“Asked to explain these “abusive practices,” Remini takes a deep breath, then lays out some foundational principles. “Scientology policy dictates that children are grown men and women in little bodies. They believe a 7-year-old girl should not shudder at being passionately kissed. That’s in Dianetics,” she says, referencing L. Ron Hubbard’s 1950 book that establishes core tenets.”

Leah Remini was a Scientologist for 34 years.

She knows that Scientologists do not believe in pedophilia. But she has adopted the ideology of the anti-cult movement to explain her whole experience in Scientology, and flipped from fervent Scientologist to fervent Anti-Scientologist. And so now she is willing to tell herself, and everyone else, the most destructive lies about who she was, and what she believed, and what she stood for when she was a Scientologist.

This is the result of the GroupThink of Anti-Scientology, and apparently Leah Remini is very drunk on its kool-aide.

Here’s a good explanation of what Intellectual honesty means:

“Intellectually honesty” means you make arguments you think are true, as opposed to making the arguments you are “supposed” to make, or avoiding arguments that you think are true but you aren’t “supposed” to make.”

Noah Millman

I have found that you can be loyal to your friends, and you can be loyal to the truth, but in the highly partisan environment of Scientology vs Anti-Scientology, you can’t be loyal to both.

And so at around the beginning of Season 2 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath, I recorded my thoughts on the treatment I observed Aaron Smith-Levin getting from his Anti-Scientologist friends for saying that no one believed in pedophilia when they were a Scientologist.

You would think this would be a fairly non-controversial statement simply because anyone with any experience as a Scientologist would know it to be true.

But Anti-Scientologists WANT scientologists to be pedophiles so bad that they are pounding anyone who disagrees with them into submission.

Aaron Smith-Levin was receiving that pounding a few years ago.

Here are my experiences behind the scenes of Scientology and the Aftermath, and in my short but brutish acquaintance with Aaron Smith-Levin.

So I first heard about Aaron Smith-Levin, I think it was, uhh…I think I might have seen something about him on Tony’s blog – I can’t remember. But it’s in the last few years. And then I’ve been following some of his videos. And then I saw that he got a spot on Scientology and the Aftermath.

He’s a good friend of Mike Rinder, see.

Oh! That’s where I saw him first, On Growing Up in Scientology. His video channel, where he interviewed Mike Rinder.

That [interview] was very interesting to me because when Mike Rinder got out in 2009 and went over to Marty’s blog, he was an independent Scientologist. And at that time if you questioned L. Ron Hubbard, or the technology of Scientology, you were considered, you know, persona non grata over at Marty’s blog. And Mike Rinder was one of the chief people who would make you persona non grata there.

So I watched his interviews with Mike Rinder that lasted hours, and that’s where I saw the complete change in Mike Rinder. He’d finally begun to criticize L. Ron Hubbard himself, and the technology, and that’s the first place that I saw him actually do it. And I wrote a blog post about it at the time.

And the two of them had a very intelligent, rational conversation which I found to be really refreshing. You know, at the time, it was just a discussion that wasn’t filled with a bunch of emotion. People weren’t, you know, standing up and shaking their fists about how Scientology is a criminal organization, and you know, MURDER!  All the stuff that Exes just go completely hysterical over. That wasn’t in that conversation at all between Mike Rinder and Aaron Smith-Levin, and I was very impressed by that.

So then I see him appear on Scientology and the Aftermath, and I also see the pictures of him winning an Emmy.

Okay. A critic of Scientology who has won an Emmy. That, that is, that’s quite something, I’m telling you.

18 years of Scientology watching, and I watched a critic on YouTube, and he’s got an Emmy behind him in his shot. Okay. And why does he have an Emmy there? Because he fucking won it!

That’s unique that is that is a history-making event, and I don’t think anybody really recognizes this. There’s never been a critic who’s won an Emmy. And Aaron Smith-Levin did. And he proudly showed it in the shot in one of his one of his videos and I was totally impressed – just blown away – at that development in Scientology criticism.

So,  I got to know him a little bit and some exchanges I had with him associated with the Facebook group that he started the “Official Supporters of Leah Remini Scientology and The Aftermath”, Facebook group. It’s a secret group. Okay. You have to be let in. You can be kicked out.

