Is This Aftermath Producer Done Covering Up for Mike Rinder Now?

Nora Ames was one of the producers on Mike Rinder and Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath show.

As a producer on that show, she’s also one of the ones to come after me on Twitter for not covering up for Mike Rinder – like she was at the time.

nora ames tweet to alanzo


What Nora writes in the letter below is absolutely stunning to me, maybe even more stunning than what Aaron Smith Levin admitted on his youtube episode a few days ago.

Here’s Nora’s letter that appeared on her Community Tab.

Since @blownforgood decided to delete his diatribe from the community tab here on YouTube, but so helpfully left it up in the echo chamber that he and @ChrisSheltonMsc frequent to get an ego boost, the #sptv discord channel, I thought I take the time to repost it here on my community tab so that no one could miss the response that came in the wake of Mirriam Francis asking questions of @mikerinder personally about his personal, first hand knowledge gained from his former position as the head of the Office of Special Affairs International for the Church of Scientology International.’

“Instead of Mike responding to the, yes heavily emotionally charged (in my opinion not incorrectly so) questions with a simple “no comment”. He chose instead to use the FULL WEIGHT AND POWER of his “charitable foundation “ and its lawyer to try and silence and crush Mirriam. Just like he used to do as the head of OSA, same tactics, different day.’

“For all of you out there that are crying foul and saying “Mike has changed! He’s helped so many people since leaving! You guys are playing into OSAs hands!!”

“Let me ask you all these questions,’

“Do you know Mike Rinder in real life?’

“Have you at any time worked with him since he has left the Sea Organization?’

“Since he left, has he gotten within an inch of your face and screamed at the top of his lungs at you asking you if you even have a job and why you are counter intentioned to what he is doing in a room FILLED with non Scientologists who were all making his Emmy award winning show?’

“No hands raising?’

“Just mine. Ok.’

“Then please, listen to the actual adults here. We are driving this car now. Ok? We are not being told what to do or manipulated by a man who perfected the craft beyond the evil foundation that L Ron Hubbard laid out and took it to an even darker place.’

“Think carefully on every action that has happened since the moment he left the Sea Org and “popped” back up on the scene.’

“Starting his blog, carefully crafting himself as an authority, a safe terminal, buddies with Marty Rathbun for quite a while. Positioning both of themselves as THE BIGGEST THREAT TO SUPER SCARY DAVID MISCAVIGE. They held all the cards, the power and then the church attacked Marty’s wife. It was grotesque and I thought personally completely undeserved, and Marty then “caved” & went back to the church so we were left with our lone hero Mike. Just in time too.’

“Leah had just written a SCATHING expose/autobiography about her whole life including her own time as a child in the Sea Organization, documenting her own child trafficking and abuses that she witnessed there. So honestly who better for her to team up with right??? Than somebody who “knows” the tech (he’s not an auditor or supervisor guys) than Mike Rinder. He was however the LRHPPRO which means his job was to craft every fairytale lie about Hubbard, package it up, make it into books, a museum and make ALL followers BELIEVE AND REPEAT THESE LIES AD NAUSEAM.’

“So what did he do on the Aftermath Show, he “looked fatherly” nodded, cried, and steered the stories, crafted them if you will, to keep his image clean and perfect. He never says “we” when talking about OSA. He talks about that entity as if he’s an archeologist giving a dissertation to a lecture hall about a civilization he discovered and is telling them about it. Not telling it how it WAS AND WHAT HE DID IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED.’

“He got money, a book deal, fame and MORE authority in the “Ex-Scientology “ community. He got fame protection in the form of Leah’s loyalty and the use of her image & name to shield himself from doubts, questions or naysayers because ultimately no one wants to hurt Leah, and a LOT of us out here HAVE been hurt by Mike and have never trusted that he fully changed but got shot down for even uttering a hint of dissonance because WE were bad. We were attacking an upstat. We were “doing OSAs job for them” etc.’

“Well what if this is all one gigantic OSA operation being led, looooonnnnggggg con style by the actual head of OSA??”

aaron smith levins tweet to alanzo

“I’m sorry to have to be the kid shouting that the emperor has no clothes but just take a look for yourself.’

“READ Marc’s manic response to questions that weren’t even TO him and start to really think about who has been trying to control this whole shebang and for what purposes?’

“And us defectors, us scallywag flea covered dogs? Well maybe just MAYBE, we’re not just street mutts making noise, maybe we’re leading you the fuck outta here and actually shutting this shit show down.”


My Thoughts on Nora’s letter:


Nora responds on Youtube:

• 7 hours ago
I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Aftermath Board. And I am not a member of the new board that is being formed. So please don’t start rumors about things that you didn’t ask questions about. Yes I was an associate producer for part of season 2 and I left before the season wrapped. My job mainly consisted of gathering the references that appeared on screen and translating the Scientology speak for the never in Producers. I have never changed my stance on Mike Rinder, as evidenced by the many arguments I got in on his blog over the years. I haven’t spoken publicly about my treatment behind the scenes on the show because ultimately this fight was never and is t about just me. I didn’t think that info was important. It is relevant now. And so I share it to add context to the current situation. I have upset with you personally Alonzo because over the years your approach to speaking out and even asking questions, in my personal opinion has been inappropriate and upsetting. You and I have never hashed this out privately and that can for sure happen. But I wanted to get those things down on the record.

4 thoughts on “Is This Aftermath Producer Done Covering Up for Mike Rinder Now?”

  1. So after trashing you and going from ex-scientologist to ex-anti-scientology cult, I’m sure she’ll apologize for her complicity and for attacking others when *she* was in the wrong. She’ll do the honorable thing and remove herself the public discourse since she showed she was a liar. Does anyone buy that?
    Can I have a raise of hands?

  2. Note Leah never claimed that she was in the Sea Organization. I read her book , watched The Aftermath, and listened to her podcasts. As one of the producers, wouldn’t you know that?


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