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Karen de la Carriere’s Scientology Auditing Scam

Steven Mango details his experience getting Scientology auditing from Karen de la Carriere, her attempts to get more & more money out of him, steering him away from actual mental health counseling at one of the lowest, most suicidal points in his life circa 2017.

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Shocking that a representative of the federal government would try to discredit people who disagree with her using the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald killed the President of the United States all by himself.

Where have we heard that one before?

Oh yeah! The federal government!
"Now that I’ve read a lot about when you argue with people who have these sorts of mindsets, there is no point right? It’s like talking to people who believe 911 was an inside job or believe conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination." @Moira_Penza
Dickey Betts, Brian Setzer and Johnny Winter.
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