Mike Rinder Lies to Corey Andrews RE The OSA Network Orders

To a long term Scientology watcher like me (39 years), even this baffles me. Why would Karen de la Carriere, working in concert with Mike Rinder, try to release the OSA Network Orders, when they had already been released decades before by Frank Oliver? Mike Rinder himself claims in these emails with Corey that it was He, Himself, who leaked them. But this is clearly a lie.

What is going on here?

NOTE: The Guardians Office/OSA Network Orders have been wiped from the Internet. This is part of a long term project by the Church of Scientology and their operatives. I’ll be providing the proof of this in later posts.

Yes. You should be alarmed.

Here’s Corey’s original blog post about his own personal experience.

Can you make sense of this?


Why were Mike Rinder & Karen de la Carriere taking me around in circles about the OSA Network Orders?

Mike stresses why he has never leaked them because it would be “a slam dunk violation of the law. So, you have never seen me publish them on the internet.

What Mike presents here as “the back story” for the OSA Network Orders is not the whole story.

This is what led me here.

I had unconditional support for Mike Rinder & everyone on Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath. I felt like I was helping save the world from Scientology by doing everything in my power to help them. The mindset I had at the time was fanatical. I felt like I was in an anti-scientology Sea Org.

When I had more experience with these “top critics“, the wool was pulled away from my eyes and I snapped out of it.

Portrait of an Anti-Cult Fanatic


Corey Andrews October 29th, 2019 8:25 PM

Hello Mike, thank you for your response on Facebook. As I was saying on FB messenger, I’m within the beginning stages for a plan of mine to make a long series of videos. Each video will be the topic of 1 OSA Network Order. The purpose of this is to create a reference point for the OSA Network Orders. That way, for example, if someone needed to refer to say Network Order #17, they could just look up the video associated with that Network Order. In these videos, I would be reading aloud the Network Order and perhaps including some commentary of my own, not sure what yet.

What I need from you is guidance. I don’t want to goof up and make a fool out of myself in my videos. I do not claim to be an expert on Scientology matters, and as I had said on Facebook, I’ve only been at this for 8+ months. I’m not asking for you to hold my hand through these videos, but I am asking for any and all advice that you could possibly give me that could aid me in helping you and everyone else expose this cult. I want to do a good job. When I was younger, I had an experience in which I won a medal for an essay I wrote about why drugs are bad, and I read this aloud in front of an assembly of 300+ people. I want to tap into this ability I know I have to be a public speaker, and I’m completely willing to accept all the good & bad that comes with being a public figure. What I mean by this is I can stand up and take the criticism that I know I’ll receive. I expect to get SLAMMED hard by people. But I also expect a lot of support also.

I’m still in the process of setting up a convenient area within my home to make these videos. I have the equipment, I can take videos at 4k resolution @ 60 frames per second. Tripod. All ready to go. Please, get back to me with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve read my story or not, but I used to know someone that had the mind of a cult leader. I’ve posted about him several times. I want people to know why I care. I’ve been told FANTASTICAL lies, and believed them at the time because I was young and naïve. My experiences with him led me down this path to who I am today.


Mike Rinder Oct 31, 2019, 12:04 PM

Hi Corey,

Thanks for writing.

The first question I have to ask is what OSA NW Orders are you planning to base this on? There is a series on the internet that are NOT the real OSA NW Orders… The information they contain is valid, but that pack is not official OSA NW Orders.

So, that is the first thing you have to know.

My personal opinion is that if you wanted to do a series like this you would be better served using the POLICIES that are available. THere are a LOT of them that are the basis for OSA activities. And they are all signed by Hubbard and are official church policy. There is enough material in this to keep you going for a LONG time. I just think this will be easier for you. You can start with Fair Game PL and its cancellation. The Attacks on Scientology. Handling Black PR. Acceptable Truths. Bringing governments into alignment with the goals of scientology. All critics have crimes. User Private investigators to haunt them. Always even the score. etc etc etc

I know you are wanting to assist in any way you can, and I very much appreciate your support. I am only suggesting what I think is going to make it easier for you. There are a bunch of the actual OSA NW Orders that are pretty boring/silly stuff and if you get yourself stuck to going through them one by one you are going to have a lot of wasted time.



