6 thoughts on “Censored by YouTube: What Leah Remini Covered Up About Scientology”

  1. Tony Ortega talks about Flo Barnett 46:20 into this podcast, just last week. Quote:

    “I tracked down the detective who investigated the scene and was shocked when he told me ‘no, no reporter has ever called me before’ so this is one of those things where everyone thinks he’s wrong but nobody’s ever talked to the guy.

    “he said that it’s very common that women … when they do shoot themselves have a hard time shooting themselves in a lethal area … and sure enough those first three shots were through her skin … one was through a breast implant.”


  2. The only other place I found that talked about Flo Barnett and the Special Projects division of highly trusted executives that have done a lot of dirty work as well as cover up the worst atrocities against the most suppressive enemies of David Miscavige.
    The affidavit by Vicki Aznaran gave incredible detail and knew far more than Jesse Princes book. Vicki’s sworn testimony was that Michelle Miscavige was on board with David’s handling of Flo since she had materials of upper OT levels that was shared with a “squirrel group” and was to get auditing by SP Hana Winfield (sp?) Before her “suicide”.
    That information getting out to anyone would make David Miscavige a PTS with familial ties to a squirrel so this needed to be done.
    I personally can’t believe it’s been public information since 1990 when Vicki’s affidavit was filed originally. Then in 1994 used as evidence by an expert witness in the trial
    United States of America v. Steven Fishman, Case No. XR-88-0616-DLT.

    • There is a bunch of out of tune stuff going on.
      For me familiar since May 1974, It is very interesting.
      For me when I was getting out people thought I was nuts. Well I was. It takes years to break through the learned discourse to glimpse the real world.
      It can be shocking and a personal crisis.
      I just wish for the best for us all

      • The way you described breaking through the discourse just to get a “glimpse” of the real world really struck me. I’m never-in but a JW child. It’s sad thinking of all the people brainwashed into thinking the real world is something to fear when it’s the only place they will have a chance to thrive.


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