As I was kicked out.

Alanzo Gets Banned From “Official Supporters of Leah Remini Scientology and The Aftermath” Facebook Group

I think the final question that I asked in that group, which finally got me kicked out, was very specifically “Are all minority religions considered ‘cults’?

And it was on a Saturday at around six here in the cornfields, and so it was Saturday afternoon for some. Saturday night for another group, and the conversation got really lively. It never went off the rails. There was never anybody yelling or insulting anybody, but the discussion was just very lively. And it was excellent.

Chris Shelton – Enforcer of the Ideology of Both Scientology and Now Anti-Scientology

But then Chris Shelton, who is one of the more, uhm, He… You know, when he was in Scientology, he used to enforce Scientology philosophy and ideology down on the people who ran the delivery of Scientology in all of the organizations in the western United States.

So, when you have a job like that, you are, you are the chief priest, basically. You make sure the ideology remains pure in all of these people who are running all of these organizations. And you do that on the phone. You do that through telexes. You do it through, you know, pulling people in for ethics handling.

If the Kansas City org stats are down, Chris could pull in a tech person or some other person [to Los Angeles] for ‘handling’. Handling meant “write up your Overts and Withholds!All the things that you’ve done wrong!”And then find out what your condition is. And then once you work yourself up by the lower conditions  – “which you’re going to be in a lower condition motherfucker, cuz you’re here in LA, when you should be back at your work!”

And they they ordered you out there [to Los Angeles, at your expense] under threatened declare. And then once you get there you’re blamed for being there, and you’re in a lower condition because you’re there so you have to apply these ethics conditions.

This is all ideological reconditioning. This is getting rid of the thoughts that a person has, which are not loyal to the ideology – number one. And then the times he has been disloyal to the ideology – Number two.

This is all Marxist reconditioning.

OW write ups themselves came right out of Maoist reconditioning camps. They used to write down on pieces of paper their overts to communist ideology and Maoist ideology. That is, it was a huge part of the reconditioning camps, the Maoist reconditioning camps. It was either that or you were murdered, see. So. So if you were here you can re educate yourself to be a loyal person that is completely loyal to the ideology and does not ever stray from it.

Well this is what Chris did. This is what he did to all the people that ran tech divisions and some of the other people in organizations around the Western United States. And his whole job was to detect when a person was being disloyal to the philosophy or the ideology.

If there’s one small outpoint, then Chris will begin to, “Okay, that guy’s got, he’s got an overt there! Or he’s got an MU or he’s got something going on with him!”

I know all those conversations. [Because I had it done to me] And that’s what Chris did all day every day for eight years – is basically make sure that the ideology is pure with these people who are running organizations, and if there’s any sign that they’re going off the ideology in any way, pull them out for reconditioning. And then send them back then in they’re done. That’s that was Chris’s job.

So, he really hasn’t spotted the simplicity of this. He really hasn’t gotten that he’s doing the exact same thing that he did to COs and ED’s. Anyway, this was Chris’s target for ideological purification, and he’s doing the same thing as an anti Scientologist. He’s picking people for targeting for ideological purification and if they’re found to be not ideologically pure – and this time in the anti Scientology ideology – then they must be banned.

And Chris has been doing this for a long time, with me and a lot of other people. He is ensuring that the ideology remains pure among the anti Scientologists – no questioning of anybody. No nothing but the ideologically pure line. So Chris is an enforcer of that and, obviously, he is self taught.

Well, he learned it in the Sea Org. L. Ron Hubbard taught him. But he’s not self untaught yet on this. And he really needs to be because he’s one of the most intolerant, non intellectually honest, smart people I’ve ever met. And it’s really, I’m positive that if he just would begin to spot this in himself, it would go away, finally. He’s only been out for four or five years, and he’s been getting lots of admiration for being Mr Anti Scientology.

And so, as Mr Anti Scientology, that pressure to remain Mr Anti Scientology is very strong – to hold the line firm. It’s how he got there, by expressing very eloquently, and very clearly some of the most poignant and cutting phraseology for the anti Scientology ideology.

