The Duping of Leah Remini By Mike Rinder

This is the first 2 minutes of Season 2, Episode 1 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath. It’s where, after an Emmy winning Season 1, Leah was completely duped – and everything she was trying to achieve went off the rails.

I fully understand that criticism of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder is absolutely forbidden. If you criticize these critics who are the only ones getting anything decent done then it proves you are OSA.

But later in this episode, Leah claims she was told by the team of attorneys Mike set her up to meet with that EVERYTHING SCIENTOLOGY DOES IS LEGAL.

Leah actually repeats this claim later in this episode.

This is how Leah has been duped.

She has continued to try to dupe everyone else into her delusional anti-Scientology Celebrity blindness ever since.

And anyone – like me – who continues to expose Scientology’s murders made to look like suicides – are called “vile Scientologists” or are “working for OSA”.

Just have a sit-down and think about that one, will you please?

Leah is doing what a dupe does. And this is what followers of dupes do.

Being duped is humiliating. Being duped on global media, like Leah was, ensures she will go to her grave claiming “everything Scientology does is legal“, just as Mike Rinder duped her into saying on her show.

Google these names:

Kyle Brennan
Ken Ogger
Flo Barnett

Ask yourself why, to this day, Leah Remini has never mentioned them.

3 thoughts on “The Duping of Leah Remini By Mike Rinder”

  1. Hi Alanzo.
    Remember me from years ago on ESMB? I was “namaste”. I liked you back then. Haven’t heard from you in years as I’ve been pretty busy. Now I look at your blog and I see why you were rightfully banned from ESMB. It couldn’t be more clear that you are still working for the CoS. How much are they paying you? Fcuk off Alanzo.

    • I’m sorry you are upset that I’ve pointed out that when Leah Remini concludes that “everything that Scientology does is legal“, on her TV Show that she’s been duped by the CO OSA into taking her attention off of the criminal acts that Scientology has committed, and onto morally outrageous acts that law enforcement can do nothing about.

      Have you noticed that David Miscavige and no other officer of the CofS has been indicted for the murders of Kyle Brennan, Ken Ogger, or Flo Barnett? Or even for intimidating Danny Masterson’s rape victims?

      Have you ever asked Jeffrey Augustine, Karen de la Carriere, Mike Rinder or David Miscavige why the CofS would pay me, Alanzo, to expose, and keep exposed, these criminally indictable acts?

      What do they tell you?

      I’d love to hear their explanation to you.

      Also ask them why they never talk about these Scientology murders made to look like suicides. Surely the death of Kyle Brennan should have ranked an episode on Scientology and the Aftermath? Right?

      Also, ask Mike Rinder who the “Senior Scientology Executive” was who ordered Lisa Marie Pressley to intimidate Jane Doe #1 from going to the police?

      See, these criminally indictable acts remain unanswered, and these guys never mention them. In fact, they call people who do mention them, like me, “OSA Agents”.

      Don’t you think that’s funny?


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