TRANSCRIPT: Aaron Smith Levin On What Happened With That Woman in LA

It’s good to have a public record of the claims Aaron Smith Levin makes. In my experience, his claims are not always accurate.

This video is queued up to the 23:10 minute mark, where Aaron tells us what happened with that woman in that hotel room in LA.

Also, I just gotta say:

A lot of Aaron’s fans make excuses for him, mostly repeating to each other that “poor Aaron grew up in a cult! He didn’t have a chance to be a teenager!”

As an Ex-Scientologist myself, I know dozens and dozens of Ex-Scientologists of every kind.

None of them behave like Aaron Smith Levin.

Rabbit (interviewer)
Let’s talk about LA. Are you ready?

Aaron Smith Levin
Okay, good. Here’s the long and the short of it.

Um there’s a girl who showed up to court I, basically there’s this girl I hooked up with in LA. She spent a few nights with me. Okay. The third the third night she spent with me, by the morning, like, which – she would not let me sleep. Okay, now, I already knew that but, previously, but – by the way it wasn’t three consecutive nights. I was probably in LA for about a month. I’d have to look at it wasn’t three consecutive nights. It was just three different nights. Okay?

The last the last morning I was like, I have to sleep. Like can you please stop talking? I don’t know what’s wrong. She just had this thing. She doesn’t stop talking and I don’t mean that in some funny cliche way. I mean, whatever is going on with her. She has this constant monologue. Okay. I said, I have to get some sleep. Please. Can you please just let me please stop talking so I can sleep. And she wouldn’t. And I said please, if I have to be in court in like three hours if I if you’re not gonna let me sleep. Can you please just leave? Like I just what

Rabbit (interviewer)
What was the timeframe that this happened? I’m kind of curious.

Aaron Smith Levin
This is maybe 6am. But

Rabbit (interviewer)
No, like how long ago did this happen?

Aaron Smith Levin
This was May 18.

Rabbit (interviewer)
Okay, I’ve just okay. Give it some time reference.

Aaron Smith Levin
May 18. I believe the jury was still in deliberations. I can’t recall. Yeah, the jury was still deliberating at this time. And I just please I, I have to sleep can you please leave? Now instead of just leaving, um, she decided to trash the hotel room and assault me physically and try to destroy the place. And at one point, I can’t remember if it was before she started trying to break things or after, she sat on my my chest and said, “Well, if I’m never going to see you again, then obviously one of us has to die. And so it must be you.”

And she started to try and choke me.

Rabbit (interviewer)
oh my god.

Aaron Smith Levin
Now, she’s a small person. Okay, meaning, I mean, she’s a grown person but she’s… I’m 220 pounds. I mean, she’s probably 110 soaking wet. So I’m not in physical at no point did I feel like I was in some kind of physical thing.

What was going through my head though, is I wasn’t staying in a hotel per se. I was staying in a private club as a guest of another former Scientologist. And I’m very aware at that time. That yes, I might. Moral morally and privately be able to have relationships with whoever I want to. But the world who knows me just para-socially sees me as a normal married guy.

And Scientology certainly takes advantage of the fact that the world sees me that way, which is why they think they can try to humiliate me on the website by characterizing me as just a philanderer.

And I’m in LA covering a rape trial. And I said to myself, in my mind if the police show up to this hotel, with a half dressed woman in my hotel room, involved in some sort of a physical altercation. My life is over. I cannot survive that.

And so what’s going through my mind here is how am I going to get the two of us out of this building without someone calling the police. And at the same time, what’s going on there – the, simultaneously the thought is, I cannot call anyone for help. I can’t ask for help. This. This is I have to, I have to figure this out. I can’t call the police. I can’t call the police and be like, there’s someone in my hotel room who’s destroying the place like the last thing I can have happened here is for the police to show up.

Rabbit (interviewer)
This is the LAPD so we know the connection between LAPD and Scientology and we really,

Aaron Smith Levin
And also I’m a big guy. No one’s gonna believe that some tiny little woman is abusing this big guy.

Okay, so and also what I’m thinking is, this will thoroughly humiliate my wife, who most people in her life don’t even know about our marital status.

Okay. She starts throwing fit. Okay, so she grabs my neck because I know people are gonna think Well, what did you hit her and self defense? I never laid a finger on this girl. Not a finger. If only out of sheer terror, that if I did and something happened, the police would show up, and I’m going to fucking jail.

