William Gude’s Nazi Rhetoric: ‘My Goal is to End Scientology’

This is what William Gude posted on his YouTube Community tab 2 days ago:

william gude's nazi goal

“My goal is to end Scientology. You get that? I’ve been saying it from the beginning.”

I responded to William Gude of the @Scientology_Audit YouTube channel with a video:


Hello, this is Alanzo from AlanzosBlog.com. I was 16 years in Scientology, 15 years in anti Scientology, and I’ve been 8 years of both – writing about each.

So today I want to talk about my message to William Gude who has a YouTube channel called @Scientology_Audit.

This is what he wrote to Chris Shelton. Chris Shelton and sent him what appeared to be a private email, wanting to get in communication with him, and he posted it publicly and then posted his comment publicly on his community tab.

And it is his response that I’m addressing right now, so here we go:

He says,

“My goal is to end Scientology, you get that? I’ve been saying it from the beginning.’

Alright, so I’m going to take William at his word. And that is his goal to end Scientology. I’ll continue here and then I’ll come back and comment

“To remove their tax exempt status and watch them crumble. I don’t give a damn about trying to save anyone inside. When it is shut down, they will all be free. I noticed many ex Scientologists only seem to be concerned with saving current members. They can knock themselves out.”

Notice the terminology he’s using “saving” current members. “Saving” them and they will all be “free” once it’s shut down.

“I will prioritize making sure new people aren’t sucked in, both in person and through awareness on social media.”

“Fact is the only reason this movement is getting so much attention is because I stood outside the building for a couple of months. I watched you and other ex members sit around complaining.”

“How does that work for you?”

William Gude.”

All right. So the only thing I really care about this person, as I’ve become more familiar with him the more I’ve read, the more videos of his that I’ve watched.

He’s a typical activist. He runs on emotion. He uses Weaponized Over-Simplicities to manipulate the emotions of those people he wants to turn into activists. And that’s all good.

I mean when he says he wants to remove their tax exempt status. Great. I’m all for that.

He doesn’t mention prosecution of specific criminals. And I’m for that, too, but he doesn’t mention that.

What I’m most concerned about is his first sentence here.

“My goal is to end Scientology. You get that? I’ve been saying it from the beginning.”

I believe you William Gude and here’s what I have to say to that. I put this comment in your chat. On this particular comment, right here.

I said to you, regarding you wanting to end Scientology.

In a free society, you don’t have the power, or the right, to end anyone else’s religion. You’re thinking here with the tropes of the anti cult industry which inevitably leads to this kind of anti rights minority persecution.

Stick with getting the specific criminal acts of the specific criminals without regard to their religious affiliation, and I will support you.

But with this kind of Nazi rhetoric, I will oppose you with every fiber of my being.

See y’all, I thought, you know, I was going to be Mr Popularity for a while. You know? Now that people have become aware of Mike Rinder. Mr. Popularity! But Mr. Popularity with whom? With people that want to end other people’s religions?

No, that’s absolutely not a group of people I want to be popular with.

In fact, I am going to oppose that kind of bullshit.

Because in a free society, you don’t have the power, or the right, to end anyone else’s religion, period.

When you start thinking with the tropes of the anti cult industry, when you think of another person’s religion as a cult. What you’re saying is, they’re an illegitimate group. They’re not really a religion.

Guess what? That kind of activity has gone on in our society for centuries. And it has resulted in witch burnings, heretic burnings, all kinds of genocidal stuff that, I’m sorry, I am totally against.

Now, going for the specific criminals and their specific criminal acts? I’m all for that.

But harassing and persecuting minority religions and minority subcultures just because they are members. No, no, I’m against that. And I’m going to fight it with everything I can because that is the wrong direction in a free society.

So just want to let you know that’s my message to William Gude.

Thanks for listening.


A YouTuber answered me then quickly deleted their comment, thus deleting my response. Because she gave the typical logically fallacious argument that most anticultists make, I’m re-posting it here for examination:

@mothersgauri4137 wrote:

“I would agree with you, but sadly, Scientology is not a “religion”, even by their own definition.’

“They only used the term to acquire a free ride with the government by getting religious tax status which enables them to get away with endless illegalities. They, themselves, run like a Nazi organization. In fact it was through mafia tactics they even acquired that status since the government had clearly deemed them otherwise. So anyone not approving of Nazi regimes, might understand the intense interest to take down COS.’

“Freedom of religion is absolutely important. Freedom to do whatever criminal activity you want to do in the NAME of religion……not so great.’

“Yes, there are religions that have people in them who have indeed committed all sorts of criminal actions.
BUT, the foundation of those religions does not condone those actions. On the other hand, in Scientology it is their
POLICY !!!! That is a big difference.’

“Like various authoritarian regimes, Scientology re-defines terms…..ethics, peace, happiness, etc to create very different meanings and thus afford very different behaviors. Smoke and mirrors.

“Even if something is a cult, it is still protected. HOWEVER, protecting freedom of beliefs, and protecting a criminal organization seem to be quite different matters. The very foundation of COS is a criminal scam.’

“Anyway….just some added thoughts.”

I replied:

“In the Old Testament, ‘God’ commands that you kill all homosexuals and others that ‘God’ does not like. So your point about religious texts that command followers to commit criminal acts is not valid – unless you want to END all Abrahamic religions because of what their texts say.’

“What matters is whether those followers ACT on those texts. And if those acts are illegal, then those specific criminal acts by those specific criminals must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – no matter their religious affiliation.’

“You are not even seeing the Orwellian nightmare you are promoting as a result of the blind assumptions of your anticult ideology.’

“This is why – if we wish to live in a free society – anticultism must be opposed.”

William Gude Responds to Me By Calling me Names

By the way, William Gude responded to me in the comments section of his YouTube Channel, by calling me names.

I respond in kind:

william gude of scientology_audit responds to alanzo

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  1. He definitely rubs me the wrong way. He is a man not a child, and when he stands there calling these people names like Lurch and your clothes are tight I can see your wedgie etc and the list goes on. He is so immature and such a bully. Sorry not sorry just my opinion.


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