Enforcing the Purity of the Anti-Scientology Ideology

That’s Chris Shelton. He develops the phraseology for the ideology of anti scientologists, just as he enforced it when he was a Scientologist. So.

In the [youtube] conversations between Aaron and Chris, you can see the interplay between them where Aaron disagrees in a way that is much more intellectually honest than Chris Shelton does.

It’s unfortunate that Chris doesn’t see this yet in himself, but it is instructional.

And you can take a look at what Aaron and Chris do together. You can see two different types of approaches to the anti Scientology ideology.

One of them has a hard line, orthodox approach, which must follow, you know, the ideology, and the other is it more questions anyone that can question, deep things deeper, you know question that the points in the ideology, itself. It can examine the anti Scientology ideology and see where it’s being hypocritical. It can examine it and see where it’s being effective. Whereas with Chris he doesn’t know that he’s capable of thoroughly examining all of that, but that’s not what he’s about saying he’s not about that he’s about holding the ideological line pure.

So, so it’s it’s fun to watch those two but that’s where I first began to really understand that, Aaron Smith-Levin, is more intellectually honest than your normal anti Scientologist.

And so when I told him I knew that I would end up being banned from the Facebook group – not because I was going to, I was going to cause any fights, or make people angry or insult anyone. None of that. It had to do with the ideology, and its purity. And I knew that this would be the reason for my demise in this particular Facebook group.

But because Aaron Smith-Levin is the guy to have accepted me in it, my first post was “Aaron Smith-Levin Has Huge Ass Balls”. Because he’s letting me into this group. He knew what he was taking on. See, so did I.

After that, I wrote a couple more posts that got taken down, I can’t remember those – they were were put up and taken down so fast. I can’t remember what they were about, but Aaron Smith-Levin, contacted me. Can I call him ASL or, he’s actually,  it’s like such a mouthful. Aaron, I just get a call him Aaron.

Aaron Smith-Levin Contacts Me Personally to ‘Handle’ Me

Okay so, Aaron gets a hold of me, back channel, and he says, “Hey man, why are you being such a Debbie Downer?”

Okay, this is … he literally said that. He used the phrase “Debbie Downer” with me. And I said, Well, you know….

Oh! It was because I posted the stats! I’d posted the stats, as reported by TV By The Numbers of the show. And I didn’t say anything. I just posted the stats for the show.

That’s why, I guess, I was being a “Debbie Downer”. Because from the initial pilot episode in the first season, down to where it is now it’s about half the viewership. But it’s steady half of the viewership. And steadiness is good. Steadiness This is good.

So I am not trying to put down the show. I’m trying to talk about information that the ideology doesn’t want to talk about. The ideology is, “you only talk about it when it’s up, you never talked about when it’s down.” So, I just showed what it was. I didn’t even talk about that it was down before the post was taken down. So Aaron’s getting a hold of me to ‘handle’ me.


He asked me why I would being such a Debbie Downer. And so I said, “Listen, most of these people who are coming in here. They are, for a lack of a better term, well, non Scientologists”. I was going to call them wogs, you know, but I didn’t. Called them non Scientologists, pretty sure, maybe I just said they were ‘from the real world’.

And so then I said, “Yeah, that’s all I was doing. I mean these people don’t even see this as negative information. They’re from the outside world. They don’t even think of this as a threat or some kind of danger. Okay? So don’t worry about it. It’s just the stats to the show. They’re used to that.”

But then I went further, as I do.

I told him that I understood what he meant by a ‘positive post’ about how to be positive, within the group. That’s what he wanted me to be. “You want me to be positive.”

It’s just supporters show, and, you know, that’s a, it’s a supporters group, and you know that’s a valid point. Totally valid point. The way I show support is a little bit different than how they want me to show support. They think that I’m “attacking”.

But they don’t know that my definition of criticism is the holding of some activity to its stated standard. If it says this particular standard. You can expect that, and if you don’t get that – if it doesn’t meet your expectations – then that’s the source of criticism. Not because you want to destroy it. But because you want to make it better. And you want it to be constructive. you’re actually cause the person, or activity to go back to its stated ideals or standards. That’s the purpose of criticism.

