Mike Rinder Caught Lying Again About Danny Masterson

Mike Rinder claims he never heard about the Danny Masterson rapes – even though he was CO OSA. Yet earlier on the same day he says that it is standard practice to immediately call OSA when sex abuse is reported in a Church of Scientology.

A celebrity Scientologist on a hit TV show has multiple women coming in to report that this Scientologist raped them and Mike Rinder – as CO OSA – NEVER KNEW ABOUT DANNY MASTERSON’S RAPE VICTIMS.

This is obviously a lie and Rinder himself gives us the information necessary to see he is lying.

See below:

“And, of course, note the President CC Int, when she hears this, calls OSA. This is standard practice in Scientology.”

“Not the police!”

“Not the police, she calls OSA and reports this – at once.”

Video 1 of Mike Rinder’s and Leah Remini’s 2 videos of September 8, 2023:

Mike Rinder
And this comes from the External Security Chief OSA Int. The illustrious Kirstin Caetano, which let me just, I got I got this picture of Kirstin somewhere….

Leah Remini
Yeah so we have so personal Kirstin Caetano Peterson is an OSA fixture and has been for quite a while. There’s there’s Kirsten Peterson… Kristin Caetano Peterson, who has a very close relationship with law enforcement. Okay, and so this is going to all of these people in OSA

Mike Rinder
And RTC.

Leah Remini
And RTC is David Miscavige’s Organization…

Mike Rinder
Deputy Inspector General Legal Affairs and the director of Data RTC as the director of data but…. the big legal affairs RTC at this time was none other than our close friend Marty Rathbun. Oh okay, so let me show you the next page of this document. I’m a little clumsy at doing this but

Leah Remini
totally okay.

Mike Rinder
Okay, so here we go. This is the actual document. And the idea is that cover sheet can get torn off. And this document like, appearing like this, is what ends up in the files.

Leah Remini
So what’s the purpose of that?

Mike Rinder
So you have no idea who wrote this or where it was sent to. Has this tricky, ‘confidential attorney client privilege’ note on the top of it, so it makes it appear that this is something a communication between an attorney and the client. It is no such thing. And obviously, this is a communication from Kirsten to Kurt Weiland with a bunch of cc’s and it isn’t privileged at all. There is no privilege that attaches to this document. It’s just got a statement on it.

Leah Remini
Okay, okay.

Mike Rinder
So it says “around 530 I got a call from James Barbour, stating he was at Parker center in LA having been arrested on a judge of sodomy and oral sex with a minor that allegedly occurred five years ago with a then 15 year old wog girl.” Wog is Scientology slang for not a Scientologist. What did OSA do? And, of course, note the President CC Int, when she hears this calls OSA. This is standard practice in Scientology.

Leah Remini
Not the police!

Mike Rinder
Not the police, she calls OSA and report this – at once.

Leah Remini
And the President of celebrity center International is where you know, I was, where Danny Masterson was. Yes. And the president at the time was Maria Maria Ferrara. We never heard from her in a long time. No. Right. Exactly. So so. So Maria contacts. OSA

Just a few hours later, in the 2nd interview on September 8, 2023, Mike Rinder says this:

Mike Rinder
“I don’t do interviews with them and spent a lot of time actually with them because this story is was so devastating. And I don’t mean stories like them making up stories. I mean, their experiences were so devastating. And it was so startling to me in particular, that each of them had almost identical experiences with Danny Masterson and his sexual predation.

“And I was like, stunned by what had happened to them and the the outrageousness of how they were treated, and, you know, a number of people have actually put in comments, I think yesterday, saying, “Well, why don’t you around and why don’t you one of the people that was a, you know, taking it out on these victims because you were in OSA at the time. I actually never heard about this case. I, you know, people think that because I was the head of OSA I knew about everything going on all the time, but remember, I was also in Clearwater full time, on the Lisa McPherson case from 1998 until 2003. And then, I was basically in the hole. So…


Despite saying that it is standard practice to report these sexual abuse incidents to OSA, Rinder expects us to believe that he never heard of Danny Masterson’s rape victims – while he was CO OSA – from the time they first started reporting and getting intimidated in 2003-2004, until he “blew” in May or June of 2007. He claims he never knew about it while he was in Scientology.

He claims the first time he heard of Danny Masterson’s rapes was when he and Leah interviewed the victims for “Scientology and the Aftermath” in 2016 or 2017.

That’s the thing about being a liar as the head of the Office of Special Affairs – you have to keep track of your lies.

Do you believe Mike Rinder never knew about Danny Masterson’s rape victims while it was his job to “shudder them into silence”?

Why on Earth would you believe him?

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