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Hello YouTube. This is Alanzo from

I was 16 years in Scientology, 15 years in anti Scientology, and I’ve been 8 years out of both, writing about each.

So I just wanted to do a quick video to let you know about some of the reporting that I’ve been doing about Mike Rinder for over a decade on my blog. In the past it has not been popular. In fact, because of my reporting on Mike Rinder I’ve been ridiculed and humiliated and cyberbullied for continuing to report about Mike Rinder.

But the landscape has changed in the world of anti Scientology. And now people have actually seen Mike Rinder for who he actually is, and more and more people can absorb my reporting.

So I want to highlight this one recent post of mine back in October of 2023, where I actually caught Mike Rinder, on the same day, lying about Danny Masterson. I’m not gonna go through this whole thing with you. I’m gonna have a link to this post in the show notes, but I prove here that Mike Rinder is lying about Danny Masterson. So it’s called Mike Rinder Caught Lying Again about Danny Masterson, Leah and Mike.

So here’s their first video on September 8, and then later in the day, they did a second video where they talked about the Masterson verdict. The first video explained how reporting on Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse issues are always routed to the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs International post in Scientology.

routing to co osa

That, of course, is the post that Mike Rinder held in Scientology for 22 years, where he reported to David Miscavige every single day on all ‘flaps and blows’. This is per Mike Rinder’s own words in his podcast with Leah Remini, which I’ve also written about: “Mike Rinder met with David Miscavige Daily on all Flaps and Blows“.

I’m just going to show you here where you can find my reporting on Mike Rinder this tag right here you see I have 140 posts on Mike Rinder!

So please, y’all, dive in.

Mike Rinder and Leah Remini Establish that All Reports of All Sex Abuse Go to the Head of the Office of Special Affairs

Okay, here in this first video, which I cannot watch again, I am not gonna play this. You can watch it on my blog. I am so… it makes me ill okay to watch these two lie. I can’t, I can’t handle it. But I do have some choice quotes from theirs here.

They’re talking about a Child Sex Abuse incident, which occurred where the head of the Celebrity Centre International in LA first learns about a CSA incident from one of the Scientologists and she immediately contacts the CO OSA and this is what Mike Rinder actually put up on the screen.

And this is what Mike Rinder said about this and of course know the President CC Int and when she hears this calls OSA. This is standard practice in Scientology, not the police that the police she calls Osa and reports this at once. So this is the CEO OSA ENT for 22 years under David Miscavige saying that the CC and celebrity center international must contact OSA ce o ‘s and about these incidents. Then they talk about this a little bit more in this video again, you can watch it on my blog and at the bottom here. I’m just gonna go to this.

He reads from this report that this person got the head of the celebrity center international God just a few years ago Mike Rinder then says and what did OSA do and of course note the president CC and when she hears this cause OSA This is standard practice in Scientology so we have established here in their first video that it is standard practice especially for CTN where when they hear of S A or C S A incidents that occur in auditing sessions and ethics sessions etc. You contact Osa and CE O ‘s day this is per Mike Rinder are right then they do a second video on the stain gay y’all okay? And again, I’m not playing this.

I can’t stand it but here are some choice quotes from it.

“I actually never heard about this case. See they’re talking about the Masterson verdict here and Mike Rinder says this. “I actually never heard about this case. I you know, people think that that because I was the head of OSA, I knew about everything going on at all all the time.”

You know what, Mike? Wrong. Nobody said that. What was said is it’s about Danny Masterson, but this is how Mike Rinder operates. He takes this thing and he generalizes it in order to deny it.

“I actually never heard about this case. You know, people think that because I was the head of OSA, I knew about everything going on all the time. But remember, I was also in Clearwater full time.”

Yeah, there are these things called phones, Mike. There are also text messages and other things. So just because you were in Clearwater, this has nothing to do with whether you knew. You heard about the largest flap in Scientology history where a famous Scientology actor was on a hit TV show called That 70’s Show and all these women are coming in to the Celebrity Centre International and reporting that Danny Masterson had raped them. You’ve got to stay specific there, Mike. But this is how he plays his little game. “I was on the Lisa McPherson case, from 99 till 2003 So I couldn’t have heard about Danny Masterson who Dickie Buddy the way Scientology post works is it you are responsible for everything beneath you on the organizational chart.

Mike Rinder was the head of the Office of Special Affairs – that is Department 20, Division 7, the executive Division. He was in charge of all of these things. He was the Thetan over the area. And that means he would have heard about Danny Masterson.

Mike Rinder Himself Proves He is Lying

Okay, he is lying, and he actually proves it himself here. So, I’m not going to go through a lot of this. I’ve got a bunch of other things on here. And I’ve also shown you all of the articles that I’ve written over the years about Mike Rinder. So please go here and read this.

This is very timely. Mike Rinder is lying. There is a grand jury that is rumored to still be open on the Danny Masterson case, there was lots of intimidation by the Office of Special affairs on Danny Masterson’s victims, which is in in their lawsuit that is coming up. But the type of witness intimidation, I believe, rises to felony witness intimidation.

And this appears I can’t say this is factually because I don’t have the evidence. I’m hoping that the LAPD or the FBI, and I laugh just as much at the FBI is I laugh at the LAPD, will investigate this and find the evidence that shows that Mike Rinder ran or all of the witness intimidation in the Danny Masterson case and he coordinated with Marty Rathbun. This includes getting Lisa Marie Presley to go to Jane Doe #1 and to get her to not call the police.

I mean, this is serious, okay. But this is an opportunity y’all so I’m highlighting this post. Please go here and read it.

I do not make any money on my blog. I am not that kind of guy. I am not trying to make money for myself by getting you to go to my blog. I am trying to provide information for people so that they can make more informed decisions about Scientology and anti Scientology.

Alright, so over and out.

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  1. Thankyou Alanzo!!!! appreciate all you do…What do you think it will take to get the truth out there??? Sadly much of SPTV seems to be an entertainment venue…Many assume exposing the crimes with COS just started with the Aftermath show…HELLO???? .My goodness me you good people…Please do your history research… I wish those who truly care about exposing its abuses and getting their tax exemption nullified…would take this seriously…STOP WITH ALL THE POINTLESS DISTRACTIONS….STORY TIME IS BEYOND OVER.

      • Yes Alanzo I can imagine you are beyond tired and frustrated…Seems there is no one who has the guts to tell Gerrys story…I have tried…No wonder MR can lie with impunity…Its all so disgusting…Only hope I see is Mirriam and maybe Serge…Please dont give up…keep bringing the vids…you know a few people here and there adds up…but yes its Definitely a David and Goliath situation

        • Mirriam and Serge.

          They seem to be two of the few true-minded, individual, non-tribal-ninnie thinkers operating with watched youtube accounts these days. I hope Mirriam and Serge are the future.

          But that is certainly not guaranteed.

          Thank you for your service, Trek222.

          Keep going.


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