Warning For Present and Future Activists and Critics of Scientology

If you resist being controlled by OSA Int’s Mike Rinder and Karen de la Carriere and their crew; If you speak your own mind about what you know and what you see – this is what they will do to you.

This is Karen de la Carriere smearing my bankruptcy and my personal finances reported therein, all over twitter.

karen de la carriere bankruptcy op
And this is Jeffrey Augustine, who also smeared my bankruptcy all over social media, threatening to attack other critics of Scientology as he and Karen de la Carriere doxxed me.

jeffrey augustine threatens
And here is Jeffrey Augustine making good on his public threat to me. It’s an account ‘anonymously’ created on SCRBD which contains all the doxxing they could find on us that could not be considered libel. He keeps all the potentially libelous stuff in private, backchannel communications to other members of the “community”.

scientology deprogramming fair game of scientology critics
Scientology Deprogramming was a public Facebook group, founded decades ago by the legendary old guard critic Arnie Lerma, and administered by his friends.

This is the type of conversations we were having there:

samantha broome on scientology's victims
The Scientology Deprogramming Facebook group was continually attacked by Karen de la Carriere, Jeffrey Augustine, Mark Plummer, Jefferson Hawkins and others – all in coordination with each other – under the guise of “we’re handling the ‘OSA agents’ who expose information about other critics such as Mike Rinder and Karen de la Carriere.”

A couple of years ago, Scientology Deprogramming was forced into becoming private after a coordinated effort to destroy the group by Mark Plummer, William Drummond and others.

This is only one coordinated operation, appearing to be by members of the Ex-Scientology “community” to shudder me and my free-thinking, courageously outspoken Ex-Scientology critics into silence.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Yes. It’s scary. They come after you and run discrediting whispering campaigns against you, trying get all your friends to disconnect from you. They go after clients of yours, they call your work to try to get you fired. They trash you and dox you for saying things they don’t want said, and exposing things they don’t want exposed. They can terrorize and traumatize you so you will shut up and get in line with them.

My advice to you:

Do it anyway.
The Church of Scientology will stop at nothing to silence their critics.

If they come after you, let me know.

I have a lot of information that can help you to defend yourself against them.

Never shut up. Keep speaking out. And never tell any of these people things they can use against you.

Because they will.

There’s a reason they want everyone to hate me, and everyone to believe I’m an OSA Agent – never to be trusted.

Can you guess what that reason is?

2 thoughts on “Warning For Present and Future Activists and Critics of Scientology”

  1. I can’t criticize Aaron for anything! I am a staunch supporter of the ex-scientoligists who are speaking out against executives like Rinder, Claire Headley, and others who refuse to report their crimes in order to help the children who were and are being harmed ! I’m here to support the SPtv community until this horrible cult loses its tax exemption and is shut down and the perpetrators are in prison for their egregious crimes.


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