Corey Andrews Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 9:36 AM

Hey Mike,

Regarding the OSA NW Orders, I was speaking with Karen De La Carriere and she told me that “a very very senior executive was asked by David Miscavige himself to put together all of the Guardian Office Orders and anything else that could be the reference for the way OSA operates. So while he was compiling this, he blew.” He was worried that he would be sued because when he fled with his laptop, the data that he had gotten while he was working for them belongs to them. Proprietary data. His name is Scott Gordon. I know you know of him because he goes after you, Leah, Tony, Karen, etc. He’s a lunatic. For example, he thinks Karen DLC is part of Deep State Intelligence, CIA and all that mumbo jumbo.

I take your suggestions to heart, and I truly want you to see me as a friend & ally in this, so when you make a suggestion you can believe me when I say I value your thoughts on how to best move forward. My platform is going to exist as a means to help spread information that is damning to the cult, and if there’s information you want to present me, I can do all the work from there. I want an open lines of communication between us so that I can operate efficiently at accomplishing these goals. Meaning that I’d encourage you to feel free in reaching out to me through email or facebook whenever you please. I will look into starting off with Fair Game PL and its cancellation as you suggested.



Mike Rinder Nov 3, 2019, 12:32 PM

Hi Corey,


To clarify, this statement is generally correct: “a very very senior executive was asked by David Miscavige himself to put together all of the Guardian Office Orders and anything else that could be the reference for the way OSA operates. So while he was compiling this, he blew.”

That person was me.

I was NOT asked by David Miscavige to compile these issues. I did it on my own origination as an “amends project” but they were never submitted or approved. Foolishly, I gave copies of these to Marty Rathbun and Dan Koon. Dan then gave them to others and they ended up on the internet.

Scott Gordon is a loony tune who had nothing to do with these issues and knows nothing about them.

The difficulty is there is no available copy of the complete ACTUAL OSA NW Orders. These ones were never authorized. Though I can personally attest that the information they contain is accurate and verified. I took them from Hubbard writings and lectures. But they are NOT published materials so scientology has considerable intellectual property rights on them. Far more than usual copyright protection. Unpublished works that are then published are considered pretty much a slam dunk violation of the law. So, you have never seen me publish them on the internet.

This is the back story for you.

Believe me, there is enough stuff just in policies to keep you going for a year or more…



Corey Andrews Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 8:20 PM

Hi Mike,

Thank you for clarifying those details about who really leaked the Network Orders. I’m not sure why Karen DLC would tell me that Scott Gordon was behind it all, but I’m glad that I have the facts straight now. She had brought them to my attention and told me that this is “The OSA’s BIBLE” and gave me a whole backstory behind it which I outlined in my last email. Told me that I could also give the link to journalists if I was asked, but I cannot post it. Is she unaware of the things you’ve told me? Perhaps that needs to be cleared up with her.

Highly value the advice and I’ll be in touch.

Your friend, Corey


Mike Rinder Mon, Nov 4, 2019, 10:26 AM

Very good. I also sent something to KDLC to be sure she has all the correct information. M


Corey Andrews Thu, Nov 7, 2019, 10:53 PM

Hey again Mike,

I’ve been having a tough time and I need your help figuring out something. KDLC has been acting very hostile towards me ever since I became a MOD for Karen Pressley, and prior to becoming a MOD in SWOT I hadn’t even communicated with her. Now, KDLC and I have talked many times over the phone, and I have concluded that she isn’t there to help me. In fact, the exact opposite. What I’m about to tell you needs to remain between us.

Karen Pressley and I are good friends now, and she told me that I can trust you. I think KDLC was trying to set me up for failure with those OSA Network Orders. Mike, you said “Unpublished works that are then published are considered pretty much a slam dunk violation of the law. So, you have never seen me publish them on the internet.” I didn’t realize that. KDLC had a 30 minute phone call with me in which she was speaking authoritatively and definitively, I quoted her exact words to you, I did not paraphrase, she said “a very very senior executive was asked by David Miscavige himself to put together all of the Guardian Office Orders and anything else that could be the reference for the way OSA operates. So while he was compiling this, he blew.” and then went on to say it was Scott Gordon who did this. I asked her “What is the extent of how much of this I can leak?” and she said I can take anything, all of it, issues from a whole page and post it, do whatever I want with it. Even give it to journalists… Mike, I was 2 steps away from making a video series out of these UNPUBLISHED WORKS… Furthermore, she went on to say that if I leaked out these OSA Network Orders, it would make me look “very educated, like Corey knows how to find shit, and its going to make you look very good!” … Slam dunk win for Scientology more like it?

