gerry armstrong

Trauma Bonding With Gerry Armstrong

My latest video on Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun taking over the discussion of Scientology on the Internet in order to revise history and distract from Scientology’s crimes, and the perplexing mystery of how the … Read more

nameless youtuber

Nameless YouTuber Throws Me a Softball

A Nameless Youtuber, who often appears as a smart and supportive commenter in many Ex-Scientologists’ youtube channels, threw me a softball question the other day. This nameless youtuber appeared in comments when I first started … Read more

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Testimony From Mike Rinder, and others, to the FBI from 2010

Please be patient – it’s 300 pages and will take a few seconds to load. Download it. Study it. Notice what they talked about. Notice what they DIDN’T talk about. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”FBI-Trafficking-Testimony-By Ex-Scientologists”] To … Read more

scientology books in the trash -

Scientology Has Deleted Its Bible

One of the things that no one seems to be talking about in the incredibly craptastic social media based “Scientology Community” is that all those books by L Ron Hubbard pictured above – the Technical … Read more

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I’m Back From WalkAbout

I’ve hiked, caught fish, and climbed mountains this summer here in Wyoming. I have much more to do before winter comes. But I gotta tell ya, things are more stupid and crazy than I have … Read more