Okay. Because she’s so small. Like, when she has her arms around my neck. I’m just grabbing her wrists and I’m trying to deescalate and trying to be like, God, just please stop calm down. Please calm down. Okay. The de escalation and diplomacy skills that I brought to bear in this situation would solve the Middle East conflict. Okay, she’s throwing water. She’s throwing food. She’s hitting me in the face and head. She’s trying to break my lights. She’s picked up my whole computer to try to throw it. I grabbed her. Okay.

She grabs my microphone, which isn’t on one of these stands. It’s on one of the heavy metal stands because I was in the hotel right? You know, this is a like a one fucking 10 pound metal nightstand. Right rose the mic on the floor. Okay. Now, I at this point, I’m just trying to calm her down, calm her down, calm her down, but I have no idea how I’m getting out of this hotel room.

Okay. It just so happens that I look down. I really looked down at my foot. And my big toe is sliced wide open and bleeding like fucking crazy. Okay, now, feet, feet bleed really bad. Okay. I’ve never had a cut like that on my foot. And I couldn’t see the cut. I could just see blood all over my foot.

And I’m panicking at this point because I don’t know if my like I don’t know what’s going on with my toe.

Okay. So I go to the bathroom and I put my foot in the bathtub. thinking okay, the bottle just rinse off. And this is bleeding like a son of a bitch and now the blood is full of the tub, it’s full of like blood water and I’m like, Oh Jesus Christ. Now if someone shows up, knows whose blood is in the water.

And I’m like, and my toe won’t stop bleeding and I’m freaking out like I can’t stand the sight of blood.

But then it occurs to me that this is this is the only way I have to get her to leave the hotel room is to beg her to help me go to the ER to get my toe fixed.

Okay, now, as after my toe is already cut wide open to bleeding. And I don’t know how bad the damage is, and I’m begging her please get dressed and help me get to the ER. She pulls out her cell phone and starts to record me. Like oh my god, I’m not gonna be able to survive this.

And so I reach towards her phone and I just say I don’t want to be recorded. I don’t want to be recorded. She turns around so that her back is to me, and she puts the camera facing us. And um, and so now like reaching over her shoulder like I don’t want to be recorded. I don’t want to be recorded. I’m reaching for the phone because I’m like the last thing I need is a goddamn video of this.

Okay, and I’m reaching over shoulders and I don’t want to be recorded. I don’t want to be recorded and she’s saying it’s for me. It’s for me. I grabbed the phone, and she goes full beast mode. So I drop the phone. So I dropped the phone because I’m like I’m trying to de-scalate okay, but by grabbing the phone like shit was about to get very, very real. So I dropped the phone. And my understanding what I believed to be the case was that I couldn’t remember if the phone was facing up or facing down but I believe that it was still recording because I don’t believe anyone managed to hit the record button again. I believe that that phone was still recording on the on the floor. And I said okay, well. The best I can do is just continue to beg her to help me go to the ER.

And and that’s what I did. Now subsequent, and I’ll tell you what happened next, but subsequent to this what what she did was to take like a three sec.

…it’s of from behind her and reaching for the phone and saying I don’t want to be recorded. Okay she sort of took the sound off of the video and looped it so that it just looks like we’re having some sort of a physical confrontation and there’s no context and nobody knows what the hell’s happening. But it looks like me and it looks like a girl and it looks like something unfriendly is going on and it just looks like a physical confrontation.

And I guess to the extent that I’m trying to grab her phone, it’s you know, it’s a confrontation okay.

It still takes me about a half hour to get her to agree to leave with me and try to go to the ER and come downstairs and let’s leave together. Even as we’re walking down the hallway to the elevators, she’s shouting and she’s hooting and hollering and the more I tell her to please people are sleeping, please, people are sleeping. You know, she’s threatening to go back to the hotel room and I’m like, I cannot leave you here. I need to go to get my toe fixed. I need you to come with me.

Eventually I we go down the elevator. We go through reception we get out of the building. Now I didn’t really want to go to the ER because I’m not a guy who goes to doctors really. But then also I don’t need a $10,000 ER bill, but I said Okay, before I said let’s go to the CVS, the CVS was about three blocks down. This is downtown LA maybe seven I gotta look it up want to say 7th and Broadway but 7th and something.

We’re talking Downtown Los and we’re talking downtown Los Angeles Thursday morning, maybe 6:30am Aat this point, this sun is up the city is in motion like we are. This is not the middle of the night. This is not in the middle of nowhere. We are in downtown LA the city is awake. People are on the sidewalks. We’re in the full view of everyone cameras people. Okay real life.