What did she say to you when I told you to correct her on the information you gave me? I bet she never would’ve guessed I’d bypass her and email you before moving forward. She said nothing to me. Not only that, but I like to confirm information. I wasn’t going to act on her word alone. I need your advice and help, because I want to remain an active part of exposing Scientology, but I am extremely wary now of KDLC’s intent. Please get back to me.


Mike Rinder Tue, Nov 12, 2019, 1:00 PM

Hi Corey,

There is no issue with Karen’s intent. She is as loyal and dedicated to the cause as anyone. She has a big ego and likes to be the center of attention and to be recognized as such. She doesn’t always get everything right — she is more about having titillating information and quotes than being 100% accurate.

Don’t be concerned. You can trust her intent — not all of her information is always 100% accurately worded or presented.



Corey Andrews Mon, Nov 18, 2019, 5:16 PM

Mike, if it wasn’t for the fact that Karen DLC contributes a great deal in the way of information, myself and other critics would oust her for the narcissist that she is. She is very much a Scientologist still applying the tech but calling it something else. I’m aware that you chose to share our emails with her against my request not to, which is alright. It escalated things to where they needed to be between us. I’ve been wanting to confront her on things for a long time, and not just for the OSA Network Orders but mainly because of her mistreatment of other critics in the community… I realize we will never have camaraderie Mike, and you’ll never trust me because I was never there in Scientology with you all. But that doesn’t discourage me from reaching out to you and doing what I do. KDLC has an aggressive personality, and to say that she has a big ego is an understatement to say the least. She has issues with control and manipulation.

Also, I happen to know that about 2 years ago she had staged an event with a public figure that looked like a humanitarian effort but it was for personal gratification.. I also know that you became aware of it. We’re not activists for PERSONAL gratification, this is a billion $ cult we’re fighting and while KDLC and Jeffrey Augustine may have been stalwart supporters of the Scientology The Aftermath tv show, and they contribute so much in general to you & Leah, it’s all about STATUS… You receive a different version of them. KDLC deeply desires your recognition and validation, so obviously she is going to be on her best behavior in her dealings with you. Remember that.

I know you’re a public figure so you have to conduct yourself carefully, but I am privy to more information than you realize, and I’m capable of keeping a lid on what I find out. I have a code of conduct, being to never publicly denounce another critic of Scientology. I don’t trust KDLC or her husband, but that doesn’t mean I’d tell them so outside of a private chat. Anyways, after today, my dealings with them have concluded and I’ll be moving forward in my activism without consulting or interacting with them, they have done everything in their power to push me far away with their strange behavior.


Mike Rinder Mon, Nov 18, 2019, 5:35 PM


I did NOT share emails with her that you asked me not to?? I have no idea what you are talking about?

I also don’t know what you are referring to about the staged event? No need to be cryptic about it. I just am unfamiliar with what you are talking about?

I certainly do not ask you to consult with Karen or Jeffrey — in fact I don’t ask you to do anything. I appreciate what you have done, and though I don’t know you, I realize you do a lot and are supportive. There are some people like you out there that I have come to know and appreciate tremendously. Michele and Stefani especially.

I hope you respond to answer the questions, as now I am curious.



Corey Andrews Mon, Nov 18, 2019, 6:40 PM

Hey sorry if I worded anything in the last email as accusatory that’s not how I meant to come off. I had a brief chat with KDLC today asking her if she knew those OSA Network Orders were unpublished works that could land me into legal trouble if I were to distribute them, in which she said “Mike Rinder sent me your comm cycle with him” and went on to say “Because the link of these are on the internet and because they have been used numerous times for the last 8 years, I do not believe any violation of the law. If so, OSA would have had the published links taken down. It is BS that there is any violation of the law. I have no idea why you went to Rinder without ccing me if you had a question.”…

I’m aware that you never asked me to consult with them. They FOUND me THROUGH you, because you were liking/retweeting some of the things I was saying and I gained acknowledgement because of that. She then later brought me on board to treat me as if I’m a commodity instead of an actual human being with thoughts of my own. Everything went downhill when I became a MOD for Karen Pressley. Karen Pressley revoked KDLC’s MOD status because she has been intentionally distancing herself from KDLC. She almost deleted the SWOT group because of the whole incident in which I was made a MOD. We actually began speaking because KDLC was trying to FORCE Karen Pressley’s hand into doing something about Cathy Schenkelberg. She wanted to have her removed from SWOT and Karen Pressley wasn’t complying, and so she enlisted my help and told me to message Karen P and say that I’m leaving her group because she won’t deal with Cathy. The plan was we were all gonna leave her group to force her hand, but I ended up communicating with Karen P instead and we became friends from the whole ordeal. KDLC became EXTREMELY hostile and paranoid of both of us. She interrogated Karen P for over an hour and you can confirm that with her. Even went so far as to accuse Karen P of STEALING me! I’m a HUMAN BEING, not a COMMODITY.

