Did Indy OSA Just Screw the Pooch? Marty Rathbun & Karen De La Carriere

Mark Rathbun and Karen De La Carriere

Mark Rathbun and Indy OSA, Back in the Day When They Were Working Shoulder to Shoulder

Back in 2010, when Karen De La Carriere (Indy OSA herself) was calling me on the phone, trying to get me to stop criticizing L Ron Hubbard and the technology of Scientology on the Internet, she would quote L Ron Hubbard over and over to me, yelling “PR is overt! Intelligence is COVERT! INTELLIGENCE BEGINS AND ENDS COVERTLY!!!

She told me about her years as an intelligence operative in the defense department. And she also told me about all the years she worked on Operations against Scientology’s “enemies” at OSA Int. I think she thought she was impressing me, but she was actually making me sick. I’d worked for OSA on one project, and that was enough to teach me what kind of person would continue to work for OSA on a second project – let alone for 5 and a half years at OSA Int.

So, with all her intelligence training, what was Karen thinking yesterday when she admitted to paying Marty Rathbun money because he was doing work that she wanted done?

If you’ll remember back in September of 2016, Marty wrote that a dispute arose between Karen De La Carriere and Marty over her attempt to get him to publish unseemly session data and OSA ethics handlings that she was involved in with Ron Miscavige, Sr. – David Miscavige’s father.

Here’s what Marty wrote at the time:

“A few years ago Karen offered me thousands of dollars to indict and convict Ron Miscavige of that very rape charge on my blog. She said that Ron had confessed the crime to her in Clearwater Florida in the eighties and she wanted to publish it. She said it was fair game for publication because even though Karen was a Scientology counsellor at the Clearwater facility at the time of the confession, Ron had admitted the crime outside the four walls of a counselling session. She said that Ron told her, “Karen, I don’t know what got into me. I lost my mind. I got rough with that girl. I raped her”, referring to the woman outside Philadelphia who had so accused him. She referred to Ron Miscavige as a predator who needed to be put away for the protection of society.’

“I told Karen that rape is a serious charge for a he-said/she-said accusation and I would not be taking the subject up. Karen pressed me with a plea that it would do all manner of harm to David Miscavige and Scientology. I informed Karen as I had on numerous occasions that that was not my purpose nor the purpose of my forum and that until she and others evolved from such hateful motivations they would continue to live the miserable existences they did. I also reiterated what I told her several times: that I never allowed editorial influence no matter how generous one was with donations to the blog.’

“This business with trying to get me to publish Ron’s confession occurred while Ron was still with Scientology’s priesthood (the Sea Organization). So, here is the lesson in ASC ethics. A confessed rapist who is a Scientologist deserves life in the penitentiary. A confessed rapist who is an anti-scientologist deserves sainthood and the best defense money can buy. If you are with ASC against Scientology, you can get away with murder (or at least violent rape). If you don’t toe the party line, you are “bought off” or worse and are fair game for attack by those who themselves have long-since sold themselves. Kettle, meet pot.”

It was quite a post when Marty wrote it, and with Karen’s new admission on Tuesday that she paid Marty money in this same time period, she makes that post remain just as relevant today. Here’s what she said in multiple fora on the Post-Scientology Internet on Tuesday:

It’s almost as if she is piling-on to this whole “revelation” from Tony Ortega that Marty Rathbun settled with David Miscavige and is now an OSA Agent, isn’t it? Like she considers Marty Rathbun “dead” or something, and this will be his final nail in the coffin. Yet the sole piece of evidence of Tony’s smug assertion that he has been making since last April that Marty is a turncoat spy is a single email that an Israeli Church attorney claims he received from Marty Rathbun with no evidence at all to back that up – and no information on how that Church lawyer got that email.

How can a document that appears in a court of law, anywhere in the world, have no proof for how it was obtained?

This is what Marty claimed back in September to have firsthand knowledge of at that time:

“Kept-man second-class Tony Ortega does accept money for publishing salacious content. That is how he makes his living.”

You know, I’ve seen enough ham-handed OSA-style Dead Agent Operations in my life in and around Scientology to be alert to when I might be seeing another one. This is where everyone in Scientology-Watching should be alert and awake to what they are being fed.

I think there’s much more to this Israeli Church attorney’s email story that is yet to be learned.

At least we now know that Marty’s story about Karen trying to get Marty to attack David Miscavige’s father, and Marty refusing, is probably true, thanks to Karen herself.

No one is saying here that these questions I’m asking have answers yet. They don’t. But they need answers, and you should not consider that anyone has answers to anything until their answers have arrived.

Always remember to keep thinking and to keep asking questions in this murky world of OSA-trained Exes such as Karen De La Carriere, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun and others on the Post Scientology Internet. I have learned the hard way that things are not always as their OSA-trained, overt Black PR makes them seem.

