Steven Hassan Makes Bizarre Claim for Why Moonie Brainwashing Didn’t Work Whenever Scientists Were in the Room

In his latest video with Jon Atack, they discuss social scientists like Eileen Barker, who traveled to Moonie recruitment seminars where brainwashing and mind control techniques were claimed to be in use. These social scientists found that more than 90% of the people in those brainwashing seminars did not sign up to be a Moonie, and all were gone from the Moonies within 2 years.

This proves, obviously, that even though people like Steven Hassan believe in brainwashing and mind control, just like lots of people believe in witchcraft, when witchcraft and mind control are studied scientifically, they are found to have no power to make people do what you want.

These scientific studies were done in the late 1970’s and pretty much put the kibosh on the anticult movement’s superstitious belief in mind control and brainwashing.

steven hassan brainwashing
Steven Hassan Using “Scare Quotes”

But now Steve has an explanation!

He voices it in this video at 16:26.

When you really examine Hassan’s claim here, it’s bizarre implications become clear:

Steven Hassan:

“When I first heard about her, that she had gone to some Moon workshops and didn’t convert to become a moonie, and said therefore there’s no such thing as brainwashing, I said to her

“Dr. Barker, I was a leader in the Moonies when we knew there was someone like a sociologist coming we changed things so to make it more palatable. And her response was “Oh they wouldn’t do that!” And I’m like “I was I was there!’ “Like, they do do that because the ends justify the means because we want to take over the world and we need all the good PR we can get we don’t want any bad PR.”

Did you see that?

Do you realize what this means??


Right there is the secret sauce to brainwashing!

If brainwashing works to make people do things they don’t want to do, but do thing that the CULT wants them to do, then what they took out when a sociologist was in the room made all the difference! If they had just kept those parts in, then instead of 90% not joining and the rest leaving within two years, then 90% would have joined, and stayed and paid for the rest of their lives!

So what exactly did they take out, Steve???

You see the logical problem here, right?

These studies were done more than 38 years ago, and Steven Hassan, to this day has never delivered on the secret sauce to brainwashing which the Moonies took out whenever a scientist was in the room.

Why do you think he’s never delivered this information?

I’ll tell you why – because what they took out could be studied. And Steven knows that these scientists would get the same results – that while you might believe in brainwashing, it actually has NO POWER. And Steve would not have been able to have a 38 year career spreading the superstitions of the anti-cult movement to create a collective hysteria surrounding minority religions.

He’d be out of a job.

That’s why Steve won’t reveal the secret sauce to brainwashing that the Moonies hid from those scientists so long ago.

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