Serge Del Mar’s Statement on Mirriam Francis Interview

Serge Del Mar read a written statement on his LIVE after watching Mirriam Francis on Down the Rabbit Hole News last night:


So I wanted to start with this statement because I needed to gather my thoughts and I feel like I’m gonna go all over the place, so I really wanted to talk about Mirriam for a second.

Mirriam Francis unveils the hidden depths in immense justice in this golden age of reckoning. In the harrowing saga of Scientology’s dark underbelly, where innocence was sacrificed for the twisted whims of an organization steeped in deception, a formidable voice did emerge:

That of Miriam Francis.

In this labyrinth of malevolence, the question she poses echoes like thunder, reverberating through the corridors where silence was once forced upon survivors. As we confront the orchestrators of deceipt, including but not limited to the infamous Mr. Rinder, it becomes glaringly evident that their response is one of obstruction, rather than cooperation and transparency in the interest of justice, or child victims of unspeakable, indefensible acts.

Mirriam’s questions are not merely a quest for answers.

They are a resounding call for accountability.

The very essence of these inquiries strikes at the heart of an organization that thrived on the subjugation of the most vulnerable children who were told they were adults in small bodies – an egregious, disgusting despicable lie pitched by convicted, indicted felon L Ron Hubbard, and follow by all of his adult protegees – without a shred of critical thinking skills for themselves. Full grown adults, full grown adults that always choose to infantilize themselves at the expense of children.

Well, you know what that’s getting called out.

And if you don’t like it, then deal with your choices as an adult and start making it about the people that are literally taking their entire lifetime to grasp a little bit of air and oxygen, to get some help.

As survivors, we are now full grown adults and we are armed with constitutional knowledge of at least being able to call out and fully expose the grotesque illegality woven into the fabric of Scientology, from child slavery, to the unconscionable act of locking up passports and systemically covering up and laundering self-admitted sexual abuse.

The sanctimonious dance of those implicated – avoiding public scrutiny, while unashamedly pocketing awards and financial gains is a full insult to us – the child survivors – intelligence and our God given resilience.

The narrative has been purposely whitewashed and sanitized. But the golden age of reckoning is here.

And we are believed and supported by this community of survivors and trauma-informed advocates who understand, firsthand, that no kids should have ever been remotely exposed to anything -any kids in Scientology hotels, and commercial buildings – have been systemically and institutionally made to believe they were willing consenting parties to.

We The children who have survived and live to tell the man answers that make a shred of sense.

And we will continue probing into the abyss of adult choices that fostered an environment of exploitation and the unconscionable systemic adultisizing of minors.

The hypocrisy is palatable. Individuals dodging accountability for their roles in a nightmarish scheme, claiming innocence while perpetuating a culture of abuse. Yet as the child kid survivors that endured this racketeering criminal scheme, that through no fault of our own, declare with unwavering resolve


The inertia of change relies on a radical shift towards justice: Nothing changes if nothing literally changes!

We, as survivors, are fueled by now the unyielding spirit and pledge to dismantle the distorted narrative, expose the truth expose the facts, and emerge as testaments to resilience that will not be silenced.

The Reckoning has arrived and those complicit with it will be held to the fire for perpetuating the darkest chapters of Scientology’s history. And muscling every last child, that they got a hold of.

No evasion, no silence, only an unyielding pursuit of justice will suffice.

-Serge Del Mar, 2/1/2024

1 thought on “Serge Del Mar’s Statement on Mirriam Francis Interview”

  1. You’ve nailed it, sir. Freedom of religion should never have been — should never be — a cover for perpetuating crimes against children and fostering atrocities.

    It galls me that no one in the towers of power has the will or the balls to come after the Cult of Scientology on these terms. I’m a Never-Been, but I sense Mirriam’s story is the tip of the fecal iceberg that was the life work of Mike Rinder.

    He’s decades overdue for accountability; the celebrity he picked up on Leah Remini’s skirt hem must not provide him lifelong protection. I salute you, Mirriam and all former cult members for the courage and perseverance demonstrated in telling these horror stories, at length, in detail and often.

    Of course it’s ultimately not about tightening the screws on MR. It’s about attacking CoS on as many fronts as possible until it crumbles and starts to disappear.

    Please keep up the good fight. Again and again I bless you and applaud you.


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