Jeffrey Augustine’s Noisy Investigation of Corey Andrews

Originally published on April 24, 2020 by Corey Andrews

From L. Ron Hubbard’s Manual of Justice

“When we investigate we do so noisily always.“

On March 3rd, I received some disturbing news from my uncle.

Apparently, an “investigator from LA” had been calling my place of work asking about me.

The next day, I texted my boss about it to see if he had a name:

“I was talking with my uncle and he says that an “investigator” called you inquiring about me? I was wondering what this guy’s name is and if you had any more details. Thanks.”

He replied:

“Sorry to hear you have been getting bothered by someone. The guy who called said he was from LA and went by the name Jeffrey Augustine hope that is helpful. All the best to you and Jennifer”

Jeffrey Augustine conducts noisy investigations

What prompted Mr. Augustine to call my work place? Multiple goals are in mind here. For one, it accomplished making my boss worried about me, as if I’m in some sort of trouble.

However, my uncle had assured him that I’m alright and still living in the area.

Another reason for Jeffrey’s conduct is to instill a form of fear and/or panic in me.

By calling my boss, it’s a symbolic way of saying,

“Hey, we know who you are and where you’re at. We can create problems for you.”

The end goal is to get me to shut up and stop telling the truth about what I’ve experienced.

How to Perform A Scientology Noisy Investigation

From a 1966 Hubbard Communications Office Executive Letter:

“You find out where he or she works or worked, doctor, dentist, friends, neighbours, anyone, and ‘phone ’em up and say, ‘I am investigating Mr/Mrs ………. for criminal activities as he/she has been trying to prevent Man’s freedom and is restricting my religious freedom and that of my friends and children, etc’”

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