Scientology Disconnected Dad Texts His Child on Their Birthday

This is a text that a father sent to his child. The father has been declared an “SP” by the Church of Scientology and can not communicate with his family.

Here’s the message he sent.

You prob don’t want to hear this, because you are [Age redacted] with an attitude problem 😀 but, [redacted] years ago today on this very day – Father’s Day actually – was the best day of my life.

When you’re [redacted’s] age you will appreciate it more .

After you were born I got home by myself as mom had surgery and you were kept in. I got home and cried with happiness, because of the way you looked at me when you born.

No one, not even your mom, ever looked at me like that.

It was a deep love I’ve never seen.

And I deeply love you, always have and always will. And I know that whatever you get told or whatever you may think based on other people’s thoughts and ideas – you are my daughter. And I am your dad.

And we love each other. A lot.

And that will never change, and no one, despite their ‘rules’ will change that. To the day we both die, which we will eventually. Let’s make sure it’s not regret on our deathbed, and one of love.

I’m really proud of you and think of you every day, and wish and cry sometimes that you are not part of my daily life, as I want to protect you from the harsh world around, and it is.

This world is horrible.

But, we have love. You love [redacted], you love your mom, you love your dad and your sister and brother.

That is powerful, and breaks everything else that may come up in the process of doing so.

Happy birthday sweetie xx

Love, dad. Xx

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