I go okay, come with me to CVS. I’m gonna get some first aid stuff. I’m gonna get some gauze, some Neosporin and some tape. And I put three socks on my foot because it’s bleeding like crazy still. I’m putting three socks on my foot and I’m you know, limping to the CVS. Ah, we get we get into the CVS someone’s trying to text me and we put on Do Not Disturb.

No worries.

Okay, we get into the CVS. She’s acting like an absolute maniac. I asked the security guard to please keep her away from me. The security guards like a 65 year old woman who’s like, I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do. Okay, I get all this stuff. I go to checkout.

We go outside of the CVS and I realize I haven’t actually gotten rid of her. I need to get rid of her. What? Okay, so I go look you’re not coming back to the hotel with me. I’m going to call you an Uber. You’ve got to go home. You’ve just threatened to kill me a couple times. You literally assaulted me and cut me wide open. You’ve tried to destroy the hotel room. Yeah. You’re not coming back with me. Give me your address. I’m calling you an Uber.

She gives me the address. I call the Uber. It takes about 10 minutes for the Uber to get there.

As we’re waiting for the Uber she’s all night Am I really never gonna see you again? Please.

I got I’ve got my arm out like stay away from me. Do not you do not come near me. You stay away from me on asking people, you know because because the city is open like businesses are open. You know out on the streets of LA you’ll have people standing outside the businesses you know sometimes like I don’t know for there’s people I’m like can you please come here and keep this person away from me? And they’re like, We can’t get involved.

Rabbit (interviewer)
Wow. Oh my goodness.

Aaron Smith Levin
Okay.  She goes am I really never gonna see you again. Please. I just want one more. One last kiss one last time i Is this really the last time I’m going to see you again. And I’m just like, stay away. Stay away. Stay away.

As the Uber is pulling up. She goes just give me one last kiss. And she jumps on me and puts her arms around my neck.

Like, if I recall correctly. She’s sort of behind me here. Right? She’s got her arms wrapped around my neck, she’s basically hanging off of me. okay. I grabbed her wrist and I go like this to get her off of me.

And she pulls like one of these LeBron James flops.

Oh can we freeze Are we good? Can you see me? Yeah, you’re pointing out? I can see you Aaron. Can you see me? Okay. I can see you. It just looked like I was glitching for a bit. You weren’t glitching for a minute…all

Okay, so all I did was pull, which I mean she’s a small person so she has small wrists. So and, and probably wasn’t, it was probably made worse by the fact that she probably was not supporting all of her weight on her own feet because she’s kind of hanging from me. Okay, right, right. So I grabbed her wrist and I pull it off of my neck.

And she does Ohhh! [Aaron motions like a Lebron James Flop], and falls into the building that that we’re standing next to, which was the CVS that we were just in.

Now this is one of those old you know, downtown LA buildings like everything’s like sharp edges and marble or granite or whatever. And she falls and she stomped she stumbles and she falls into the building and I see her head hit one of the corners of this building.

Okay, and my first thought was, oh, fuck, that actually looks pretty bad. Meaning the impact actually look pretty bad.

And my second thought was, this is my chance to get away.

And I start very quickly walking away. Back to the hotel. I hear her start screaming my name and I look back and she is up and running after me screaming my name on the sidewalks of Downtown LA on a Thursday morning with the sun shining. And I’m like I’m in a fucking movie right now.

Oh my god.

I start running away from this 110 pound girl. I am I’m sprinting down the streets of Los Angeles away from someone who’s pursuing me and screaming my name

with a bloody foot.

Well, I’ve got the bloody foot she apparently you know. A bloody head okay.

And I’m thinking to myself “no one’s gonna believe a word of this” No one’s gonna believe a fucking word of this. This is insane.

So I get back to the hotel and get back up to my room. By the time I get there, she’s already sending me pictures of the cut on the top of her head. Look what you did to me.

And I’m like, wow. Now at the time. I’m still being a little naive about what the fallout of this is going to be. I just blocked her on everything. I did block her number, block her on Twitter, Edge everything. Within hours, She is texting and emailing and Instagram messaging. Everyone who’s ever been on my YouTube channel. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people in my Facebook group.

Oh my god, all of the aftermath foundation board members.

Now that email to the board members was specifically emailed the board members to Oh yeah.

Here’s here’s what’s gonna you’re gonna find amazing. She emailed the board members saying and this is almost verbatim. Aaron beat the shit out of me in his hotel room with his fists, blood and bruises everywhere. She said I would never involve the police because I wouldn’t want to get Aaron into trouble. All I want is for him to be removed from the board of the aftermath foundation.