So I …but I believe me. I know the definition that he was wanting me to have of “positive”. I know that.

Aaron’s Words, Almost Verbatim, Get Me Pounded Because Aaron Was Too Afraid to Write Them Himself

So I decided to test him, and I asked him. “So what if I posted something about how I’m an ex-scientologist and I never believed in pedophilia when I was in?”

And he said to me, “You know, it’s a big argument I had with Leah.” too.

I said, “REALLY??

And he said “Yes. I took that up with Leah. I told her that Scientology didn’t believe in pedophilia, even though she said it did.” He didn’t tell me how it was brought up or anything about the conversation. He just said it was brought up.

And then he said, “And we just agreed to disagree about that.”

And I think he then did say that her point is they were guilty of pedophilia.

So there you go, Aaron Smith Levin got his first pounding probably right there.

He’s beginning to see that if you disagree. If you’ve got another viewpoint, about how to criticize Scientology, or how to see your own time in Scientology, or any of the things that an ex Scientologists is concerned with, it’s got to be in a particular way to be an anti Scientologist. See, it can’t be just any old way. You can’t just assume any old viewpoint. You have to assume the anti Scientology viewpoint on all of it.

I knew that. I knew that this is what he meant by being positive. So I knew that my time there was very limited and that I should make it count.

So I asked him, at this point, I said, “should we never bring this up?”

And he said, “Hey if you wrote something like… and then he wrote about four or five sentences of a post to me in a Twitter DM. He didn’t say ‘post this’. Okay. But he said “if you wrote something like that, I think it’d be a great discussion. I think it’d be freaking awesome.”

So I did. I think within 15 minutes of getting off of the direct messaging with him, I posted that.

I took his sentences, and I modified them with four or five different words, to make it look like my own writing and that he didn’t write it. And then I posted it. And again, an extremely lively discussion, ensued, within an hour, 22 people have liked it, including, including Sarah Goldberg, Terry Gamboa, and Aaron Smith Levin himself. And then Aaron Smith-Levin got on and just started answering questions & doing things with it.



So this is going really well. And Aaron Smith-Levin, is engaged, and Miriam Francis is engaged, and all these people were all talking about the various beliefs of Scientologists regarding pedophilia. Do scientologist really believe in pedophilia?

Do Scientologists Really Believe in Pedophilia?

Well no, they don’t. Everyone knows they don’t. Despite what Leah said to the Hollywood Reporter, they don’t believe that seven year old girls shouldn’t shutter when they’re kissed by a grown man, even passionately.

Yes, they should. And Scientologists believe that that they should. This whole thing that Tony Ortega has dragged up You can look at it two ways, right?

He’s a never-in. And so he’s got an outside perspective that the Ex-Scientologist is just unaware of. Right? And here he is coming into tell us that we’re all brainwashed and that we actually did believe in pedophilia this whole time when we were Scientologists. And we just didn’t know it.

Oh my god. And you actually see people, you know, “I remember reading this when I was in but I never once thought it was actually, you know, promoting pedophilia, sorry, endorsing or condoning pedophilia, but now that I look at it…. My god it is!”

(Laughing) What the fuck? You were the scientologist – you yourself, were the Scientologist. Did you believe in pedophilia when you’re a Scientologist? Can you remember back that far?

And you’re saying because Tony Ortega says this. “Maybe I did believe in pedophilia when I was a Scientologist.” Or, you know, are you just going to be able to just look at it and go “No I’m me, I was a Scientologist. I’m not anymore, but I was, and I’ve never believed in pedophilia – before Scientology – during Scientology – or after Scientology.”

And this little quote from the back of the freaking Dianetics… I never once in my whole time in Scientology, did I ever even come close to anyone, even using, or quoting this, or referring to this quote ever – about anything! Let alone justifying endorsing or condoning, pedophilia!

So anyway, the discussion is lively and then Chris Shelton arrives.

Chris Shelton Accuses Me of “Making Mike and Leah Wrong”

Chris Shelton writes this big post about how I’m just making Leah and Mike wrong with this post. So get that. I’m making Leah and Mike wrong by saying “I never believed in pedophilia when I was a Scientologist”. And actually I didn’t write it. Aaron Smith Levin wrote it.

