An Argument for What’s Most Important in Scientology Activism

When it comes to Scientology activism, it is crucial to keep your focus on its victims. But there are so many victims of so much of the tech and policy of L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, and its execution by David Miscavige.

Where to start?

Imagine running an emergency department, just like in a hospital, where people seek justice instead of medical assistance. In the waiting room, we see victims of various levels of harm caused by Scientology.

There are those who have experienced disconnection, where their mothers cut ties with them to join the Sea Org. Others grew up in a cadet org, rarely seeing their parents at all. Some have had money stolen from their credit cards by Scientology registrars, while others have been physically abused by David Miscavige himself. Some have been raped by Scientology celebrities, while the Church’s fair game structure shuddered them into silence.

And some people have been murdered by Scientology, their deaths made to look like suicides.

You’re the Triage Nurse, looking out on all these victims of Scientology overflowing your justice department emergency room, and it’s your job to decide who gets prioritized.

Victims of Scientology’s Criminal Acts vs Victims of Morally Outrageous, But Entirely Legal, Acts

I have been watching this landscape for 25 years. And I’ve seen all kinds of attention by activists misdirected onto victims of entirely legal behavior which law enforcement can do nothing about. I’ve watched almost a dozen lawsuits come and go, each ending in some kind of back room deal where no one but the plaintiffs received justice in the form of payouts, if that, and nothing changed to the criminal power structure of Scientology.

No review of tax exemption, no criminal indictments of David Miscavige or any other officer of Scientology.

During the course of 25 years, I’ve watched Miscavige remain in power, still controlling billions of dollars, still doing whatever he wants to Scientologists.


I’ve argued for years that, out of all these victims needing justice in this waiting room, those victims of criminal acts are the highest priority.


Because criminal indictments have the power to dismantle the corporate barriers set up by Scientology to protect itself.

  • Criminal indictments bring forensic accounting, not civil depositions you can lie in and weasel out of.
  • Criminal indictments bring raids where law enforcement can carry away evidence used to convict the perps.
  • Criminal indictments bring jail time for those who lie to law enforcement during their investigations.

So in this waiting room, if I was the triage nurse, I’d focus on the victims of criminal acts first – especially the rapes and murders.

And between the rapes and murders?

I’d get the murders going first.


But by focusing on the victims of criminal acts first, you can break down the obstructions Marty, Mike and Dave have constructed to keep themselves in power, still getting paid, and out of prison.

Each individual’s perspective may vary, and I’m only presenting this argument for you to consider in your activism against Scientology.

But, in my view, it is vital to ensure that the victims of Scientology, particularly those who have been raped and murdered, are made the number 1 priority, and first in line to receive justice.

Thus, focus on the rapes and murders.

And between the rapes and murders?

Ensure that the murders receive justice first.

My 2 cents.


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