You should and you go on its face. It’s absurd. On its face. It’s absurd.

Wait, wait, you’re saying he literally just beat you up. But all you want is for him to be removed from the board of the aftermath foundation. What? Like, even on its face, that is absurd. And if anybody questions whether that’s what the email really said, I will be happy to publish the email.

Now I’m not going to say the girl’s full name because I don’t want to direct hate towards everyone in Los Angeles with that name. It’s a pretty common name. I won’t say the whole name. Her first name is Julia. Her first name is Juliana.

Don’t hunt down every Juliana in the greater Los Angeles area. But even if I gave you her last name, there’s a million people in LA with this name. So I’m just saying her name is Juliana.

And if you’re in my Facebook group, or you’re ever on my YouTube channel, you probably got an email or a message from a Juliana claiming that I beat her up. Now, it didn’t occur to me that anybody would actually believe this. And honestly, I just sort of lied to myself that nobody would ever believe this. And so I had nothing to worry about.

It turns out, Claire Headley believed it.

And to be honest, the other board members said, we don’t even care if we believe this. It’s actually Mike Rinder who said, I don’t actually care if Aaron did this or not, Aaron makes horrible, careless decisions. And if he didn’t do this, he’ll do something else in the future and it’d be much worse and he’s gonna take us all down with him and I don’t want to be associated with him.

I received messages from hundreds of people asking me “Hey, what’s up what’s going on with these messages on getting this photo and what happened? And are you okay?

Every single person who messaged me got the entire story from me in full exactly like what I just told you right now. Even the part about my wife, my other relationships that is between me and my wife. I told everyone who asked me the entire story.

Do you want to know who never even contacted me for two weeks? To ask me? Are you okay? What happened? Are you a moron?

For two weeks. I did not receive a single text message, phone call or email from Mark, Claire or Mike. They instantly were just conspiring on how to get rid of me because I was such a liability. And Luis Garcia, who was the president, and is a dear dear friend of mine, is the one who was in touch with me and was serving as a liaison because none of the other people cared at all to talk to me about it at all.

Rabbit (interviewer)
But he wasn’t on the board anymore. So why would they just oh, he was he was still on the board.

He was still on the board.

That’s right. Okay. Yeah.

Aaron Smith Levin
Now, to me. When people have had to point out to me that people have said to me recently, like, you know, even in the videos where you’ve sort of alluded to this, you still are sort of painting yourself as someone who’s done a lot of bad things over the last five years. And the truth is, you didn’t do anything wrong. You are the victim of a crime and someone pointed out to me recently, if you exhibited bad judgment, by hooking up with the wrong person, there’s only one victim of that bad decision. And it was you. Mark and Claire and Mike are not a victim of you being assaulted by a crazy girl in LA. They’re not victimized in this situation. The aftermath foundation is not victimized in this situation,

Rabbit (interviewer)

Aaron Smith Levin
You were victimized, and then essentially blackmailed and the people who were supposed to be your friends made you have to be the bad guy in this situation. Now someone might go, Hey, look, this is just really careless behavior for someone on the board of a nonprofit foundation. Someone’s gonna have your opinion about that.

But it’s like the foundation is just a vehicle to raise money and spend money. It’s not an entity that exists to to serve as an example of the right way to live or how to how to live by traditional spiritual values or how to properly, you know how to it’s not some big moralizing thing, right?

And it’s like, Did I commit a crime there? There’s no crime that’s committed there. And it and it has nothing to do with the aftermath foundation other than the fact that Marc and Claire and Mike are embarrassed to be associated with someone who is doing and saying things and getting involved in situations that they find embarrassing,

Rabbit (interviewer)

Aaron Smith Levin
That’s all that happened in LA.

Now I’ve seen some people speculate of oh my god, you really got out of town quickly. After that.

This incident happened on Thursday morning. I didn’t leave LA until Saturday afternoon. If I had just beaten the snot out of some poor girl and was afraid that the police would come knocking on my door, I could have gone right to the airport and left town right.

I was already planning on leaving LA on Saturday if the jury had not come back with a verdict.

The Jane DOE’s themselves said if the jury is not back by Friday, don’t bother staying.

It was costing me no less than $400 a day to stay in LA waiting for the jury to come back with a verdict. Not only had they not come back with a verdict by the end of that Friday, but it was a long weekend. There was no court the following Monday, so I would have been staying in LA.

Even the Jane DOE’s did not think that after after that Friday, the Jane DOE’s did not think that jury was going to come back with a guilty verdict. And they said don’t bother because you’re you realized I was only in LA for them. They’re the ones who asked me to go, they’re the ones who asked me to be there. That’s why I was there.

