The Truth Rundown, Scientology’s Most Brutal Brainwashing Technique

Have you heard that the term “brainwashing” is a nebulous term that doesn’t describe anything, and been told that it should be beneath you to say that a “religion” brainwashes people?

What exactly is a brainwashing technique?

Chris Shelton describes what a brainwashing technique is, very specificly and very clearly, in his exposure of the Truth Rundown, Scientology’s 100% standard example of a brutal Maoist brainwashing technique.

In this bone-chilling video, Chris walks you through exactly what is done to people in Scientology to force them to delude themselves into believing they never saw what they saw with their own eyes, convincing them that it never really happened, and that the only reason they saw it was because they themselves are evil.

Running Time: 19 Minutes

This procedure was reportedly applied to Leah Remini in Scientology once she started asking where Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife was, after Shelly Miscavige had disappeared. It is probably only one part of the onslaught of coercive mind control that Leah has endured at the hands of Scientology.

Having withstood almost everything Scientology could throw at her, Leah has come out swinging in her expose’ of Scientology – and it looks like no one is ever going to be able to shut her up again.

Here is another description of the Truth Rundown corroborating Chris Shelton’s statements, by highly trained Scientology auditor Bruce Hines. This is a clip from Mark Bunker’s upcoming film on Scientology’s coercive brainwashing techniques called KNOWLEDGE REPORT

Running Time: 04 Minutes 19 seconds

And this book by the famous BBC Journalist John Sweeney, also details more Scientology brainwashing techniques.

john sweeney the church of fear brainwashing in scientology

There IS a technology to brainwashing, and Scientology uses it on Scientologists and anyone they can. US Federal justice department officials, please take note: Overt, flat-out brainwashing is illegal in the United States, isn’t it?

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  1. Alonzo

    Marty might not be able to publish certain info due to his/Monique’s legal battle with CoS. Just saying.

    I’ve been having fun filling up his blog with conversations with “Path of Buddha”. lol

    If that rundown could ever get published and attributed to CoS, and then show up in a legal proceeding, what a nail in the coffin that would be.

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