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Does Anti-Scientology Deserve Any Criticism?

During all 3 Seasons of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah and Mike have sought to make anyone who criticizes their show out to be a Scientologist. Because who could possibly criticize the holy work that they are doing but a Scientologist?

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Why Has Mike Rinder Never Revealed a Crime?

In the 12 years since Mike Rinder has been out of Scientology, running a blog every day, and 3 seasons of a TV Show, Mike Rinder has never revealed any information that would Miscavige, or any Officer of the Church of Scientology, into criminal jeopardy. Why?

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Tribal Ninnies: A Taxonomy

A Tribal Ninnie is a person who has adopted a particular tribal narrative, and is presently letting it do all their thinking for them. AntiScientology is filled with Tribal Ninnies, such as the sub-species of Rinder-Ninnie & Remini-Ninnie.

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With these dehumanizing tweets , @JaclynCangro of @SPECNewsAlbany & @RobertGavinTU of the @TimesUnion are no longer journalists - they are biased tribalists who do not report the news, but gatekeep for #antirights, #antifreedom #anticultists.

They've lost their way.

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The #AntiCultMovement trashes these women as "brainwashed sex slaves".

Watch these videos from the members of #DOS and #NXIVM & see what a dehumanizing slur that is.


How the AntiCult Movement trashes minority groups and dehumanizes their members.

Remember, we live in a free society that recognizes the right to free assembly.

But with the AntiCult Movement around - do we really?


Critical Thinking on Cults & AntiCults: Members of DOS speak out about the way in which their consensual participation has been mischaracterized & maligned in the media.

'Cults' are often lied about by mainstream society. Is
#NXIVM another example?

AntiScientology is taking a toll on @LeahRemini. You can hear it in her voice on her most recent podcasts & in this interview.

AntiScn makes you re-evaluate your life in the worst possible way. For most, more harm comes from it than from #Scientology.