Aaron Smith Levin is Fully Out From Under the Thumb of Mike Rinder – Will He Start Spilling?

“I’m not going to just post 1 video about this, I’m going to post 20 videos about this”

– Aaron Smith Levin

This video from Aaron gets into some of the inner workings of how the executives of the Church of Scientology coordinate and control the handling of child sexual abuse and rape where ever it pops up in its organizations.

Years ago, Aaron and I spoke about this on the phone. I told Aaron that it was Mike Rinder, as CO OSA, who called all the shots on how to handle child sex abuse, sex abuse and rape in Scientology organizations. Mike Rinder has even admitted that all these crimes are reported to the CO OSA as “standard practice”.

But during our phone conversations, Aaron was very busy defending Rinder as one of his best friends. Aaron stopped talking to me after he realized I had a much wider context for Rinder’s career than he did, and that what he was talking to me about might be dangerous for his friend, Mike Rinder.

I’ve always said that – in this space – you can have friends, or you can have the truth. But you can’t have both.

Will we see more truthful reporting from Aaron going forward?

I sure hope so.

Here’s Aaron’s first installment on a pedophile who preyed on children at Delphi Academy, and Scientology’s response to it.

May there be many more.

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