Marty Rathbun Tells Why Scientology OT Murdered His Business Partner

Marty used to post important facts in support of the victims of Scientology. Those days are over. So I’m reposting this here.

Because the victims of Scientology deserve justice.

Rex Fowler – Anatomy of a Miscavige “Win”
Posted by Mark C. Rathbun on March 9, 2011.

“Religion without humanity is poor human stuff.”

– Sojourner Truth, speech, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1877

Rex Fowler was convicted of First Degree Murder in Denver a couple of weeks ago. Here are some short news summations of the trial:

Here is what the jurors and the media did not find out about Rex. Rex Fowler was manipulated into sacrificing himself for a First Degree Murder conviction to cover David Miscavige’s sorry ass.

I know the facts that follow from the several witnesses OSA took measures to make sure never saw the light of the court room. I’ll continue to respect their wishes to remain unknown for their own protection. However, if I am sued for libel, I know who to subpoena and like the OJ case we’ll let play out in the civil arena what Miscavige made sure never made it to the criminal court house.

Rex was an on-lines, active “OT VII” in Scientology Inc. Rex was – like most on “OT VII” lines at Flag in recent years – under constant, intense, even extreme pressure to leverage his personal and business life in order to fill Miscavige’s coffers. He had leveraged his own business much like “OT VIII” Dr. Juan Villareal of Harlingen Texas had. See:

Exacerbating matters for Rex were two more factors. First, he was also under mind-bending Scientology Inc pressure because of his contribution to creating a Gay Scientologist community on the net. Second, he had Scientology Inc affiliated handlers directly on his business lines making the Scientology Inc financial demand even more up front and personal.

The victim of the murder, Fowler’s associate Thomas Ciancio, was a vocal critic of Rex’s siphoning money from the company to keep up with demands from Scientology Inc. Shortly before the murder Rex was commanded by a Scienology Inc bot to “terminatedly handle” Thomas. Shortly after Rex put three bullets into Mr. Ciciano at nearly point blank range.

OSA sent a number of missions to Denver since the murder to be sure the above facts never saw the light of day.

OSA set up a “handlers” unit to keep constant surveillance on the acts and even the thoughts of Rex Fowler’s wife. Knowing that Fowler was considered non compos mentis – particularly after having put a bullet into his own head after offing Mr. Ciancio – OSA figured Fowler’s wife would effectively wind up calling all the shots with Fowler’s lawyers. Witnesses were influenced to stay quiet, stay under the radar, and make themselves scarce.

Two facts reported on in the stories referenced above demonstrate the success of Miscavige’s OSA Cover Up missions:

a. Fowler plead not-guilty of First Degree murder, because he couldn’t have planned it since he had only ever expressed intent to kill himself, not another.

b. Fowler’s lawyers presented NO witnesses.


The perfect cover up. Fowler’s only viable defense was contained in the facts shared here; that he was under mind-numbing pressure by Scientology Inc to not only create the expressed antogonism of Mr. Ciancio but also at the same time to “put it to rest.” The attorneys’ asses were covered by arguing a lesser charge (2nd Degree Murder) applied to facts that were uncontestable: Rex Fowler shot Thomas Ciancio dead in cold blood. By keeping any truthful testimony from the lawyers about what really went down with Rex, the lawyers couldn’t present a credible defense as that would have exposed the destructive greed that Scientology Inc has become. So, by making up an unsupported defense the attorneys could not be accused of not being in their clients’ corner even while they performed the absurdity of arguing a case with no evidence to support it.

Only one party to all this was happy with the outcome: David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc. This is the anatomy of a Miscavige “win.” Who won? Fowler? His widow? His family? The deceased victim? The victim’s family?

No, I am afraid that the game directed by Miscavige is the game in which everyone loses.

First Degree Murder requires premeditation and malice aforethought. The only cold-blooded premeditation and malice aforethought that occured in connection with State of Colorado vs. Rex Fowler occurred between the temples of David Miscavige and his intelligence network (Office of Special Affairs).

Rex, like everyone else on this planet, is responsible for his own actions. But there is another contrary fact in all this that just makes the Fowler case not add up. And that is this. I have heard from a number of people who knew Rex in better times. To a one they described him as a loving, caring person. To them, to Rex and to Rex’s family, and especially to Thomas Ciancio and his family and friends – our condolences and may peace be with you all.

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