have a moral obligation to say so?

I see a fire hose of Internet hatred, cruelty, and even threats of violence towards Scientologists here at my blog after every airing of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath. I do not post any of it. It is really very disgusting.

At the faucet of this firehose of hate and anger directed at Scientologists, which Leah & Mike are intentionally cranking up and trying to increase to the gale force of Hurricane Irma, is the belief that Scientology is a “criminal organization”.

Yet no evidence has been presented on Leah’s show that Scientology has committed any crime at all.

Moral outrages, yes.

But criminal activity – no.

So when will Leah and Mike admit this?

My answer: Never.

They need viewers. And in order to have viewers they need to manipulate the truth about Scientology in such a way as to continually outrage the public to keep them watching. And admitting that they can not find any actual criminality will bring all their hysterical tribal warriors down to Earth – exactly where they do not want them lest people become disinterested in the show.

This, in my opinion, is Trump-level demagoguery and despicably irresponsible hucksterism. But it’s how you hit your numbers every week for your cable TV show, and why that business can become so corrosive to your soul.

Season 1 was fabulous. But so far Season 2 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath is proving to be little more than emotional manipulation and Trumped up tribalism in pursuit of money and fame. Yes, exposure of OT8 is good for people to know, but that has been available to the public on the Internet for decades now.

This manipulation of the truth and peoples’ emotions comes with the territory of a cable TV show. And, after thinking about this, I have come to see that the cause of this is really the business end of cable TV itself, rather than – necessarily – the characters of Leah and Mike. This is their game, and they have to play it to win.

It all makes me realize that, as critics of Scientology, you should be careful what you wish for, because someday you just might get it.

If Mike and Leah have no evidence of criminal activity on the part of the Church of Scientology, they must say so – and soon.