Gerry Armstrong SpeaksIn 2011, Gerry Armstrong spoke to a group of people in Germany and detailed the long 30 year history of Fair Game against him by the Church of Scientology, at the direction of Mark “Marty” Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

If you know Gerry’s life story, you know that the fair game directed against him was some of the worst in Scientology history.

Gerry Armstrong could very well be called Scientology’s most fair gamed critic.

If you find that the details of L Ron Hubbard’s lying seem familiar to you, that is because it was Gerry Armstrong who was the person who made the broad exposure of these lies possible so many years ago, and able to be disseminated on the Internet by so many other brave critics at a time when Marty Mike and Dave were working shoulder to shoulder.

It is unlikely that you would have ever heard of these lies by L Ron Hubbard without Gerry Armstrong’s very courageous efforts.

The whole video is in English, only the short introduction of Gerry by Thomas Gandow is in German.

Here is the introduction of Gerry, translated from the German:

Thomas Gandow:

” I welcome you on behalf of the Dialog-Zentrum Berlin. Currently Gerry Armstrong is our guest and we’ve been working with him for a very long time. Among other things many years ago we co-founded the European-American Citizen’s Committee for Freedom of Religion in the United States of America. The committee´s goal is to make sure that a person may leave an organization such as Scientology without being persecuted, that he may speak freely about it, that files which have been created on him won’t be used in order to blackmail him and to hinder him from exercising his right to freedom of speech and similar things.

We have created this event specifically for anonymous and the internet community as there are recent discussions about how to confront Scientology. The Dialog-Zentrum Berlin’s view in this debate is that the fundamental point in the confrontation, to hit the bull’s eye so to speak, is to deal with the teachings of an organization such as Scientology. Abuses exist everywhere, but when you confront the teachings, then you truly hit the bull’s eye. And because of that we also intent to maintain that view and have invited Gerry to inform, mostly, about his history with Scientology. Especially after in the past days there were particularly malicious attacks on the internet against Gerry, which have been put on the internet by Marty Rathbun and his adherents. For example it was very maliciously claimed that it had been Gerry’s fault that Bob Minton has been ruined as Gerry had caused Minton to supply him with a computer. I know from my friend Bob Minton that he offered and presented a computer to Gerry on his own accord, and that he supported him on his own accord, because he wanted to work “in concert” with Gerry. Which is precisely one of the phrases in the suppressive court judgements against Gerry, that persons, who work “in concert” with him, may be threatened and persecuted by Scientology based on these judgements just like Gerry Armstrong himself. The Dialog-Zentrum Berlin is proud to work “in concert” with Gerry and we’re happy that he’s now going to give his statement to us and that he´s also going to answer all possible questions after that. Thank you for coming.”

In their earliest years out of the cult since 2009, Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder continued to try to attack and discredit Gerry Armstrong, while they were outside the Church of Scientology as “Independent Scientologists”.

Gerry’s details 6 separate lawsuits against him, many attempts to frame him for criminal activity, an attempt to run his car off the road, and another threat to “put a bullet between his eyes”, as well as the use of “priest/penitent” pc folder data to discredit him during a lawsuit with Judge Breckenridge.

There is much more here. It is a shocking rundown of harassment and fair game.

It is important to know that no apology or legal help or consulting to Gerry Armstrong has ever been delivered by Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun, even after they have both moved past Independent Scientology and become critics of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology technology itself.

They are now doing what they fair gamed Gerry for.

Until the background of these acts have been exposed to Gerry, detailed, and thoroughly condemned by Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, and amends made to Gerry Armstrong for what they have done to him, there can be little credibility in a critic who wishes to claim he is “exposing the abuses of Scientology” while failing to expose some of the worst abuses that he himself committed.