Regarding the staged event, I was told by Pressley that she had heard from a close friend in LA that Karen DLC had staged an event that was supposed to be a humanitarian effort. Supposedly you found out about it and “hate/distrust KDLC”.because of how “fake” she is. Is this information false?

I expressed to KDLC that her paranoia towards Karen Pressley and I have damaged relations, and she wouldn’t hear any of it. She claims she values COMMUNICATION but the only COMMUNICATION that she values is when she’s the one speaking expressing herself and what she has to say, but when it comes time that Corey or Karen Pressley have some thoughts of their own to contribute we get gaslighted. Same thing has happened with our friend Mark Plummer. Between the 3 of us, we have validated each other and do confirm that Karen DLC is a narcissist. She’s still using the manipulative aspects of the tech and applying it.

I know you appreciate what I do Mike that has never been a question on my mind. When you noticed me on Twitter and began interacting with my tweets, it motivated me even more-so and it felt good to know that I was on the right path saying and doing the right things to help contribute to you guys. I was honestly doing better before I became involved with KDLC because I didn’t feel so encumbered. Having a relationship with her has reminded me of my own personal experience with my narcissist, and I know the behavioral signs. I could go on in detail but you could get a better picture by talking to Pressley, seeing as KDLC has screamed at her on multiple occasions. She hasn’t gotten that comfortable with me otherwise I’m sure I would’ve been on the receiving end of it as well. When people don’t do what she wants them to do, she gets enraged, and then accuses everyone else of being the problem instead of looking into a mirror. This is happening to Mark Plummer right now. She’s angry at him for not arranging a phone call between her and Pressley to “fix the upset that Pressley has with her” when in actuality it’s KDLC that is the SOURCE of the upset… and she’s holding the fact that she “generously donated” to him over his head, claiming that everyone views her as unimportant because she hasn’t had that phone call yet… And its all about the dumb MOD status… She wants her status back in SWOT but Pressley doesn’t want her back. This is just one of many ridiculous situations… Anyways, I could go on and on but I’ll end it here for now.

Love & respect Mike, you have both.


Mike Rinder Nov 19, 2019, 11:01 AM

THanks Corey.

I didnt forward any emails to Karen, I told her you had emailed me and corrected her on the information she gave you.

I don’t know anything about the event that I supposedly dissed. I have no idea what this is…

As for Karen P — I count her as a good friend.

I have often counseled Karen to lighten up on “attacking” people and let people do as they please. I know she is overboard on this and treats any perceived slight as an attempt to kill her. She doesnt have thick skin and it is a weakness.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Everyone has their foibles. My policy is to avoid making enemies if possible. You never know when someone might end up in a position where you need their help. I generally ignore those who want to diss me, pay them no mind, and try to thanks and encourage those who are “on my side.”

That includes Karen and Jeff. I have no beef with them. I am sorry you came to loggerheads.

I appreciate your support.



Corey Andrews Nov 19, 2019, 12:35 PM

Thank you Mike.

No worries, I’ve had some time to think about everything. This is how I operate: If Karen DLC or Jeffrey happen to have a real bombshell of a tweet or information they’re pushing out that is damaging to the cult, I unconditionally support it. Just because I personally dislike them doesn’t ever mean I would publicly take it out on them. It isn’t how I conduct business or how I want to be seen by anyone. I may have my private disputes, but that is all it is to me is a private dispute unless they are going to make it into something public. In general I like to avoid conflict. The only conflict I’m truly concerned with being embroiled in is the one against scientology.

I apologize for troubling you with these issues that may seem small upon first glance, but in the minds of other people can become quite large, unfortunately. Little things have a way of escalating into big things, sometimes. But confronting the issue in this manner has allowed me to unburden myself of it. Even though I came to “loggerheads” with those two (haha) I feel good about things.

I hear you, everyone does have heir foibles and I would be a liar to say I don’t have mine. I slip and fall but I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again hahaha (with lessons learned from the slip/fall!)

Thanks again you said honestly all I could possibly expect you to say and more, and I appreciate your insights and advice and just for conducting yourself reasonably. You’re too cool for scientology lol 1f642

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