It’s almost verbatim Aaron Smith-Levin’s words.

I get banned for Posting Aaron Smith-Levin’s Post in Scientology the Aftermath Facebook Group

So I said, “Chris this isn’t an attempt to make anybody wrong. This is just a statement. And look at all the people who have agreed with this and have liked the post, including Aaron and Terry Gamboa, Sarah Goldberg and so many others.”

Okay? Who is able to remember when they used to be Scientologists? It’s not this self that’s completely cut off and occluded from them. They remember. They kind of feel it was them. And they didn’t believe in pedophilia then, and they don’t now. Pretty simple.

But Tony Ortega is trying to ram it down everybody’s throat. And I really, I can’t believe that ex Scientologists are letting him do that, I just, I can’t believe it.

It’s, you know, the ideological purity, is just too strong. There’s just a pounding.

So Aaron got pounded there. And he’s going to continue to get pounded. I have ways of finding out various things that are going on in the group and I’ve been able to read certain things by various authors. Aaron, Nora Crest, Marian Francis, Tony Ortega.

And Aaron is continuing to receive his pounding.

Will Aaron Smith-Levin Survive Celebrity Anti-Scientology With His Intellectual Honesty Intact?”

The question is, “Will Aaron survive the pounding? Will Aaron, in this reconditioning, this pounding, this reconditioning camp that he’s in, will he be able to retain his intellectual honesty?”

That is a very interesting question for me because, you know, this is what I’ve been writing about for the last two years, at least.

But, you know, I, I’ve received many poundings, many poundings, in an attempt to make me into a pin headed fanatic for the anti Scientology ideology. You know? And I have resisted all of them. And if there’s one thing that I’m proud of… not so much today I’m proud of… but I am proud of that.

And I think anybody who withstands that kind of ideological pounding to try to reduce your ability to be intellectually honest about something, to try to radicalize you, to try to, you know – it’s Maoist reconditioning. Okay?

To try to make you more loyal to the ideology than you are to the truth. Or, if that fails, to try to make you more loyal to your friends than you are to the truth.

The problem is that in any ideological group like anti Scientology, you can either be loyal to your friends, or you can be loyal to the truth. But you can’t be both.

And that really is the truth. I found that to be true.

I hope to find a group of people who allow you to be you. Who allow you to buck the ideology, to criticize the ideology, to turn the ideology on its head. And they really enjoy all that. I hope to find people like that. But I haven’t found it in anti Scientology. I was bumping up against this the whole time.

I’ve written about it. It’s like, I thought we were like a, you know, free exchange of ideas, kind of a bohemian philosophical discussion society, you know? Where every idea is fair game and we’re all open to all kinds of new things.

No anti Scientology has never been like that. And it never will be.

Anti-Scientology is an Ideological Branch of the Anti-Cult Movement

It is a branch of the anti cult movement. And the anti cult movement is an extreme ideological organization that is out to go after minority religions that they called cults. Even the term cult itself is an attack on a minority religion.

And it’s also a very weird and stupid way of seeing a minority religion. But it’s one of those things that never gets questioned. Or if it does, it always comes back to affirming the ideology.

Anyway, the pounding that Aaron Smith Levin is getting is an example of the pounding that everybody gets in anti Scientology. And the question is, “Will you be able to survive it?”

Will you come out of being an anti Scientologist with your intellectual honesty intact?

Right now, let’s watch Aaron Smith-Levin. And let’s see if he can survive the ideological pounding from Tony Ortega, Miriam Francis, Nora Crest. Chris Shelton. All these people who want him to ‘re-remember’.

It’s like a Truth Rundown thing. “You believed in pedophilia when you were a Scientologist. You just forgot that you did. Or you didn’t know that you did. It was so subtle you didn’t notice it.”

You know, just so freaking crazy.

So over it out.”

### __________________________________ ###
This was recorded over two years ago. I have since written more about Aaron Smith Levin and Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath. You can read those posts and decide for yourself whether Aaron has survived his pounding.