YouTuber Toddie1Skip Slams Aaron Smith Levin for His Stunts Last Night in Hollywood

Here’s what most never-in Scientology watchers don’t know about being an outspoken Ex-Scientologist:

The kiss of death for post traumatic growth after #Scientology is having a popular YouTube channel where tens of thousands of people tune in every day to get the red meat you are slinging about your past minority religious and spiritual pursuit.

If Aaron Smith Levin should actually wake up and change, and move out of his blind tribalism, people will quit tuning in, and he’ll lose revenue, and status, and all the things he lives on today. This is where growth and evolution and continued learning after a cult becomes an existential threat for an Ex-Scientologist.

Most people who support Aaron are doing it because they feel sorry for him, or because they need a minority to vent their spleen on. They do not know they are being given highly partisan over-simplicities about Scientology, and they are killing Aaron Smith Levin’s continued evolution after getting out of it.

I know what I’m saying here is not popular, and I’m pretty sure even toddie1skip will disagree with me on this view of #Scientology. But I have grown past the weaponized over-simplicities of my anticult days.

After 16 years in Scientology and 25 years out, I know what I’m talking about.

And yes, plenty of people disagree with me, too. That’s why it’s important for everyone to consider all sides – not just the attention-seeking, useless stunts of a well meaning but stunted man-baby.

Here’s Toddie’s insightful video.

8 thoughts on “YouTuber Toddie1Skip Slams Aaron Smith Levin for His Stunts Last Night in Hollywood”

  1. Many of the protesters behave exactly like the Scientologists they love to hate on…cameras in every ones faces…asking dumbass questions to Scientologists expecting an answer…going after the LAPD etc…dispicable..just acting like a bunch of petulant children…It was nothing more than harassment…then? but of course??? the whole thing turns into Aaron…and then jeffrey augustine shows up…what a complete sad shitshow!!!! Thanks toToddie for getting it right

      • probably because she was a never in combined with some real critical thinking skills…I was a never in…but was a bible based cultist for 10 years…and yes i totally understand the ex-cultist mindset and its tribalism…i have no use for any of it…however i do feel bad for Serge and Lara

        thankyou Alanzo for all you do as well

  2. Who in the hell is this Toddie person? Comes out of nowhere to constantly slam Aaron. A bit sus, IMO. Know who else does that crap? ZeroDarkTony. Has Toddie ever done a vid on him? Because if she wanted to delve deep into mental cases, he’s a good one to delve into.

    • I’ve watched quite a few of her videos. She’s just a person with her own opinion on what she sees in the Ex-Anti “community”. If you watch more of her videos you’ll see she just has her own opinions on things.

      After watching all angles on what happened with Patrick Perry, I now think what Aaron did was entirely appropriate. And I also think he is handling it brilliantly by taking Perry to court, getting as much discovery as possible on the communications between LAPD officer Tim Tallman and any other collusion between Scientology and anyone one else to set up Aaron.


      I also think diversity of opinions is good.

      Tolerance for other opinions than one’s own keeps the culty away.


  3. Was watching a vid last night with hellcat…interesting enough Tory Christman stopped by…She had some very good insights….told the kids to be careful and respectful…after watching another Live by Aaron??? as usual i don’t think it was cool that he harassed some older people…always asking about Danny Masterson…I mean really Aaron??? they said no to the vid…so Aaron should have respected their wishes…and walked away…It would seem he enjoys the antagonizing…There is an old saying a harsh word stirs up anger…Aaron should heed this truth…I do believe you can protest Sci…but also be respectful….I really like Serge’s approach….he talks a lot about the Sci child trafficking without disrespecting anyone…He has the proper approach…as i have said before Cult or not…These folks are still people

  4. I do agree with your comment about Serge I love his approach. I also agree with trek222 about the protesters. I can’t even watch half of them because they all do it. I am glad I am on the opposite side of the United States. Imagine just walking around the vicinity of the building minding your own business or visiting LA, and these kids and adults are in your face asking you if your in Scientology and all the other bs stuff they do. Then they ask for money for medical bills and stuff and of course all the people who follow their channels are sending them all this money. Get a job and you can still protest. You won’t have to ask for money for body cameras, vests and such. Idk, this is just my opinion .. We all have our own views and such. I am open to discussion.


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