So when they said listen, you don’t if it’s not done by Friday, don’t It’s okay. You can go home.

That’s why I went home. And the jury deliberated for like another week. So thank God, I did go home.

Rabbit (interviewer)
Aaron, how are you feeling right now? Now that you’ve kind of

Aaron Smith Levin
I’m feeling surprisingly good. Okay.

Rabbit (interviewer)
I feel I gotta ask you some questions, though. There’s no police report. This girl never went to the police.

Aaron Smith Levin
Good. That was one of them. Yeah. So this has been over. She’s been messaging people. And people. This is a theme that I’m seeing in the chat. Every other question is, is this a setup? It’s a setup. It’s a setup.

Rabbit (interviewer)
Where do you land with that?

Aaron Smith Levin
I don’t think it’s a setup.


Other people who are more expert in this subject than me have said, you have to be the stupidest person on earth. To not think this was a setup. And I go look, I’m not someone who just goes for the low hanging eat the low hanging fruit easy explanation. Oh, it’s always that I don’t blame hardly anything on OSA.

This girl came to the courthouse. She showed up. She emailed me. She offered to take me out and show me around. You know, she pursued me. So we will go oh, it’s it’s such it’s such a setup.

You know, even you know when I spoke to Leah Remini about this, she said was this That crazy girl from court? I said, Yeah, she goes, this is That crazy girl who is That crazy girl who came up to me and wouldn’t like leave me alone or shut up? Like, yeah, she goes, How could you be so stupid? Leah called it called it

Oh, I’m sorry, Lee. I didn’t just have a line of people outside of my hotel room.

And she’s like, You’re a moron. She goes, this was obviously OSA.

And I said, Look, I understand what you’re saying. I just, you know, I don’t think that she was because here’s the thing. Scientology hasn’t done anything with this. Even the video that was circulating on Twitter and tik tok or whatever the video that I mentioned of like me saying I don’t want to be recorded. Scientology didn’t put it on my website.

I believe she’s just an unhinged, unstable, mentally ill person.

And you go, Oh my God. She was institutionalized after this. She was institutionalized, more than once, before this.

Now that makes me sound horrible. Like what? I’m guilty of making bad decisions. I’m guilty of making bad decisions. I’m the one who’s the victim of my own bad decisions. I can understand if the other people are like, Dude, you embarrass us. We were sick of people thinking of you in the same thought as us. I don’t blame them for feeling that way. What I blame them for is making it an aftermath foundation problem.

Because you know who doesn’t give a shit about anything I’ve just told you?

The people who support the Aftermath Foundation.

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  1. I support the Aftermath Foundation. And I DO very much give a shit about it. Aaron is free to do whatever he likes in his private life. However, anyone who holds a public-facing position in a non-profit, a company, a foundation, a government, a whatever, needs to keep their nose clean. Period. I looked the other way when he shouted that
    a woman at a bar was a c*nt. This is just more of the same. Now Aaron is free to do what he will. Also, had he just gone quietly, neither his wife nor his daughters would have endured the embarrassment of this lunacy. This is a shitstorm of his own making. And since there are so many rabid Aaron supporters. I am sure they will be coming for me. They have done it before. So much for saying the other board members are acting like OSA. Look in a mirror.

  2. Aaron is definitely an excultist who has many issues….his behaviour is ugly…this LA incident was uncalled for…for Gods sake he was attending a trial for the jane doe’s???? whats wrong with that picture??? imagine if that so called crazy girl went to the police and charged Aaron with SA??? Whole SPTV is a tangled web of truth, lies and everything in between…and OSA loves it

  3. I watched Aaron for quite sometime and unsubscribed a while ago. I’m a never-in but the entire Aaron community, as well Aaron felt… off. I didn’t know the extent of his behavior… strongly suspect few know the entire story.
    He can have a private life but it seems like right now, by his choice, he doesn’t. None of this needed to be public. If he wants to do these things in his private that’s his prerogative. However, if you he was going to be the face of an organization then he needed to not engage in this behavior or leave the foundation.
    At some point in one of his lives, he said something like, “my daughters don’t even know about this…” but your viewers should?
    Perhaps show some decorum when you’re “reporting” on a rape trial.

    I don’t know which I find more disturbing his lack of self-awareness and not owning up to his behavior or his fanatic subs who defend him.

  4. Aaron acts like a 19-21 year old kid. I know being in a cult can cause arrested development, but he is a bit too old to act like a teenager.


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