For more stories of what it is like to work directly with Indy OSA, by people who were there, be sure to read the comments section on Marty’s blog post that day. There are some wild stories there that will make you keep your eyes wide open.

And maybe a few more people will wake up to the very real possibility that we might very well be BEING PLAYED.


Next question that pops into my swinish mind: There are a lot of pictures with Indy OSA and Louis Theroux floating around on the Internet. He’s visiting her at her house in Los Feliz, standing with him at premiers in London and in LA. Yet Karen didn’t appear in the movie.

Was Karen De La Carriere an investor in Louis Theroux’s “My Scientology Movie”?

If so, how big of one? Could she have steered the direction of the movie after they got stuck without Miscavige?

Just a question.

No need to freak out.

After getting out of Scientology, we are still allowed to ask questions, aren’t we?

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Alanzo, it would really help me if you could expand on this:

“She told me about her years as an intelligence operative in the defense department.”

Doing what? and in what capacity? And when exactly?

Did she say defense department or DIA?

Her husband Jeffrey Augustine has also claimed to have had top secret clearance related to defense, but in apparently not much of a anything basis.

If you’d rather respond privately you know where our blog is and you can submit a comment there that I won’t publish.

Chee Chalker
Chee Chalker

You stated “At least we now know that Marty’s story about Karen trying to get Marty to attack David Miscavige’s father, and Marty refusing, is probably true, thanks to Karen herself.”

Why is this story ‘probably true’? Because Karen acknowledged that she gave Marty money?

Marty claims he refused to do what Karen asked him to do (that is, reveal Ron Miscavige as a rapist). So what does Karen’s statent prove? Nothing (other than the fact it was Marty who was the ‘kept man’).

Karen claims she gave Marty money. Karen did not say ‘I gave Marty money to publish this story’. In fact, Marty himself says he REFUSED to publish that story (because of some alleged higher moral ground)

Karen’s statement does not prove she bribed Marty. In fact, Marty proved that himself when he said he refused to print what Karen allegedly wanted him to.

One more thing….IIRC the charge against Ron Miscavige was for an attempted sexual assault. Why would Ron ‘confess’ to Karen that he raped someone if the charge was attempted rape? I could be misremembering the facts on that one (maybe it was an actual rape?) but I do seem to recall David Miscavige defending his father vigorously and the Co$ claimed it was a case of mistaken identity

Andrea Garner
Andrea Garner

In answer to your question, before deciding that Marty Rathbun would be the main focus of the film, Louis Theroux and the production team interviewed several people, including Karen and Tony Ortega, neither of whose interviews appeared in the final cut but both of whom were invited to the UK/US premieres as a gesture of thanks.

I do wish you weren’t so suspicious, Alanzo; you must give yourself a headache 🙂

Virginia McClaughry

Scott Gordon is getting Fair Gamed/interrogated at ESMB for talking about this post of yours.

Karen De Le Carriere Brags About Her Years As Intelligence Operative In The Defense Department?

Claire Swazey
Claire Swazey

That’s because he’s being quite scathing to the point of extreme conjecture and libel. I just read a bunch of FB posts of his just dredging up anything he can. It’s like reading a CofS screed.

It’s just a damn shame. There are factions within factions and spinoffs. I see good people slamming other good people. The battle lines are drawn and redrawn again and again.

Virginia McClaughry

I disagree.

What is a damn shame is watching people try to take the middle road on something that isn’t and should never be characterized as such.

Claire M Swazey
Claire M Swazey

i think disharmony is non optimum. And there’s reams of LRH and Buddhism that says the same thing. Our world is in deep trouble because of conflicts and pain. And it always will be until we as beings can transcend that.

I definitely decry anything that’s bad and have taken many moral and ethical stances. If someone tried to hurt my family or friends or me, I’d be taking action so fast one’s head would spin. Because it would be right and necessary.

It’s not a middle road to view and evaluate individual situations as they arise.

Virginia McClaughry

“It’s not a middle road to view and evaluate individual situations as they arise.”

No, definitely not, Claire. I agree.

I really appreciated what you shared in your second paragraph above. Thank you so much for doing that.

Claire M Swazey
Claire M Swazey

My pleasure!!

Virginia McClaughry

Alanzo –

They disappeared the whole thread at around 1am PST, (meaning they put it where non-users can’t see it). Karen’s post was at about 10pm last night.

Virginia McClaughry

And then there’s this – Mike McClaughry’s experience with a producer from the Leah Remini show last month. Probably another thing driving Karen’s meltdown right now.

The Leah Remini Scientology Show: An Exercise in Controlled Opposition