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This is an important perspective which must be part of the mix - if you want all the information necessary to make informed decisions about what the government, and the media, wants you to believe.

#ThinkCritically & #CarryABigStick

This is after the founder, Joseph Smith, was murdered by a mob of anticultists while locked up in a jail cell in Carthage, IL.

AntiCultism has a long history of atrocities in the United States.

We should never forget this.

Former #Scientology critic @Atack_Jon now calls Mike Rinder's deadly #ScientologyFairGame operations where critics have died - those who Mike Rinder "offended".

Jon was having financial troubles a few years ago, wasn't he?

Probably not any more.

Did @MikeRinder get one of these?

He was CO OSA when these women were coming forward, creating the Mother of All Flaps. It was Rinder's job to handle all flaps.

Was he subpoenaed to testify how he handled it?

If not, why not?


When anticultists rule your government.
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Stephen Uzzell @StephenUzzell2
20-year-old Rachel Polakiewicz & her family were imprisoned in the Vel d'Hiv in Part on 16th July 1942.

Less than a month later she was murdered in Auschwitz.

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