Aaron Smith Levin’s New Grift: “Radical Transparency”

Take a look at these two statements Aaron Smith Levin made about two people who have exposed his lying depravity in the past:

Chris Shelton:

“Me not explaining all of this has allowed very terrible, hateful people to spread very terrible misinformation about me, and that includes a bottom dweller like Chris Shelton.’

“Chris Shelton has been one of the people spreading the most vicious lies about me in the sptv community in the former Scientology community, calling himself the critical thinker at large, knowing damn well he’s never even asked me for my side of the story.’

“Chris Shelton sent a letter to the Aftermath Foundation after Juliana had contacted him, accusing me of committing actual crimes for which I could be imprisoned and demanding my removal from the Aftermath Foundation. That is what a piece of shit Chris Shelton is: He’s never once asked me what happened, but he will go on social media platforms and make statements of fact about me, knowing that he’s never even tried to get the other side of the story.’

“And I’m just sick of people like Chris being able to capitalize on the fact that I’ve never wanted to share these details publicly. And if I have to expose myself to a little bit of shame, to take the power away, I’m done being manipulated, I’m done being controlled. I’m done being blackmailed.’

“And I realized that I was almost doing it to myself, I was almost giving the power to the other people to control me by being like, ‘but I don’t want anyone to know this’. And honestly, the ‘I don’t want anyone to know this’ was ‘I don’t want to humiliate my wife by talking about all of this’. And I just want everyone to know that.”

Nick Lister:

“There’s another incident, again, I’m gonna say three or four years ago, where me and some other former Scientologists guy friends took a boy’s trip to Medellin, Columbia.’

“Now, we can play Family Feud, and go what are the top five answers on the list of what a bunch of guys on a boy’s trip to Medellin, Colombia are gonna get up to?’

“And I guarantee you at least two of those answers are things we got up to in Medellin, Columbia.’

“Now, after that, a former Scientologist, who’s not a fan of mine, found out through one of his other friends who was on the trip, that we were getting up to some shenanigans. And this guy just decided to try and humiliate me and email all the board members and email as many former Scientologists as he could.’

“And go, ‘you guys all think Aaron’s a big Boy Scout but let me tell you what he and his buddies were doing in Colombia’.

“And that’s one of one of the earliest times that someone demanded my resignation from the board.”

There’s much more to the story on Nick Lister which Aaron has selectively deleted in his quest for “radical transparency” that does directly relate to his activities as VP Aftermath in dealing with Ex-Scientologists who have left the Church and are seeking their help.

But those details aren’t in Aaron’s version here, because Aaron is still grifting everyone.

Why is Nick Lister’s video back up on your channel after having been taken down, Aaron? What are the events surrounding this?

Let’s see some real radical transparency on Nick Lister, Aaron. Because that will let your duped supporters know how you will handle the people who come to you for help, and those who want to donate money to your new charity.

To everyone else being grifted by Aaron right now:

Don’t be heart-broken that there are no heroes in Celebrity Anti-Scientology – the fake version of Scientology criticism run by a duped actress, a creepy private investigator, a former “Snow Suzy Socialite” for the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs for the Church of Scientology reporting daily to David Miscavige for 22 years.

Just like a Scientologist who wakes up to the fact that their hero-worship of L Ron Hubbard was misplaced, and the people running things are lying criminals, you need to please wake up here, too.

And remember, “Juliana”, who Aaron named and shamed last night, has her version of events, too. Please recognize that Aaron, out of self-preservation, completely trashed her to you.

Again, there are no heroes here.

If you think there are, please grow up.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Smith Levin’s New Grift: “Radical Transparency””

  1. People coming out of “cults” seem to trigger a sympathy response in a lot of outsiders, which shows their humanity.

    But that sympathy can cloud their judgement, too. They can look away from bad behavior by assigning it to “brainwashing”, when in fact the cause of the sociopathic behavior was a cult power vortex that revealed the true character of the sociopath.

    These Ex Sea Org members, such as Aaron Smith Levin and Mike Rinder, who wielded so much authoritarian power over others for so many years in Scientology, do not have a track record of behavior that anyone should elevate to hero status.

    They are now milking all the sympathy they can generate from mostly ignorant and misinformed, but well meaning people for all they can get.

    The rise of Celebrity Anti Scientology has been exploding my brain since its beginning when Leah Remini staged a photograph of herself carrying Marc Headleys book “Blown for Good” out of a gym in 2015.

    I had no idea it would get this bad. But having Mike Rinder as its leading hero was my first clue.

    I’ve been screaming about it ever since.

    Thanks for your comment.


  2. I think you have put this perfectly.
    It is easy to grift the people who desperately need unsung hero’s in their daily lives. I find it frustrating though, that so many people prefer the easy fix.


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